Month: April 2024

Fa Mulan Character Ask 1

I don’t talk about it often, mostly because I think the concept is a little confusing and doesn’t do much to support the smut, but characters in the Studio can remember their alternate timelines/realties/what-have-you. For the Disney princesses, there’s been multiple “universes” where they hang out as a group (my first thought is the long sleepover scene from “Ralph Breaks the Internet”), so I think they’d have that connection again in the Studio. That being said, I had a healthy selection of potential partners for Mulan here, but I went with Cinderella since she’s one of the classic princesses.

Addicted to My Little Brother’s Ass, Page 15

We’re nearing the end of the pages I first sketched back in 2016 or so when I first started this comic. I know people have been growing impatient with the pace of this comic, but the original plan back then was to release the entire comic at once when it was finished. Now that I know that I can’t stick to a project that isn’t releasing as I finish pages, we’ve made real progress here, so I hope everyone will continue to be patient with me as this comic moves forward.

The 1 Club – Chainsaws

Pairing the Chainsaw Man with Lollipop Chainsaw was an obvious 1 Club option I’ve been sitting on for a while. I was originally planning to wait until after Denji’d gone “all the way” with Makima in a pic to do this one, but I might be running out of time and decided to go ahead and do this with them instead. If people like the pairing, I might could revisit them in a series like Studio Tour or something so Denji can fuck her.

For those interested, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Loosen Up

I’ve been watching Mike Tyson Mysteries on and off recently. The show itself is after my time in terms of Adult Swim content, but I’d seen it advertised a bit when it first started. I decided to check it out largely because I was interested in Yung Hee, and I think a few pics featuring her will be coming out as a result. This one pairs her with Pigeon (Richard), a crass human-turned-pigeon who is constantly talking about spying on her or masturbating to her. There’s another level to their relationship that’d be a bit of a spoiler to talk about, but I thought doing something with them would be fun.

Yomi Mizuhara Character Ask 1

Azumanga Daioh is an anime I watched a lot with my friends when I was in school. In 2020 I had a moment where I rewatched some of it, and found myself really into Yomi. I sketched a bunch of stuff with her at the time, including a couple pics with Tomo, but only one sketch from that session ended up being finished. I considered dusting off one of the ones with Tomo for this Ask, but decided to put together something new instead. I’d still kind of like to go back to those 2020 sketches sometime, and working on this Ask might be the thing that motivates me to do that (but no promises).

Space Emperor Slut, Page 16

So here’s the final page of Space Emperor Slut, finally! This ending has always been the plan, more or less, from day one. Funnily enough, however, this comic began before Frieza’s return in Super, so this setting was going to be different. The original plan was for Frieza to wake up in HFIL, and have a conversation with Cell. I changed it to take place during his training with Tagoma, and setting up a potential sequel (though we’ll see). This is another page where there’s not much difference between the two versions, but I need to keep it consistent (and there is a minor difference through the flashbacks).