Black Butler

At Alois Trancy’s Feet

So this is one of my annual commissions for a Master Tier supporter. The client here wanted to see a recreation of a flashback scene of Alois Trancy from Black Butler, where an older man is crawling on the floor and grabbing his foot. I’ve never seen Black Butler, and know nothing about this character or the context of the scene, but I did my best to create this lewd version of it. I know a couple people wanted me to draw Alois after seeing me draw Ciel, and now thanks to this supporter it’s happened. ^_^

Ciel Phantomhive Character Ask 1

So, for the record, I’ve never seen a single episode of Black Butler. I don’t really know much of anything about Ciel or his butler, this answer is just based off my impression of their relationship from the handful of clips and gifs I’ve seen of them. If I’m way off base, then… oops! I wanted to do another Ask for a character who hasn’t had one yet, and this one seemed like the type where even if I got the phrasing of the answer wrong, fans of the show would probably still enjoy the visual aspect of the response. The other time I drew Ciel was for a Mini Commission that also featured Sebastian’s cock… I didn’t see any reason to break tradition and show his face here, especially since I don’t like learning new faces for Asks. This is my favorite angle for footjob pics, anyway, so for now he’ll continue to be treated like an anon (even if we all know that’s him lying there).