Month: October 2021

Near Halloween 2021

So, the “Class Clowns” comic was originally going to be my public post on Halloween day, but I realized while I was working on it that I hadn’t really given a good view of Inky or Pinky outside of a few quick glances at their designs. So, I decided I would close the comic with this pic, which is done in the more traditional style I’ve done for Halloweens past (that is, a single image of the new monster character(s) with a text variant). This serves as the conclusion of the comic, and is the last time I plan to draw these four in this specific scene. Anyway, I hope you all like it!

Class Clowns

So, every year for Halloween I like to introduce some new monster characters into the Spookyverse. I thought it’d be fun to do a monster clown this year, and I got attached to this idea of two monster clowns stalking some schoolgirls in an empty high school. The idea seemed like it’d need to be more than one pic, though, so I decided to do a little standalone comic for it. This one ended up a little busy, but I hope everyone will be able to enjoy all the action.
The clown girls didn’t originally have names, but as I was working on it I started referring to the pink-haired one in my head as Pinky the Clown. Since I played so much Pac-Man as a kid, this lead to me also calling the blue-haired one Inky the Clown. Those names stuck, and now they’re just named after Pac-Man ghosts. Talking with some of my Subscribers, I decided it’d be fun to also include a Blinky and Clyde, even though they don’t appear in this comic. I’ll probably do bio pages for all four clowns eventually, but I picture Blinky as a red shota clown, and Clyde as an orange loli with a look similar to Tear from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime. I kinda like the idea of all four of them roaming this high school like the Pac-Man ghosts themselves, and Inky and Pinky were just the lucky ones who found Heather and Grace first.
Speaking of Heather and Grace, they were really just designed to be two human girls the clowns could violate. I do like them, though, and if y’all want to see more of them I could see maybe integrating them into the Applebridge universe or something. As for this incarnation of them, though, they’ll only show up again on the Halloween special that will serve as the finale of this comic, basically, which will be a normal single pic of all four characters from this comic.

Felix Clermont Character Ask 1

While I don’t personally care much about most of the Camp Buddy characters, people seem to mostly like when I draw them. So I figured I could draw Felix with another person in the Studio, which is what I think this Ask is looking for. I toyed with a few different ideas for who he could pair with, maybe a big muscly stud, maybe someone similar to his ship from the game, Seto… in the end I decided with the “birds of a feather” approach, with fellow wealthy snow boy Killua. Killua’s obviously far more violent in nature than Felix, but I do like when shotas can fuck older characters (even if Felix looks like he’d be about Killua’s age), and like Camp Buddy characters, Killua always gets a good response when he shows up. So here’s these two hooking up.

Valentine Riding

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. I don’t like to take OC work, and will discourage it wherever possible, but every now and then one works its way through the cracks in spite of my best efforts. This is Valentine (no last name, as far as I know, an OC of one of my Subscribers who was described to me as a mix of Toga from MHA and Junko from Danganronpa. I only had one image to work with (and have lost touch with this person, so I couldn’t ask clarifying questions), but I did my best to capture her here. Some details, like her heterochromia, are things I think I can see in the reference image, but it’s kinda small and it’s hard to tell. Her eyes could just look different in that pic due to lighting/shadowing or whatever, but to me they looked like different colors.
At any rate, don’t expect this character to crop up again. I drew her for this Subscriber reward, but that’s it.

Toy’s Life

This was a bit of a spur-of-the-moment pic. “The Brave Little Toaster” was one of my favorite movies when I was a young lad, and one I saw a number of times. If you don’t know, it’s a movie about living appliances who go on an adventure to find their “master,” Rob. Chris, the girlfriend and later wife of Rob, doesn’t play a huge role in the film, but she was an early crush of mine. As a childhood favorite, the movie sometimes pops up uninvited in my thoughts, and I just got this random urge to draw Chris using a vibrator who, being part of this universe, is secretly alive and enjoying their job very much. So that’s all this is, really. Chris undergoes a strange change between the first film and the second, something I can’t help but interpret as a white-washing. Her skin is noticeably lighter in the sequel, and her eyes go from a dark brown to blue… I decided to keep her original look, since I never really watched the other films in the franchise and really only connect with the original film’s look for her.

Cat Noir Character Ask 2

I’ve gotten a decent amount of comments and the like asking for more Cat Noir since he first debuted in my work. I haven’t delivered it just because, even though I think he’s cute, I’ve never watched Miraculous and probably never will. I think the show looks fun and cute, I just don’t think I’ll ever be interested in it enough to sit down and watch it, and as a result I don’t have any real feelings towards the characters and never think about drawing them. So, this Ask, which is basically just “Hey, I wanna see Cat Noir again”, is kinda useful in facilitating another appearance with him. So here he is, stretching out that tight ass of his a bit.

Akira’s First Dare

So, this is a new thing I’m adding to my $10 SubscribeStar tier, Dares. They function basically like Asks do, with Subscribers submitting dares and me choosing one to illustrate. This is a test-run for this month, but I think it’ll become a regular thing. The last “Ask” spot on my schedule each month will be a Dare, now. I’m not wanting to do too many of them per month, since the $10 tier has existed for years without them, and there’s not any rise in price or anything (where as the $7 tier only has Asks special to it, and every Dare I do is basically an Ask I don’t do), but I think I’ll treat them like Mini Commission: Do at least one per month, but if I want I’ll squeeze in one or two in. As for this one, there were a lot of promising dares submitted, but I liked this one for a few reasons. One is that Akira just hasn’t gotten to show up as much as Kabane and Shiki, I think, so I thought getting to star in the first Dare would balance that a bit. But also, I settled on Broly as the partner for this pretty quickly (there’s a few OCs I’ve done on commission years ago who have, like, human-sized cocks, but I don’t really like counting them as part of the Studio, and maybe someone like Bowser or Luffy using his powers could count as bigger, I dunno, but Broly’s has always stood out to me when I’ve drawn it), and I really like Akira and Broly as a pairing, since they’re basically opposites. Akira’s so small, dainty, pale and pretty, while Broly’s huge, rough, outdoorsy and manly. Anyway, I hope y’all like this new concept going forward.