Month: January 2021

Ghost of Christmas Future Character Ask 1

So this Ask is the first of the ones I’m doing for December, and I picked it first just to try and get it out as close to Christmas as possible. For all of my subscribers, of course, it’s coming out pretty early in December, but it won’t be going public until February, so I felt like it was time-sensitive if I wanted to answer it. I did want to do another pic with this character again, though, so here we are. She’s the first of the Applebridge Christmas Carol characters to get to make a reappearance, and I think that’s just the power of the big-titty goth girl at play.

Ersatzverse – Jikati Chimuroketto

For now, this is the last new member of the Maimuni Brothers’ “Feel-Good Bandits” gang, and the only female. I wanted one girl in the gang, and Jikati’s a mix of a couple characters I thought would fit into it well. She’s the first Ersatzverse character that’s a fusion instead of a pallete swap, but she might not be the last. At any rate, the next Ersatzverse piece from me will actually be a comic page (sort of, I’m trying something different), though there’ll be more pin-up introduction pics like this down the line.

Gon Freecss Character Ask 14

So I thought it’d be fun to draw Gon taking a dick again, but the last Ask I did with him already had him getting fucked by Killua. Since this Ask also mentioned Midoriya, a popular character to pair with both Gon and Killua due to the meme about their hairstyles, I thought it’d be nice to see them together like this. Deku’s been fucked by Gon a few times in the past, so I like the chance to see a role-reversal of their usual dynamic.

Also, added a new chapter to Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour today, which you can find here:

Captured Batgirl

So this is an urge that just kinda came over me. I’ve always had a thing for captured heroes being played with by villains, and that goes double when it’s heroines and villainesses. These three in particular I have a soft spot for, which is why I decided to go with a comic presentation instead of a regular pic. The layout of this one’s a bit different than other one-page comics I’ve done, with the first panel being in the center and the rest splintering out from it. There’s no particular order to read the surrounding panels in, the intent is for it to be a mixed rush of experiences, sort of like how it feels for Batgirl.
I really, really enjoyed making this comic, and I think I might try to do more like it. I’ve already started another one with Supergirl and Livewire as a sister comic to this one (splitting up the teamup from the episode “Girls Night Out”). I don’t know when that one will be done, but I’m considering running with this set-up as a series. Getting into the Justice League cartoon, there’s no shortage of heroines and rival villainesses I could use for little one-off comics like this. I guess it’ll depend on how well this and the Supergirl comic are received, and how I feel about them after finishing that second comic.

Darkness Character Ask 1

A big part of Darkness’ character is that she harbors fantasies of being defeated, captured and taken by force by some evil entity or monster. Her strong masochist streak is heavily suppressed, so she’d never admit it, but she longs to be violated and gets aroused at just the thought or suggestion of it. I decided to show her in such a state, but didn’t feel like showing anyone with her would really fit her answer. Since the only other time I drew her you couldn’t see much of her body, I figured this would be a good chance to rectify that and put her in a prone, on-display position.

Also, if you’d like to see the Q&A video I did for subscribers last month, you can watch it here:

Cavin and Grammi

Working on Gummi Bears art for the November NHML reminded me of Grammi Gummi, the matriarch figure in the Gummi Bears group. I think she has a really pleasant design, and I wanted to try something with her and Cavin, the main human boy of the series. I’ve talked before about enjoying cartoony anthro characters being paired with humans, and this is exactly why I did this pairing here.

Kaori Makimura Character Ask 3

So, I assume this question was meant to pull characters from eighties and nineties shows, more than characters who’s shows were set in the eighties (though a lot of them overlap). There’s plenty of characters I could’ve used who did live in the eighties; April O’Neil comes immediately to mind. However, I really wanted to do something with Kaori and Kei, who are two characters I like in a very similar way. Basically I just wanted to draw them together, so that’s what I did!

Venti Facefuck

So I’ve been seeing some Genshin Impact stuff shared around, especially on my subscriber Discord. I haven’t played any of it myself, nor do I intend to, but I do think some of the characters look pretty cute. One who seems to stand out is Venti, and I decided to take a quick stab at doing something with him. I like these facefuck pictures, ’cause they let me just focus on the facial features of the character, and they can be pretty simple and relaxing to put out. I think this is the third time I’ve done a pic along these lines, but don’t be surprised if others come eventually. At any rate, I hope you guys enjoy seeing Venti with a face-full of cock and nose-full of balls from some dude.

Megumin Character Ask 1

So, I admit, I’m not really sure what the expected outcome of this Ask was. Hopefully the supporter who submitted this question wasn’t hoping to actually see the explosion, because I didn’t feel like drawing one. I thought it might be kinda funny to see the aftermath, though. Megumin loses all her mobility when she casts her spells, so Vegeta’s just kinda ragdolling her here. If you’re worried that this might be too dark, or you feel bad for Megumin, fret not. She knew full well what would happen when she exploded Vegeta’s face, and she chose to do it anyway. Her distress here is just an act.