Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Yuji Itadori Character Ask 1

So, when I picked these two for Mikasa’s Ask earlier, it was because I pictured them already becoming friends in the Studio (the idea being Mikasa approaching them at the same time). It’s just very easy for me to picture Yuji being endlessly amused by Inosuke’s antics, and I think their respective energies would play off each other well. I decided to not go into having them fucking in this Ask, I thought something like this felt more natural, but maybe somewhere down the line we’ll see that change.

Studio Christmas Party Highlights 2022

Last year I finished my ongoing series of Mace and Jackie’s Christmas Carol, so this year I was in search of something to replace it. I went through a few ideas, but none of them felt quite right, until I hit on this. A few years ago I had the idea of an ongoing comic set in a Studio orgy, basically jumping from place to place within the orgy without any real story or anything. I didn’t think the idea had the legs for a regular comic, but I’ve kind of reworked the concept here. So, every year for Christmas, I’d like to do a little montage comic like this one highlighting a few little scenes from that year’s Studio Christmas Party. I think this series could be fun, and I hope y’all will enjoy it. I started this one late because I was having trouble coming up with a concept, so once I had it I just drew the first few ideas I had. Unfortunately, none of them ended up being yaoi, but I’ll try to rectify that next year. In the meantime, please enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Inosuke Hashibira Character Ask 2

The question didn’t call for it, but I thought it’d highlight the power dynamic to use Zenitsu’s somewhat disappointing crossdressing “Zenko” look for this Ask. Usually anime where they have boys crossdress for a short period are the point where some characters catch my eye for the first time (a recent example being Tadano), but Demon Slayer seemed to go out of its way to keep anyone from accidentally being attracted to the boys in their disguises. Nonetheless, I thought Zenitsu obediently sucking Inosuke’s balls would be kinda fun; I hope y’all agree.

Boar Breeding

I don’t really watch Demon Slayer and I don’t have any attachment to any of the characters. Generally I’m not a fan of most of the designs I’ve seen come out of the franchise, but I do kind of like Inosuke. I don’t have too much to say here other than, I figured if I was gonna be drawing Demon Slayer at all I might as well do at least one pic with the only character I find attractive in the series. So here he is, haha.

Tanjiro Kamado Character Ask 2

There’s not much to this Ask, sorry. I picked it for a couple of selfish reasons, though. One is that I needed a kind of simple yaoi Ask to answer, and this fit the bill. Also it’s been a minute since I drew Tanjiro, and while I have no affection for him I know other people do. I could’ve paired him with an anon, but I thought it’d be fun to have him reverse his role with Zenitsu from his previous Ask.

Nezuko Kamado’s First Dare

I don’t watch Demon Slayer, but I was able to find the scene this Dare is referencing on YouTube. Hopefully I represented it well here, how this Dare would play out in the Studio. I like positions and angles like this, but it can be hard to justify using them a lot of the time because it obscures who the characters are (that’s why it’s common to see this pose as the punchline to a two-panel comic), but for these characters I thought it’d be ideal because they have these extra cracks and leaves and stuff that makes them identifiable even if you don’t see their faces. Also, one of the main obstacles I have with drawing Daki is all the extra shit on her face, so this way I got to avoid having to deal with all of that in what should be a simple and quick pic.

Nagisa Shiota Character Ask 5

I’m not 100% sure what the goal of this question was, since I’ve already drawn Zenitsu in yaoi art, but I like Nagisa and I’ve never drawn him with his hair down (mostly because I think his normal hair style is cuter, personally). My hope is some folks will still enjoy seeing this crack pairing, and maybe Nagisa could clear up a little misunderstanding if people thought he was going around seducing boys under false pretenses or something.