At Alois Trancy’s Feet

So this is one of my annual commissions for a Master Tier supporter. The client here wanted to see a recreation of a flashback scene of Alois Trancy from Black Butler, where an older man is crawling on the floor and grabbing his foot. I’ve never seen Black Butler, and know nothing about this character or the context of the scene, but I did my best to create this lewd version of it. I know a couple people wanted me to draw Alois after seeing me draw Ciel, and now thanks to this supporter it’s happened. ^_^


  1. Devin

    I’m pretending it’s a hot guy, Ciel gets Sebastian and his servants

    Alois has an evil butler and a female maid (who he’s mean to) who loves him (but sex is out of the picture because he’s gay).

    So for once I’m throwing him a bone in my mind and pretending he’s about to get it on with a random college boy!

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