Month: November 2014

November ’14 WWOTM – Ayako

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for November 2014 is Ayako from “Slam Dunk”. I vaguely remember reading the first few chapters of the manga about six years ago, but I can’t recall much about it. However, revisiting it now I really enjoy the old school art style, and Ayako was pretty fun to draw. I can’t say I have any designs to revisit the character, but I enjoyed drawing her for WWOTM.

I barely had time to pump this out, and I’m sorry. I’ve got a full load of university courses this semester, and right now they’re all breathing down my neck. That’s why it’s been such a slow month (that, and working on commissions for big projects), and I apologize for that. Hopefully in December we can get back to a steady update pace.

PBX – More Mom Swapping

This is another Pandoras Box picture I was commissioned to color. Once again we see the boys trading their mothers a swimming pool, though this time they have little signs to go along with their naughty activities.

I’d always wanted to take a crack at this one, but I had been putting it off because I don’t have a lot of experience with water, especially bodies in water. I’m not one to shy away from a challenge, though, so I took this commission as an opportunity to try something relatively new to me. Hopefully my inexperience didn’t ruin the picture for anyone.

Camp Woody Ch. 1 – Camp Chaos Page 15

This is an additional page added in from what I had previously thought would be the end of the chapter. This page was drawn and colored by yours truly, though there is a draft by Linno for one more, final page of this chapter. I will be inking and coloring that draft into completion, so we can wrap this chapter up and hopefully move on to even more fun hijinks at Camp Woody!

Writer: Slim
Producer & Editor: Jayrich & No Pants
Artists: Nearphostison (Me)
Colorists: Nearphostison (Me)