Month: April 2021

Android 17 Character Ask 1

I needed a simpler Ask to answer for the moment, and I figured this one would fit that bill well. I like 17 despite not drawing him that often, so this Ask was a convenient excuse to draw him again for a quick pic, but also allow me to explain some of the, uh… Studio Lore, I guess. Gohan talked about this phenomenon a bit in his Spotlight interview, but some characters represent themselves from multiple realities. For those characters, they’re able to access memories and channel emotions form those divergent timelines, though they mostly live life as one simple “default” version of themselves.


So I feel like I need to discuss the reason this pic exists. Some of you may remember recently I did a pic of Holli Would and Jessica Rabbit with Bonkers. When I was sharing the details of that commission with my younger sister, she got really excited about Holli Would. She had never seen Cool World before, but she was really into Holli’s design so I showed her the movie. She didn’t care for it, but she still was really into Holli. Separately, I had found a YouTube channel dedicating to editing together crossovers from different animated movies, typically to create strange or interesting yuri pairings (mostly between Disney princesses). One video on this channel shipped Holli Would with Thumbelina, the protagonist of a Don Bluth film that was that same sister of mine’s favorite animated movie when we were kids. Since it shipped this new crush of hers with an old favorite, I had to show her the clip, and she predictably loved it. YouTube then decided to start recommending me videos from a different, similar channel, once that pretty much exclusively did Holli Would/Thumbelina videos (apparently the video we’d seen before was a gift to this person). So we watched a bunch of those, and my sister got more and more into the ship. I kinda liked them, too, as Thumbelina’s childlike innocence paired well with Holli’s overt sexuality. These videos all called Thumbelina just “Lina”, I assume because she was not thumb-sized in any of them, and seemed to take place in their own continuity. I’m no expert on that ship or the fandom, but I did notice several other similar channels pairing them up (amongst other crack pairings). I feel like this is not really any stranger than many of the pairings I’ve portrayed in the Studio before, so I decided to go ahead and draw them at least once.
I’m not confident I won’t return to this pairing, as I do like them together. However, I would also kinda like to draw Thumbelina with some of the characters from her movie, as well (there are a couple anthro ladies I kinda want to see her with, maybe). I’d been considering doing something with Thumbelina for a bit, anyway, as I like the idea of having a bunch of tiny characters in the Studio living in their own small town… Although we had to size her up a bit for this appearance, at least.

Alcina Dimitrescu Character Ask 1

My first thought when approaching this Ask is that Alcina is probably not the tallest lady in the Near Hentai Studios. One could argue that Mt. Lady is cheating here by using her quirk to grow, but I think even without counting superpowers Alcina is still smaller than Aphelandra. However, I really liked the idea of this tall lady having her dynamic flipped on its head, and is now just the size of a fairly large doll next to Mt. Lady. However, Alcina’s still got a bit of a dominant energy, I think, using her feet to pull Mt. Lady’s face in closer while she probes her with her tongue. Even with the size difference she hasn’t lost any of that mommy dom presence people seem to like in her.

Froppy Has Her Fun

I feel like it was ages ago when I first sketched this pic, but when I recently got the itch to do something with Tsuyu and Ochaco I decided to dust it off and finish it. I really like when these two interact in the anime, and I’d kinda like to do more with them as a pairing in the future.

Also, here’s last month’s Q&A video, for anyone interested:

Feel Something

This is a little pic I wanted to do of Kabane and Shiki from the recent series Kemono Jihen. Kabane in the series doesn’t experience pain or anything, though he is shown enjoying pizza so I assume he has some sort of nervous system receptors. I dunno if this pic really contradicts anything we learn about him later on, as I’ve only watched the first couple of episodes (and probably won’t see too many more in the future, if I’m honest), but at the very least I like breaking his usual stoic facial expressions a bit for this. I’ve got one other Kemono Jihen pic in the works featuring both these boys and a third from the series, but I can’t say for sure when that one will come out.

Son Goku Character Ask 21

I guess this one’s just an excuse to draw Goku fucking Frieza again, like I need an excuse. I do like having the chance to flesh out Frieza’s bratty dynamic a bit, though. While he’s definitely a tyrant in the source media, post-SES Frieza’s a bit more broken in. He’ll act like his normal domineering self in foreplay, but Studio Frieza just isn’t a dom, and submits to a good dick pretty quickly.

Tall Maiden

I usually try and avoid following the crowd when there’s a big new character everyone’s drawing/cosplaying, but I figure by the time this pic goes public in late April I’ll have safely avoided the label of “au courant”.
I almost drew miss Alcina Dimitrescu in a more anime style, but I’m actually really fond of her face and smile (even more than the whole “tall” thing) and wanted to try and capture the elements of her face I’m attracted to. Not sure how happy I am with the result, but I think she turned out pretty good. I have another sketch of her in my work folder with a couple of her “daughters” that we’ve seen in promotional material, but I can’t say right now if I’ll ever get around to inking and coloring that.

Butt Witch Character Ask 7

I recognize that there’s a good chance this Ask was looking to see Butt Witch fucking someone more… petite. There’s definitely room for some futa-on-shota with her in the future, but once I hit on the idea of using Goku for this Ask, I started to really like it. I’ve only used Goku on bottom a handful of times, but the idea of the main male top in the Studio getting fucked by the Butt Witch just really appealed to me. I hope it will for many of you, as well.

Sylvia In a Pinch

I’ve become really fond of this anthro version of Sylvia from Wander Over Yonder I’ve drawn before. I got the urge to do something with her again, and decided to go to the “heroine captured by villainess” well again. Sylvia and Dominator’s dynamic in the series is one I’m fond of, and if I shipped anyone in that show it’d be them. I did a pic a bit similar to this one a while back of Catra and Adora, I just like the implication that Dominator’s about to have a lot of fun with Sylvia’s unique body. I don’t know if many other people will like this. I see Sylvia porn somewhat frequently, but it seems like when I’ve drawn her it’s always been to a mixed reaction. I had a lot of fun making this pic, though, and really it was just for me.