Month: February 2022

NHS Fusions – Tinx

This fusion’s a fun one, I think. The theme for the poll this time around was “The 1 Club” (characters I’ve only drawn once). I drew Jinx in a big splash image of every Teen Titans female I could remember, and Toph had a one-off pic a few years ago. I’m not too surprised these two one, since I’ve seen requests and interest in seeing more of both over the years. I think Tinx seems pretty mischievous and fun, and I hope you guys like her. I know someone will ask, too, and no, she’s not blind (since she has mostly Jinx’s eyes).

Kizuku Midyck Bio

I’ve talked about doing this off and on for a bit, but I’ve decided to go ahead and do bio pages for the NHS Fusions characters. Since Fusions appear full nude in their debuts, and don’t exist in any other media, I’m going to be staying PG with these bios so that we can get an impression of what they’re like day-to-day when they’re not fucking. I wasn’t planning to do them in their debut order but when I ran a poll for who should be first, Kizuku won… so maybe I will do them in order, we’ll see. I don’t expect to release these super often, but I guess it’ll depend on how I feel moving forward.

NHS MILFs – Jane Read

A good while back (October of 2016) I did two Arthur pics, one of Arthur with his mom and one of Buster with his. I’m actually a little more into Buster’s mom than Arthur’s, but I figured if I was going to include them in this series I should start with the protagomom. Jane’s got some good classic mom energy, and coming from such a wholesome and beloved franchise just makes lewding her all the more fun. Not sure when I’ll get around to Bitzi, but I’ll definitely be including her in this series eventually.

Mowgli Character Ask 3

Fun fact: Due to the times at which they were answered, each of Mowgli’s Character Asks thus far has had a different colored border for the question.
Anyway, this one seemed like a pretty easy and straightforward answer. Tarzan’s Studio debut was a commission with him and Mowgli, one focused more on foreplay than hardcore action. I seem to recall their being some interest in seeing something more intense between them at the time, so this Ask is basically just an excuse to do that. I couldn’t really think of anything clever or interesting for Mowgli to say, though.

NHS Fusions – Catrina

The theme for this fusion poll was “catgirls”, so I had ten catgirls from the Studio up as options. I had to be a little loose with who qalified, which is how Catwoman got involved, but the ultimate winners here were her and Catra. For the name I decided to use Catwoman’s civilian name of Selina (but no last name, since Catra doesn’t have one). I like the resulting gal, here, and I hope y’all like her, too.