Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Nezuko Kamado’s First Dare

I don’t watch Demon Slayer, but I was able to find the scene this Dare is referencing on YouTube. Hopefully I represented it well here, how this Dare would play out in the Studio. I like positions and angles like this, but it can be hard to justify using them a lot of the time because it obscures who the characters are (that’s why it’s common to see this pose as the punchline to a two-panel comic), but for these characters I thought it’d be ideal because they have these extra cracks and leaves and stuff that makes them identifiable even if you don’t see their faces. Also, one of the main obstacles I have with drawing Daki is all the extra shit on her face, so this way I got to avoid having to deal with all of that in what should be a simple and quick pic.

Nagisa Shiota Character Ask 5

I’m not 100% sure what the goal of this question was, since I’ve already drawn Zenitsu in yaoi art, but I like Nagisa and I’ve never drawn him with his hair down (mostly because I think his normal hair style is cuter, personally). My hope is some folks will still enjoy seeing this crack pairing, and maybe Nagisa could clear up a little misunderstanding if people thought he was going around seducing boys under false pretenses or something.


Tanjiro Kamado Character Ask 1

So I haven’t watched Demon Slayer and don’t have much interest in it, and don’t really like any of the character designs, but I know there’s a lot of people who do like it and want to see content of them. I thought this Ask was as good a chance as any to make something for those people, ’cause I know there’s some interest in seeing Tanjiro fucking Zenitsu.

January ’21 One-Shot

So the One-Shot that won the selection for last month was another one featuring a different pairing each panel. The goal of this one, with a couple exceptions, was to introduce a variety of new cute boys to the Studio so they’d become available for Asks and the like. Gohan, Nagisa and Venti were all three already in (although Venti’s debut came after this script was submitted, iirc), but new to the Studio now are Ryoma Takebayashi, Laphicet, Minotia, Bennett, Xingqiu and Tanjiro Kamado. Some of these boys I can guarantee you’ll see again (some of them already have pics in the Post Schedule lined up), some of them I’m not so sure about. Regardless, I hope everyone enjoys the comic. Tomorrow’s post will be our new ongoing yaoi comic, selected by subscribers.

Zenitsu Fingering

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Patreon supporters, featuring Zenitsu from Demon Slayer. I’ve never watched Demon Slayer, and I don’t know anything about this character, but man do I hate his fucking hair. I don’t know what it is about Demon Slayer, where all the characters have to have these ugly difficult to look at designs, but Zenitsu and his shredded cheese mop hair is no exception. Maybe he’d grow on me if I watched the show, I don’t know. I have to assume the story telling’s really good for it to gain as much of an audience as it has while looking so ugly. Anyway, someone wanted to see him fingering his butt, and that’s what we’ve got here.

Daki Mini Commission

Here’s another Mini Commission for one of my sponsors. They wanted to see Daki from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba receiving anal in any position. This pose has always been a favorite for a one-character focused pic, so I went with it. I’ve never read or seen anything of Demon Slayer (I’m pretty sure I’ve only ever seen one character, a girl with a scroll in her mouth who’s on a few body pillows at cons), I don’t know anything about the series or this character. I saw she has a few different looks, though, and tried to go with this one I think looks a bit more memorable than when she has dark hair. I did see multiple pics of her with this smile that reminds me of the “Mega Milk” meme from “Tiny Boobs Giant Tits History”, a smile I’ve always thought was kinda hot so I decided to use it here. Anyway, hope you all enjoy the pic.