Month: March 2016


A long time ago, I ran a poll asking folks who I should pair Jade Chan up with. At the time I was drawing her for a commission, and was wanting to do more with her. The poll ended up being a moot point, as the Sleepover Raid comic was commissioned soon after, and I had plenty of opportunities to draw Jade again.

However, I recently started getting the itch to draw Jade with herself, specifically her future version that appears in a couple of episodes. I always enjoy the contrast of a loli with a fully-developed woman, and the fact that both are Jade Chan is just icing on the cake.

Squid Girl Yuri Pairing 2 (Chizuru)

The second girl to be paired with Squid Girl in my little series is Chizuru Aizawa, Eiko’s sister. Chizuru at first seems affable and unassuming, but when her family or her store are threatened she becomes frighteningly dangerous and is easily the most capable character in the series. Squid Girl is terrified of her once she learns this, and while Chizuru doesn’t outright threaten Squid Girl, she’s not above using that terror to keep Squid Girl in line. I imagine Squid Girl to be a willing partner to Chizuru, but the whole time she’s afraid of getting turned into calamari if she doesn’t do a good job.

Spies Totally Blow

I’ve been wanting to do a Totally Spies! pic for a while now, and when I saw a video online with several girls lined up like this I decided to use that concept to dip my toe in the TS! pool. I never really watched the show growing up, but my sister was a huge fan so I ended up seeing a good chunk of the series just because she was watching it. I’ve been checking out some old episodes lately, and the show has a ton of attractive women in it. Even characters that are just there to deliver a couple lines of dialogue to move the mystery forward are often given really specific, sexy designs, so I could see plenty of reasons to return to the show in the future.

Good With Words

Don’t worry! I’m not starting a new comic! Well, okay, I am, but this isn’t it. This commission is just the one page.

This commission was inspired by the last Boondocks commission I did. Both pics were paid for by different people, but while working in them I’ve grown to really like the designs of this show. I think even if no other commissions come in, I’ll probably be doing more Boondocks stuff in the future.

Genki Caught

I used to freakin’ love Monster Rancher as a kid. Well, the games anyway. I’ve played hours upon hours of Monster Rancher 2 and 4 (I loved the original, too, but those two I played the most), and if I can ever figure out the best way to approach it I’d love to do a Let’s Play one of them at some point.

Being such a fan of the games, I of course watched the anime when it aired on Fox Kids (I was watching most of the Fox Kids lineup at that time, in fact). While I was never as big a fan of the anime, I still enjoyed it at the time and am nostalgic for it now. Like most shows I liked back then, though, I’ve come to discover that the main character is a pretty cute shota. =^_^=

Featured with him here is Tiger, a monster in the game who was represented as part of the main party in the anime. I always thought the name “Tiger” was weird for a monster clearly modeled after a wolf, but I think it comes from a mis-translation of “Liger” (the original Japanese name was “Rygar”). While these monster don’t really look like ligers, their design in the very first game was a bit more like a liger than a wolf. I’m no expert, though, and am only making guesses. All this talk of ligers is making me want to revisit Zoids, though, which is another show I’m nostalgic for.

I don’t know when, but I would love to do more Monster Rancher in the future. Both the anime and the games have a lot of potential. Back when the blog was starting I tried to do a pack of pics featuring every girl in MR4, but that fell through and now they’re too embarrassing a quality to even consider finishing. Still, though, there are some really cute characters in that game, including one femme-boy named Talt that is just adorable.

Blue-Haired Bimbos

I started this pic a while ago, but just now got around to finishing it. I’ve always liked both Maron and Bulma’s design in the Garlic, Jr. Saga, even if it’s a filler saga and many people consider it non-canon. I don’t have any specific ideas, but I would like to draw both again sometime soon, possibly in an all-girl pic with Chi-Chi. 😀

I’m currently working on the next page of Sleepover Raid, plus two large-scale single image commissions that are taking a lot of time to work through. I will also likely be posting the first couple pages of a new commission comic, one I started a long time ago but is just now getting released. Hope you all will enjoy these pics when they come out!

Squid Girl Yuri Pairing 1 (Eiko)

I’ve been meaning for some time to do something with the anime “Squid Girl”. I started watching it shortly after the main character’s costume was added to the game “Splatoon”, and I really like it. If you want a quick taste of the series, you can check out this AMV I did of it here. It’s very distinct from other moe moe anime, but more importantly it’s chock-full of sexy characters.

I would have done something with this show a long time ago, but I kept having trouble deciding what I wanted to do with the series. Eventually I decided to structure it, so here’s my plan: I’m going to draw Squid Girl with each of the prominent female characters in the show, in the order she meets them in. There are a lot, but I have ideas for each pairing and am honestly really excited for this series of pics.

Eiko is the first person Squid Girl really talks to after coming to the surface. Squid Girl’s goal is to conquer humanity, but Eiko isn’t intimidated by her at all and quickly has her waiting tables in her beach-side restaurant. Eiko and Squid Girl argue a lot, but it’s clear throughout the show that the two care for each other in spite of that, so I decided to make this picture a bit more cutesy, with Eiko playing big sister to the smaller Squid Girl. Anyone who’s seen the show and its “Mini Squid Girl” segments will probably understand why I like this dynamic for them.

Cindy Quickie

With this pic I wrap up my initial plans for “A Kind of Magic”. I wanted to draw Tom with each of the three lovely ladies in his life, and his sister Cindy here is the last one after his teacher and his mom. I doubt this will be the last time I draw the characters of “A Kind of Magic”, but for now I got my to-do list for the show complete.

By the way, if you like Cindy, her and her mother Willow are currently an option in a poll I’m running on the blog’s sidebar. The poll is the first of two that I’m going to use to cast an upcoming crossover comic, so feel free to vote for them (or any of the other options you’d like to see).