Month: August 2022

Hitohito Tadano Character Ask 1

Funnily enough, this drawing was originally done for a different question (one by the same Subscriber, though). However, as I was working on it, they posted this question instead, which I actually liked better and I thought still worked with the art I’d already drawn. So I replaced the question and re-worded his response.
When I first started watching Komi Can’t Communicate, I didn’t think much of Tadano. I liked him, sure, but I wasn’t really attracted to him. I kind of figured I’d only ever draw him as a top for Komi and Najimi, and probably wouldn’t have much use for him beyond that. Then the end of the first season introduced Maid Tadano, and my position shifted considerably. I really like crossdressing Tadano, and the original question specifically referred to this version of him, hence the usage here. I don’t think I’ll be drawing Tadano in a wig all the time or anything, but one good, explicit look at this version of him getting railed felt necessary to me. I also thought it’d be cute to have him being fucked by the same anon he was blowing in his debut pic, so I re-used the skin tone from that pic here.

NHS Fusions – Yoinks Briimura

I had some regrets regarding this poll. The theme was muscular characters, with a mix of male and female. I was having a little trouble thinking of males who weren’t from DBZ or MHA (since both were already in the poll) and ended up including Yoichi. I feel weird including Camp Buddy in something like this, but I kinda didn’t think he’d win so I didn’t expect it to be a problem. Not only did he win, but he won with Future Trunks, meaning I had a purple-on-purple Fusion on my hands. I was worried just giving him purple hair that’s a shade between Yoichi’s and Trunks’ would be too boring, so I worked in some blue from Trunks’ Super design to give him a bit more of his own vibe. I went with the name “Yoinks” because I thought it was a very funny way to combine their names. I hope y’all like him.

Butt Witch Character Ask 11

I think I probably could’ve picked any random MHA girl for Butt Witch to answer with and it would’ve made sense, so I tried to work that element into her response. However, I thought she’d like Mina, not just for being bubbly and fun, but for her inhuman appearance that B.W. can probably relate to. There’s probably going to eventually be some MHA girls in the Busy Weekend comic, but for now I just thought this Ask would be a fun and simple way to get her together with someone from that series.

Anne Anal

I’ve been wanting to draw Anne Boonchuy from Amphibia for… I guess for a few years now? I’ve liked her ever since I first saw her, which is rare. Usually I have to watch a show and get to know a character before deciding I want to draw them, but for Anne it was instant. I never really worked up the momentum to actually do it, though. Early in 2022 I had the idea to do a big pic with a bunch of teen girl protagonists lined up in this position (I’ve done a couple pics like that before, usually with about three characters). I was gonna debut Anne in that pic, and she was going to be alongside Luz (Owl House), Connie (Steven Universe), Rider (Centaurworld), Reggie (Twelve Forever) and… more. I just kept thinking of other characters, and Kipo ended up in there, Tulip from Infinity Train, Hilda, Star Butterfly… the list was getting longer and I realized I wasn’t actually gonna finish this pic. Like I usually do for big pics, the girls were all drawn separately, and recently I decided to dust Anne off and just get one pic of her done by inking and coloring it. So I edited the guy fucking her a bit to imply he’s some random resident of Amphibia (it was originally a human anon), and here she is! Maybe I’ll ink and color some of the other sketches for that failed pic someday, but for now I’m just happy to have Anne in the Studio. The plan is for her to show up again before too long in the MomSwap series, so look forward to that!

Son Goku Character Ask 29

I feel like the direction of this Ask is probably pretty obvious. I almost always draw Goku on top, so it feels like he’s going to have given way more facials than he’s gotten. I kinda figured some folks might like to see him giving one, though, and I thought Gon would be a cute partner for it. I haven’t drawn these two together in a long time, and I know some folks have wanted to see them do more together. Specifically they seem to want to see Goku penetrating Gon, but we’re not there yet so I hope this will suffice for now.

The Dark Mangaka – Josh and Misia Comic

This is another commission by one of my fans of Dark Mangaka ( | |, this time pairing Josh Bate with Misia. Josh and Misia are two of my characters from different worlds who were never meant to interact, but the AI Stories I offer as an occasional Subscriber reward led to not one, but two fics so far where they’ve partnered up. The Subscriber behind those fics is also the one who commissioned this, and has become quite enamored with the pairing. I have a pic with both of them in the pipeline, too, as a result, but for now I hope you’ll all enjoy Dark Mangaka’s take on them!

Killua Zoldyck Character Ask 17

When I think about Killua and Nagisa, I feel like their experiences as assassins would be pretty incomparable. Killua grew up raised as an assassin from birth, in an assassin family, while Nagisa picked it up in high school and focused only on assassinating one difficult target. Also their worlds are just completely different, so I feel like Killua’s assessment of Nagisa would probably be pretty unfavorable. However, Nagisa’s shown to be really good at using his cute appearance and unassuming manner to get past people’s defenses, and I thought Killua eating out his ass while praising his “honeypot” skills would be fun.

Also, for anyone interested, here’s the Q&A video I did last month:

Irma Worships April’s Feet

I sketched this in July of 2018 and sat on it for quite a while… I recently got in the mood to do something with some lesbian foot licking, and remembered liking how this sketch looked and digging it up. It didn’t look as good as I remembered, but I cleaned it up and fixed a few things and I think the final version here turned out pretty fun. I always liked Irma a lot, but I’ve never really gotten around to doing much with her. I don’t really expect that to change, since I already draw April less than I’d like, but I am happy to finally get something with these two together out.