Month: July 2023

Kurapika Character Ask 4

I generally try and work a little action into Asks, but I didn’t feel like pairing Kurapika up with anyone would fit well with what he was saying. Besides, I know there’s some folks who enjoy these stiller “standing and talking” Asks for their own merit, so hopefully this one will still be appreciated. In the anime, Kurapika is often off doing his own thing, due to his own mission he’s following, but I kinda picture him being similar in the Studio. Of course, he still fucks around, we’ve seen that already, but I don’t picture him having a consistent friend group he hangs with or anything.

MomSwap – Tulip and Megan Olsen

Infinity Train is a show I really love, but never really got around to drawing much. I pegged Tulip and her mom as good candidates for MomSwap ages ago, but I’ve got a pretty long list and they got kinda lost in the shuffle. I finally got around to them, though. I don’t know how much Infinity Train I’ll do in the future, since it’s been a bit since I watched it and it’s now kinda jut gone, but… There were definitely other characters who stood out to me at the time.

Ritsu Kageyama Character Ask 1

I’ve drawn Ritsu and his brother Shigeo (Mob) together a handful of times, but ever actually fucking. I figured I might as well change that with this Ask, since Mob getting his butt stuffed is something I feel like I haven’t explored enough in my work so far. Plus, these two just have such a cute relationship in the series itself that it’s fun to see them together in this naughtier context.

First Shoot #15 – Thorfinn Thorsson

The winner of this First Shoot poll was Thorfinn, the protagonist of Vinland Saga. I’ve only seen a little bit of this show, but I know Thorfinn sports a number of different looks throughout the series. This one is the one I’ve seen the most, though, and is also the most attractive look of his in my opinion. His partner here is Suzu from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, who’s actually one of the longest-standing members of the Studio. She was in one of three pics I drew in 2007 when I was first experimenting with sharing smut online, and she’s been in the 1 Club ever since. Now, sixteen years later I’ve drawn her for a second time to be paired with this Viking lad.

Also, for anyone interested, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers in June:

Tomo and Misuzu Foot Worship

I think there’s a good chance I’ll end up drawing quite a bit of content from Tomo-chan Is a Girl!, although I don’t want to make any promises. I ended up really liking the cast, and hopefully I’ll at least get to draw Tomo with all of her friends eventually. Tomo and Misuzu’s friendship in the anime is really cute, and I thought some simple foot worship between them would be fun to see. Ideally this won’t be the last time I draw these two together, either.

Power Character Ask 2

Just a friendly reminder that this Ask was done on SubscribeStar before Makima’s Studio debut.

Power, Denji and Aki all came into the Studio in different ways, and I’ve never gotten around to doing much with them. This is partly because, well, as much as I like their dynamic, I just don’t really ship any of them with each other. I figured this Ask would be a convenient way to explore how I see their dynamic in the Studio. They don’t share the same small apartment anymore, but I don’t think Power would vibe with that as easily as the boys. It’s very easy for me to picture her just crashing at either’s place, disrupting Aki’s nights with Himeno or tempting Denji while he tries to remain chaste. I think Makima will actually debut publicly before this Ask, but for Subscribers she’ll actually be debuting a month or so later. Regardless, I wanted to touch on their dynamic while Denji’s still saving himself.

Berserk Throuple

This is a pic I’ve considered doing for quite some time, but never felt motivated to do. It wasn’t until I re-watched the ’97 anime with someone recently that I decided to go ahead and do it. Guts, Griffith and Casca have a really great dynamic during the Golden Age, the portion of the story that anime covers, and I like pairing those versions of the characters together. That also happens to be the time period where all three have their sexiest designs, in my opinion, so if any of them end up in Asks or anything you can bet that’ll be the era I look to for reference.

Zarbon Character Ask 1

I really like drawing Zarbon’s ass. I might could have drawn him directly with a Saiya-jin here, and I’m sure some folks will be disappointed I didn’t. However, I think there’ll be plenty of time for that in the future, and for this Ask I just had this inherently submissive pose in mind and wanted to see him in it. So here he is, with a fresh Saiya-jin load dripping out while he admits his utter defeat… Enjoy!

Toph’s Toes

This is a little sketch I did a while ago, when I was meaning to do more Toph content. It took me a minute to get around to inking and coloring it, and she ended up appearing in a couple Asks in the meanwhile, but I still think it’s a good pic. I ended up doing two versions here, one with show-accurate dirty feet and one with clean feet, for whichever you prefer.


Marge Simpson Character Ask 1

This is the first Simpsons Ask of any kind I’ve done, I think. With Asks and explicitly Studio-focused works, I tend to stray further from the source art style than usual on stylized characters. For example, in the Ask with Lois and Francine, or in Hayley’s appearance in my game, they’re drawn with five fingers/toes and visible nails, whereas I might forgo that if I was drawing something meant to be more in the style of their shows (though obviously I never do a full 1-to-1 there). I’ve drawn very little Simpsons, but what I have drawn has tried to veer a bit more in that direction, but here I experimented with letting Marge’s hands a bit more. We didn’t end up seeing a lot of her, as much like with the answer itself Lois kinda overrode her, but if I ever draw Marge in the NHS MILFs series or something like that we might see her more like this.

As for this Ask itself, I have a soft spot for Lois/Marge content, as strange as it can sometimes play out. This is my first time drawing them together, and I figured that Lois would have to help Marge articulate her response since Marge’s mouth was otherwise occupied.