Month: November 2011

Perverted School Bios – Endou Mihara

Endou Mihara is part of Pai Sakura’s group; she is the counterpart to Inoue Ayumu in Yumi’s group.

Mihara is the star of the school’s kendo club (where she and Watanabe Chiaki are sometimes referred to as the school “kendo babes”), and the crush of many of the girls in the school. She is calm and composed, and always seems to have something clever to say. She is very well liked. She is dating Kawatake Misato.

Glassfish’s Amira & Matt

So, awhile back I posted the colorings I’ve done of Glassfish’s amazing “Exercise Mom” series. Well, these characters here are two of her other original designs, Matt & Amira from “Sunday Hotness: A Day at the Beach”. I really love these designs, especially Amira, so I thought I’d take a crack at them myself. While this is an original work and not a colorization, all credit goes to Glassfish for the designs.

Perverted School Bios – Pai Sakura

Sakura is the most popular girl in school. Her closest friends are Endou Mihara and Watanabe Chiaki. Due to her rivalry with Yamashita Yumi, many in the school like to compare Sakura’s friends with Yumi’s (Mihara is compared to Inoue Ayumu and Chiaki is compared to Akimoto Kumiko).

Sakura is very friendly and outgoing. She’s in a serious relationship with Nekowatari Koneko, who idolizes her. She is a member of the school swim team, where she is good, but not a standout athlete. She’s embarrassed by the tan-lines she gets from practice.

Perverted School Bios – Yamashita Yumi

Yumi is the self proclaimed “Queen of the School.” Her father is the primary donator to the school, and is the man responsible for the school’s library located in Yamashita Hall. Yumi believes herself to be entitled to the role of most popular girl in school, and behaves that way even though she’s not nearly as popular as Pai Sakura.

Yumi’s closest friends are Inoue Ayumu and Akimoto Kumiko. She is closest to Ayumu, and suspects Kumiko to be scheming to replace her as head of the group.

Yumi is generally disliked for her haughty attitude, although she is blissfully unaware of this fact. She is a member of the school volleyball team.

Glassfish’s Exercise Mom Pics 1-5

Update in 2021:
This series was what was cited when my hosting privileges were revoked by my old host. As such, I’ve decided not to include the full series on this site anymore. If you want to see the rest of the pics, you can find them in this gallery here: or just by searching around the internet, I’m sure.

My good friend Glassfish has a series of pics she’s doing featuring a busty mother helping her young son get into shape, by any means necessary. If that doesn’t explain the premise of these images for you, then perhaps the alternative title of “Sexercise” will. Either way, these are the colors I’ve done for the series so far, with more on the way as I complete them.

If you like Glassfish’s style (and really, how can you not), please check out her own sexy blog, The Glassfish Bowl. Cheers.

Perverted School Bios – Inoue Ayumu

Ayumu is the second of the three “bully characters”, run by Yamashita Yumi. She is the counterpart to Endou Mihara in Sakura’s group. While both Ayumu and Kumiko have been known to sleep with Yumi (Yumi is a very sexual person), Ayumu is the one closest to her. Ayumu considers Yumi to be her one true love, and would do anything for her. Outside of the clique, she’s very good friends with Hasumi Izumi.

Ayumu is in her school’s swim team, where she enjoys moderate success. She’s not terribly bright, and is considered the “muscle” to Yumi’s little group. She’s a bit tense, and will often ask her other classmates for dieting tips.

Perverted School Bios – Fujiwara Michiyo

Despite her size, Michiyo is extremely shy and withdrawn. This is what drew Akimoto Kumiko to her. She is in a romantic, submissive relationship with Kumiko, despite the two being polar opposites (both physically and in terms of personality). Michiyo is very much infatuated with Kumiko, looking up to her (so to speak) as a model of what she would like to become.

Michiyo is on the volleyball team, volleyball being one of the few places where she feels comfortable. While not the most athletic member of the team, she’s still very good at it due to her vigor and resolve. Where Michiyo truly excels is in her studies, possessing a genius-level intellect that surpasses even Kumiko’s. She spends all her time before school studying, and all her time after school practicing volleyball. In between, she’s Kumiko’s toy.

Perverted School Bios – Akimoto Kumiko

This is something new I’m trying. I’m calling it “Perverted School,” simply because I lack the creativity to come up with something more original. I have built a class of twenty-five students, who I will share with you and only you, this will not extend beyond the blog. For now I’m just posting bios and images of the characters, but pretty soon I’ll start posting images more in line with the theme of this blog.

This is Akimoto Kumiko, the first student of Perverted School I will be sharing with you. Akimoto is something of a sidekick to Yamashita Yumi, the queen of the school (we will meet her later, along with her other sidekick, Inoue Ayumu). Beyond this trifecta, Kumiko is also in a relationship with Fujiwara Michiyo (who will likely be the next student I introduce you to). She is the counterpart to Watanabe Chiakiof Pai Sakura’s group.

Xi Chi is extremely selfish, as evident in her dominant relationship with Michiyo. She takes what she wants, and answers to no one but Yumi. She is exceptionally bright, and will use her wits and charisma to manipulate others. She is a member of the track team, although she isn’t very fast with her short legs. She is distrustful of Ayumu, but puts up with her for Yumi’s sake.