Month: January 2024

Son Gohan Character Ask 22

So I’ve toyed with doing BDSM content with Gohan for, like, a long time in my head. Like, early in Special Training I was considering doing standalone pics with him tied up in some fashion or another. I never did, and part of it was because most DBZ characters could theoretically break out of most restraints pretty easily, unless I went out of my way to make it some special bondage… Whatever the case, I never got around to it, but I thought Gohan trying it out in this sort of way would be cute, and it’s a fun position, too.

Monkey D. Luffy Character Ask 18

I wasn’t too sure about doing this one at first. I didn’t really like the idea of having a character just pick from a closed selection like this. However, I know Luffy fans have been wanting more of him, and a few have been vocal in their disappointment in how he appears in the second Pirate vs. Ninja Strippers page… So I went with this Ask so he can get some casual fun with another fairly popular character. Of the three listed here I felt like Rimuru would be the most interesting to Luffy.

Ymir and Christa

Not much to say about this one, I think. Ymir and Christa/Historia had a cute but under-explored relationship in the first couple seasons of the show. I wanted to do something with them, and decided to do this little pic with their in-training designs. I’d kind of like to do another pic of them eventually with their later designs, but I can’t make any promises on if or when that will happen.

Power Character Ask 4

This is basically just a follow up to a previous Ask with glasses Power. I thought it’d be fun to have her doing more of a group study session, and I picked three more-or-less random characters to fill the slots. Each of these three have their own reasons for going to Power, I think, but she doesn’t really care she’s just happy to spread knowledge.

Hidden Orchard Society #2

I’m not sure how much I’m going to push this series, but I had a few ideas I’ll probably trickle out over time. Cal here is a character I’ve been bouncing around for a while. I wasn’t initially going to use him in this series, but I had an angle occur to me that I liked so I went with it. We have three new Applebridge characters introduced here, though we’ll have to wait and see if they crop up again. Like with the last HOS page, I do have a follow-up pic with Cal planned, though it’s going to be a bit different than Stacie’s sequel.

Tanjiro Kamado Character Ask 5

This is a pretty simple one, but I thought some folks might like it. There was a little bit of buzz over Tanjiro’s butt when I drew him bent over in a previous Ask, and I thought some people might like seeing it again. I don’t currently have any plans to do any more poll tournaments on Twitter, since it was kinda more trouble than it was worth, but it seems Tanjiro’s interested in his prospects.

Also, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Hostel Behavior

I sketched this one a while back. I wanted to draw Sumiko Kawai again, but this time had her joined by her great-niece Ritsu. I went ahead and paired Ritsu with her love interest, Usa, while Sumiko’s paired with Shirosaki, a character she interacts with a fair bit. There’s a few other characters from this show I was interested in, primarily two girls I think would make for a cute yuri pic, but I can’t really say for sure if I’ll get around to drawing them or not.