Month: December 2018

Thirsty Clementine

So I’ve been thinking about doing some pics like this for a while… Basically, close-up focuses on a facial or cumbath or bukkake or whatever. I’ve done a few pics like that for the Mini Commissions, but this one is one I did on my own. I wanted to use Clementine because 1) She’s a popular character I haven’t used as much as I could, 2) She has a super cute face that looks good glazed in jizz, and 3) The style and colors I typically use with Walking Dead pics lends itself to experimenting with cum, which is something I’ve always felt I didn’t have as good a grasp at working with as I’d like. So this pic is largely an experiment, I guess, but I think it turned out neat and I hope y’all will like it.

Chi-Chi Character Ask 5

So Chi-Chi’s initial response here was the first thought I had while reading this question. Palling around with a former villain isn’t exactly out of character for Gohan, and that’s probably affected Chi-Chi’s perspective to some degree. But then I decided it’d be fun to spice things up by having Gohan not be the only member of the family Zangya likes to play with! I don’t know if there’s much Zangya/Chi-Chi content out there, but I thought it’d be a fun twist on things. I opted to go with Chi-Chi’s design from the Bojack film, since that seemed most appropriate.

She-Ra and Glimmer

So I watched the new Netflix She-Ra and really loved it. Before I’d even finished the series I was busy working on this pic, because I know from experience that if I put off drawing a show until after I’ve watched it I lose some momentum and never get around to doing the pic (a lot of shows I was really excited to draw when I watched them I haven’t gotten to yet). So I got this out, and due to the high-energy I was feeling (it’d been a while since I’d drawn anything that wasn’t a commission or a reward or something like that), I ended up drawing the concept from several angles and liking them a lot. So I combined them here into what I think is a fairly unusual sort of pic from me, but I’m really happy with it. I really like the art direction of the series, almost every single character interests me and is on my radar, so I hope I can come back to it later and do some more with these characters. My main interests in the series are all yuri pairings, but there are some straight and gay possibilities I might try out, too.
As for the two here, I wanted to do something cute with Glimmer because I ended up liking her way more than I thought I would. I paired her with She-Ra because, well, it made sense and I wanted to draw the title character in my first outing with the new series. I drew She-Ra a bit more full-bodied than she looks in the show, but I justified it to myself as her body being less on display in her She-Ra outfit, which I think is meant to be more like armor than regular clothes. Adora is smaller than She-Ra in this series, so if I get to do a Glimmer/Adora pic down the road they’ll be a lot closer to the same size. 

Ash Ketchum Character Ask 5

So, I treated this Ask sort of like if the question was, “Which crossover makes the most sense?” Obviously there’s more of a precedent between Pokémon and Digimon, with the two franchises seen as being competitors and the forerunners of the monster raising genre. Also, I think if I was going to pair Ash up with someone in My Hero Academia, it wouldn’t be Deku, but Denki. Their personalities seem closer (though I think Ash and Deku would get along great, I think he’d have more in common with Denki). There’s also the little matter of Ash already being very familiar with powers like Denki’s, and I think you could draw some cute parallels there. 

Alter Santa Lily

So here’s a commission of Jeanne d’Arc (Alter)/Jeanne Alter (Fate/Grand Order characters have like a dozens names and I have no idea how to refer to any of them) and her master, Ritsuka Fujimaru (male version). I’m not very up-to-date with the Fate/ franchise. I watched Fate/Stay Night a long time ago, read some of the manga and played the game that anime was based off of. I don’t know a single thing about the phone game or any of the plot developments or versions since then. It’s a complex and confusion franchise that I don’t entirely understand.
Anyway, this pic is specifically about Alter’s Santa outfit from a recent release on the app, I guess? It’s a cute design, even if I had a bit of trouble with it. I hope you all enjoy this extra little bit of festive goodness. ^_^

Mace ‘n Jackie Christmas Carol Part 2, Warm Memories

So last year, I attempted to do a series of pics conveying Mace and Jackie experiencing a twist on the “Christmas Carol” narrative. However, I was unable to finish more than the very first pic, so I turned that series into an annual thing. The initial sketch for this pic was done last year, but that’s about all I had done of it then. Next year I’ll probably pick this back up to do part three, yeah?
As for this pic, I imagine fucking the Ghost of Christmas Past to be something like sticking your dick in a jar of nostalgia. She just emanates a sort of warmth and happiness that reminds you of the simpler times (though how nostalgic Mace and Jackie can get at their age is probably up for debate). I went with the “candle person” design aesthetic so many versions of this tale use, and hopefully that comes across. I had a hard time balancing keeping her head looking like a flame while also having it look like, well… a head. Also, she’s got pubes because once the “fire crotch” pun got stuck in my head, I couldn’t shake it.

P.S. – I promise this is the last Mace ‘n Jackie content for a bit.

CCat – A Visit From Mrs. Claus, Page 10

And here’s our final page, a little epilogue after the night’s events. This page was all CCat’s idea. She wanted to show Mrs. Claus returning home, with the implication that she’ll resume her naughty activities with all the innocent little elves. I hope you all enjoyed this comic, and have a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays from CCat and myself!

CCat – A Visit From Mrs. Claus, Page 9

This is the final page of the poem/story, but the penultimate page of the comic itself. This was Ccat’s idea, and I thought it’d be a fun change of pace, so in this page we discover that Santa’s hasty and forgetful departure that lead to his wife filling in was not actually due to him being inebriated. Rather, he was in a hurry to discover a present for himself under the Cox family tree.