Month: May 2016

Mark Evans

When I was first getting into shota, Inazuma Eleven proved to be a great resource of cute girlish boys. It took me a while to actually check out the show, but when I did I thought it was a pretty okay soccer anime. The main selling point was still that it was packed to the brim with adorable shotas, though, and I always thought I’d end up drawing it at some point. Years later, and this is the first Inazuma Eleven pic I’ve done.

This is Mark Evans (Mamoru Endou), the main character. I wanted to do something with him first, but there are so many other characters I want to draw that I doubt I’ll get back to him again any time soon. I don’t know when I’ll return to Inazuma Eleven, but I hope it won’t be too far off from now.

Goku x Frieza

So here’s a commission I recently finished for a big fan of the Space Emperor Slut comic. I was all too happy to make this for her, especially since I’m hoping to get back to work on this comic as early as this evening. This was a nice warm-up to drawing the characters again. Some of you may notice there was a slight change to Frieza’s design per the client’s request, in that he now sports a more animal-like sheathed cock instead of the human-esque one he has in SES.

I’m heading home today, and like I mentioned before I hope to begin work on both Space Emperor Slut and Special Training very soon. Of course it’s hard to say how long either page will take to produce, but of course they’ll show up here as soon as they’re finished.

Near Pokédex F104 – Cubone

So, as I mentioned before, I found some time to wrap up this new Pokédex F entry. Honestly, I think she may be my favorite entry so far. I’ve always had a thing for girls with covered faces, either a helmet or a mask or something. There’s an air of mystery there, and I kind of like it. I’ve always thought La Mariposa was sexier than Lisa Hamilton, for example.

I debated with myself about the human in this one. I had considered using a male (hence the last line of the Pokédex entry), and have him buried in her pussy with the bone in her ass. In the end I decided it might be a while before another good opportunity came along for a yuri entry, so I made the human a female for the first time in this series.
Like I mentioned before, I don’t know when I’ll have something new to post. I’m working on a few things, but I plan to be back home next week and can hopefully ramp up production then. I’m looking forward to starting on the new comic pages, I have some fun ideas for both SES and ST. I’m hoping to also start a third non-commissioned comic, but I can’t decide between three ideas I’ve been sitting on for a long time (I think it would be a bad idea to try all three). We’ll see how it goes.

Yaoi Crossover Spread

If the set-up here seems familiar, it’s because I’ve kept a fairly uniform approach to these commissions (all my the same person), which I’ve done twice before. This time the lineup is (from left to right), Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII, specifically his Advent Children design), Asbel Lhant (Tales of Graces), Link (The Legend of Zelda, specifically his Twilight Princess design), Son Gohan (Dragon Ball Z) and Trunks (Dragon Ball Z).

Gift – Better Hurry Up

I don’t usually share other artists’ work here on the blog (the one exception beyond color jobs I can think of is an old art trade with Karmagik). However, Malezor recently made this pic of Trunks and Gohan as a gift, a “thank you” for the work done so far on “A Trip to the Past”. I thought it was an incredibly sweet gesture, one nobody’s ever done for me before. I thought many of my followers would also enjoy this pic, and since I didn’t have anything ready to post today I thought I’d share it with all of you.

I like the idea of a young shota topping an older guy like this, sort of like what I usually do with shotas and women. However, I don’t think I’ve ever actually done a pairing like this yet, usually I have the shota on bottom when I go yaoi, but I might have to fix that one of these days. I don’t know yet if I would want to do this same pairing or another one, but whatever the case I’d like to try it out myself eventually.

Near Pokédex F133 – Eevee

I wasn’t expecting to have this pic ready by now, but like so many of these Pokédex entries it ended up moving a lot faster than I’d thought it would. I’m pretty happy with this one, and hopefully those who disliked the last few female entries can enjoy this one a bit more.

Eevee’s entire evolution line is pretty great, and I’m looking forward to working with most of them. First, though, I wanted to get the base form covered. I’m pretty happy with how Eevee turned out, hopefully you guys will like her, too.