Month: July 2012

July ’12 WWOTM – Madame Rouge

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for July of 2012 is Madame Rouge of the Teen Titans animated series. I gotta say, I’m not really a fan of the character. Maybe it’s her angular design, or just the way her face was animated when she changed shape, but I always found her a bit too squicky to get off to. However, I try to do the WWOTM every month, and she was no exception. Hopefully the Madame Rouge fans out there will appreciate it, and forgive me for not having her stretching in the image (since I imagine that’d be a kink for most Rouge fans).

Bijob #1 – Team Rocket

So, I hesitate to call this a series, but whatever. The idea is to have a blowjob by one female and one male character who have some sort of tie together. This came about because, well, I really like this concept and there doesn’t seem to be as much of it out there as I would’ve thought. So I’m contributing! Hopefully I’m not the only one into this sort of thing. ^_^

For the record, the guy being serviced here is meant to be Giovanni. Not sure if the orange shirt and pants were enough of a clue, but whatever.