My Hero Academia

Mina Ashido Character Ask 4

So, if we’re going just by her appearances in Near Hentai releases, Mina has had sexual encounters with most of the girls in her class (and one teacher!). Some, like Tsuyu and Ochaco, haven’t been pure yuri encounters, but she’s still checked off most of the girls in the class. When I read this question, I immediately thought it’d be fun to use Hagakure again. I haven’t used her since the pic with Jiro, and I thought a simple picture that at first looks like Mina alone, until you notice the gloves on her ass, would be cute and fun. So here it is!

Ochaco Uraraka Character Ask 3

So this is an Ask I wanted to answer mostly just because I like the idea of this pairing. Since we’ve established Gohan and Uraraka as a couple in both the Xoverse and the Studio settings, I see her and Chi-Chi in a similar vein to Chi-Chi and Videl, which is a pairing I’m pretty fond of despite never drawing it myself. Anyway, just a cute and simple answer from these two, but I hope y’all like it.

U.A. Fun in the Xoverse

So this here’s a Mini Commission based on some of the Xoverse canon we’ve established in things like Double Love Triangle. I’ve mentioned this before, but in my crossover universe setting of the Xoverse, teen Gohan is enrolled in U.A. High in Class 1-A with Midoriya and Ochaco, developing his hero persona of the Great Saiyaman. So what we have here is Ochaco blowing both Midoriya and Gohan in their hero outfits. Hope you all enjoy!

Deku Mom

I’ve been wanting to do something with Inko Midoriya for a good while now. I think she’s very cute, but as often happens other projects have kept me from making time for her. I decided to buckle down and get this pic out, keeping the whole thing relatively simple to make it easy to motivate myself to finish it. I’m pretty happy to have something with her in my library now, though I know plenty of people prefer her younger design. I would like to do this pairing again but with the flashback designs of both characters, but we’ll see how many years it takes me to get around to that.

Tsuyu Asui Character Ask 2

So this probably seems like a pretty random pairing, and it is. I went back and forth on a handful of different guys Tsuyu could be rimming (I’ve already drawn her using her tongue on a cock a couple times), but in the end I wanted someone to highlight her point about obliging almost anyone. I was kinda in the mood for some James, and even though I’ve never really drawn him as a “bottom” before, it’s definitely how I prefer him. In the end we got kinda a strange visual image, I think, but I also think it’s a fun one.

Vegeta Character Ask 4

So, uh… I don’t think Vegeta actually answered this question. I swear, he’s so uncooperative. I don’t think Vegeta really cares about who does or does not want to shoot with him, ’cause he really just dissed Goku and Luffy and then talked about his own preferences. Oh, well, hopefully at least you guys will enjoy seeing him with Bakugou here. I went back and forth on a handful of different boys this could be, but in the end I thought Bakugou would be the most fun. Plus, it’s an excuse to draw him pullin’ an ahegao again, I know there’s a few of you who’re really into that.

Momo Yaoyorozu Character Ask 1

So, for this Ask, I had a pretty good idea how I thought it should be answered. While I’ve drawn a number of Momo’s classmates taking anal, I think Mina Ashido’s quirk, which we’ve established allows her to self-lubricate, would make anal a more appealing form of sex for her than most people. As for Momo… I dunno, it just makes sense to me she wouldn’t have gone down that route unless she had to. I figured she might as well show off her unused asshole while talking about it, though.

Rumi Usagiyama Character Ask 1

So, here’s a funny story about how this Ask came about. This Ask has been posted a couple times, and I never knew a good way to answer it. I don’t know Rumi, I haven’t seen any of MHA where she’s involved, so I answered other Asks instead. Then recently on my Discord we got talking about her and her ass, and people seemed to like the idea of me drawing her in a way that focuses on it. I liked the idea, and figured this Ask would be a good excuse. So I did the art first, and while inking/coloring it, kinda mulled over how to have her answer. I may be off in my understanding of her character, but I kinda liked the idea of her side-stepping the matter of who she’s hooked up with and focusing on her chilling and having a good time around the Studio.

Nana Shimura Character Ask 1

Nana got a good response after her debut though winning the Near Hentai Monthly Lady spot in February. As such, it’s not surprising to see her getting Asks now, and this one was looking for her opinion of Midoriya. One of the fun things about the Studio setting is that characters who, despite being from the same universe, would never meet or interact in their source material (unless MHA has a time travel story or some death-reversal thing in its future). We saw this with Korra and Katara in a hidden scene in the Studio Tour game, and now we see it in this Ask. Nana’s character isn’t explored super in-depth from what I’ve seen, but I’m confident she’d take a shine to Midoriya the same way All Might did. Of course, this being Near Hentai that manifests in a bit of a different way than it would if it happened in MHA itself…