Month: January 2020

Frieza Character Ask 2

So Frieza’s in kinda a weird spot where he’s both racists towards Saiya-jins, but also fetishizes them, leading to his answer here. Obviously Luffy isn’t a Saiya-jin, and the only reason Frieza said the line being referenced in the question is to make a joke about his name being the same as the slur Frieza uses for Saiya-jins, but his reasoning probably wouldn’t be much different. I kinda doubt Frieza would view humans as any higher on the species totem pole than Saiya-jins, if anything they’d be much lower.

EcchiMask – Study Break, Page 12

If you’d like to see more of EcchiMask’s art, you can find his (SFW) DeviantArt here:
And his (NSFW) HicceArs here:
And here is where he posts most of his adult work:

Here’s page twelve of EcchiMask’s comic “Study Break”, which I’ve provided colors for. In this page, Gohan presents himself on all fours for his daddy, who takes him doggy-style.

Mina Ashido Character Ask 3

This is maybe more of an informative Ask. My understanding of Mina’s quirk is that while, yes, she can secrete acid, it’s voluntary (she can even run out of she does it too much), but also the acidity is voluntary. She has a non-corrosive form of the liquid she uses to, like, skate around like she’s wearing socks on linoleum, which is just slippery. I’m not 100% sure if she has to use her hands and feet to release these liquids, but it makes sense to me she could use them to self-lubricate her pussy and asshole (but at the very least she could use them for handjobs and footjobs, like she mentions here).

Velma Dinkley Character Ask 3

So, for the record, I think Daphne’s ass is probably tighter, but obviously Velma’s is juicier.
I’ve been wanting to draw classic Daphne and Velma again for a minute. Not sure if this Ask scratched that itch all the way, there might be more coming with them later unless I get distracted. Velma especially I’ve been wanting to draw again. This just seemed like a fun way to work these two back into circulation.

Bulma on Namek

Here’s a simple little Bulma pic I sketched a few months back. Kinda left it in the WIP folder for a while, but I liked how it looked so I dusted it off for coloring. I added in the Namekian Dragon Balls ’cause I thought Bulma just by herself looked a bit plain (if still sexy), and I like how the complete concept comes together (even if it’s hard to pin this into any sort of narrative).

Also, here’s the Q&A video I did for last month, if anyone’s interested:

Tales of Demons and Gods

This is a Master Tier commission. What they wanted to see was a scene from Tales of Demons and Gods, featuring Nie Li (on the right) and Du Ze (on the left) hanging out in a bath house, remade with the towels from the scene removed. He sent me a screenshot of the scene, and I basically just remade it as faithfully as I could, with the one important change made. I know nothing about this game (I think it’s a game) or these characters, but I hope y’all will enjoy seeing them naked here nonetheless. What do you think Nie Li is saying to Du Ze, here? The body language seems a bit suggestive to me, like maybe they’re gonna do more in that hot bath than just relax.