Month: March 2023

Busy Mouths

This one’s a bit of an odd one, I know, but I wanted to do it anyway. The students in Galaxy High are largely teenage stereotypes turned into alien gimmicks. Gilda Gossip’s trait is, uh… gossiping, and they gave her a bunch of mouths she can talk out of to highlight this. I thought it’d be fun to see her do something a bit more interesting with her extra mouths. I’m far from the first to do something like this with her, of course, but I’m happy to have my take on the concept out there. I’m not completely sold on how it turned out, Gilda’s design is a little hard to translate nude, but I think it’s alright and I hope some of you will like it.

First Shoot #8 – Rukia Kuchiki

Rukia is the second of three characters who tied in the last poll I did for this series. She’s also the first Bleach character I’ve drawn, I guess, so welcome aboard. While all of the partners for this series are random, Alice seemed like an especially random one to me, but when I was reminded of Rukia’s love of rabbits I got an idea for how to incorporate that into their interaction here.

Oral Fixation

Aki and Himeno are probably more vanilla of a ship than I typically draw, but I just kinda felt like it. I thought a state of partial undress would suit them, and I figured some folks might like seeing Aki with his shirt open like this. I don’t know if I’ll draw these two again or not, I guess we’ll see, but I hope y’all enjoy this little pic of them.

Johnny Bravo Character Ask 1

While I’m sure he probably still comes on too strong most of the time, Johnny’s success rate in the Studio is bound to be better than it was in his original show. The third episode of that show was a fun crossover with Scooby-Doo, and I thought letting Johnny hook up with Daphne and Velma would be a fun and sensible first crossover for him. I don’t know how often I’ll be drawing him, since his stylized appearance and exaggerated proportions don’t naturally translate easily into my usual style, but I really wanted to fit this in while he’s on my mind. In the episode Johnny hits on Daphne, who rebuffs him like all the women in the show do, while Velma’s into him but ignored. I’d like to do an inverse of this dynamic eventually, where Velma gets some Bravo D, but for now I went this route since Daphne doesn’t always get as much love in my work.