Month: October 2023

Carmella Creeper

Carmella Creeper is a new character made for the General Mills line of monster-themed cereals that I expect most people are at least a little familiar with. For thirty-five years the monster line-up has been Count Chocula, Franken Berry, and Boo Berry (the main three we see around Halloween every year), as well as the mostly discontinued Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy. This year they added Carmella, a caramel apple zombie DJ girl. I’m not personally a huge fan of the design, ’cause she feels way to different from her boomer compatriots, but in a vacuum I think she’s fine. I wanted to squeeze out one simple pic with her for Halloween this year to celebrate, ’cause even if I think she feels out of place I still think it’s cool to see a new monster cereal mascot be introduced. I can’t say if she’ll show up again, but I’m happy with this little pic of her at least.

Near Halloween 2023

Like every year, I wanted to add a new monster type to my Spookyverse cast of original characters. I’m running a bit low on ideas for characters, but one monster I’ve never done is a pumpkin/Jack-O-Lantern type creature. There’s a few different ways to do this type of monster, but I went with a design I thought could be fun and sexy. Hopefully everyone agrees. So, let me introduce Ember and Silas Holloway!

Also, in the spirit of things, I posted a spooky new AI-assisted fanfic over in the literature section:

Rukia’s Halloween Costume

So this is an idea I remember bouncing around last year, but forgot about it. Something jogged my memory at the last minute, though, and I decided to try and squeeze it out before Halloween this year. The concept is simple, it’s basically the same as the Studio Santa but for Halloween. If people seem to like it, every year I can have a randomizer pick one character from the Studio who I can then pick out a Halloween costume for and draw them wearing it in a little pin-up.
Rukia won this first one, which I think is nice for her as she hasn’t managed to make another appearance since her First Shoot yet. Rukia does appear in a succubus costume in one Halloweeny episode of Bleach, but as I recall it was in a dream sequence-type story so I don’t think it necessarily represents what she’d pick out for herself to wear. I decided instead to use Rukia’s love for bunny rabbits and give her a sexy, semi-spooky gothic bunny costume that I think suits her well.

Jazmine DuBois Character Ask 1

While I try not to overdo it, I always enjoy pairing strange or non-human characters with humans, and this Jazmine Ask sounded fun to me for that reason. I have no idea if anyone else will enjoy it as much as I do, but we haven’t seen Jazmine in a while and I just got the itch to draw this when I read the question. Jazmine, like many little girls, is obsessed with ponies in The Boondocks. While the episode most highlighting this is about a “real” pony, she does have the vibe of a girl who’d also enjoy something like My Little Pony. I went with Fluttershy for her partner here purely because I think she’s the member of the Mane 6 Jazmine would like the best.

Fusion Bios – Chun-Chi

Here’s a Fusion Bio page for Chun-Chi. I’ve always had mixed feelings about Chun-Chi, since the two characters she’s mixed from are pretty similar already. That also translates into her fashion, but hey a fair number of people still seem to be fond of her regardless.

Also, for anyone interested, here is the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Junichirou Kubota Character Ask 1

Jun has a similar problem to Shang, in that he’s a bit too earnest and straightforward for the tone a lot of Asks tend to take. I did consider having him standing with Tomo in this answer, like in Shang’s with Mulan, but decided to instead let him stand on his own here. I kinda just rolled with how I felt he’d be processing the Studio transition, but mostly this pic was about getting to see more of him since he was obscured in his debut.