Month: December 2017

Shaman King Exploits #6

Here’s another Shaman King commission, purchased through my Epic Level tier. This one was a bit difficult for me, due to the design of Pascal (the little gold guy). There’s just a lot of details there, and even now I’m not 100% certain on the actual three-dimensional space of his head. I did the best I could with it, though, and I hope you guys like this unconventional pic. ^_^

Look at Frosty Go

The idea for this picture started with “Frosty the Snowman” getting stuck in my head, and my mind changing “thumpity thump thump” to “humpity hump hump”. That’s seriously it. I almost added “humpity hump hump” as sound effects to the pic, but I thought it’d either be a) too stupid or b) not make sense to people, so I left it normal-like.

Is it bad to draw a girl who almost froze to death getting fucked by a snowman? Is she colder now? I couldn’t draw them somewhere warm, because then Frosty would be dying. I guess humans and snowmen just weren’t meant to come together in coitus.

Mace ‘n Jackie Christmas Carol Part 1, The Warning

So I need to include some explanation here. For Christmas this year I was hoping to do a series of five pictures detailing Mace and Jackie going through their own version of “A Christmas Carol”. Unfortunately, I had the idea too late, and it soon became clear that I would not be able to do all five pictures I wanted while still keeping up with my other obligations for the month. This, and a bit of sketch work for the second pic, were all I managed to get done. I was thinking about saving this pic for next year and trying again (and I may still try again next year), but hopefully a year from now I’ll have improved enough that I would be embarrassed to post this. So, instead of risking it going to waste, I’m posting it here by itself. Maybe the other parts will go up around this time next year, who knows? In the meantime, there will be other Mace and Jackie stuff coming in 2018, don’t you worry.

For those curious, the five pics would be this one (featuring Jeanine Marley, the female Jacob Marley you see here), then one for each of the ghosts of Christmas (past, present, and future, all as sexy female variants of the classic designs). The last one would’ve featured a loli version of Tiny Tim, spouting the famous line while having fun with the boys.