My Hero Academia

October ’19 Patreon One-Shot

So here is the winning One-Shot script from October, which features boys from Hunter × Hunter and My Hero Academia having some fun together. When I was working on the October comic pages, I thought it was kinda funny that the last panel of the ongoing and the first panel of this comic were nearly identical, though I did try my best to differentiate them with angles and positioning and stuff. Just a funny coincidence.

Jiro Footjob

I was looking for a quick pic to work on between other projects. I know people like these footjob pics, and when I do them POV style like this they don’t take too long, so I did one for Jiro here. I like her a lot, especially for foot stuff since I can give her those black-painted toenails I enjoy. This is one of those pics where I added in a signifier as to whose cock it was at the last moment. Figured I might as well reuse the pubic hair Kaminari was sporting for the Bra blowbang pic a while back.

Double Love Triangle, Page Six

Here’s page six of Double Love Triangle, the ongoing comic written by my Patreon sponsors. The Patron who wrote the script for this page said they were really in the mood to see more of Uraraka, which I think you can tell by looking at the final result here. Uraraka’s not gotten as much attention in my work as Gohan or Midoriya, so I think it’s nice for her to get the spotlight here before things change up in the next page (you’ll see next month).

Ryuko Tsuchikawa Character Ask 1

So… for Pixie-Bob here I didn’t have any immediate playmates in mind… I didn’t really want to just throw her in with some of the normal younger characters, but I also ended up caught up on that “eighteen at heart” line. Most of the boys that get paired with older women are notably younger than that, but for some reason Breath of the Wild Link came to mind. It might be partly because they have similar color schemes, but also this Link could probably be described as “eighteen at heart” (being much older than he looks do to magic sleep). I dunno, the pairing kinda worked. No prizes for guessing who might’ve trained Link, as Ryuko suggests here.

Floating On Air

So a while back I sketched out a pic of Uraraka masturbating. I realized while I was working on it, it’d be fun if she was, like, floating in the air while she did it. So that became the gimmick of the pic, but I wasn’t 100% happy with it so I let the sketch sit on the shelf for a while. I finally decided to get back to it, and this is the final result. There’s not much more to add to this one, I think, but I hope you all like the pic. ^_^

Double Love Triangle, Page Five

This is page five of Double Love Triangle, the monthly comic my Patreon sponsors help me write. I mentioned last month that I’d tried to set up the page’s final panel in such a way that people could have some fun determining how to carry on. The winning script this time chose to keep the focus on Deku, Uraraka and Gohan for now, working in a bit of fun humor in the first panel. We’ll be sticking with these three next month as well, so if you like ’em tune in then. ^_^

Birthday Fun

This is an Epic Tier commission from one of my Patreon supporters. The birthday referenced in the title is the Patron’s, as this commission was his birthday present to himself. He had a pretty sizable list of potential girls to fill into these spots, but he settled on Olive and Maps from Gotham Academy (since it’d been a while since he last commissioned them from me), plus Aqua of KonoSuba and Ochaco of My Hero Academia after discussing his options with other Patrons on Discord. Hope you all enjoy! ^_^
Also, here’s the Q & A video I did for Patreon last month, for anyone who’s interested: