Blonde Heroines & Their Swordswomen

Blonde Heroines & Their Swordswomen
by Wolf3 J


Lucy and Erza had just left the studio library after checking
out a couple of books recommended by Sylvia Marpole &
“I cannot wait to go back & read this novel”, Lucy says
“You seemed pretty excited about the book Sylvia & Gohan
told you about, in fact you three were definitely enjoying your
little conversation”
“Yeah, i definitely love to pick her brain when i get the chance
to, speaking of excited, you looked pretty psyched yourself
about what you checked out”
“Well of course, especially since its for mature women like
myself”, Erza says proudly with a gleam in her eyes.
Lucy: You picked up smut, come on Erza, Lucy thought to
As the two guild wizards were walking, they heard a woman
call out to them.
???: “Elsie Crimson !?”
Lucy & Erza had turned around only to see Homura Kogetsu
with a beautiful blonde woman
“Elsie, I had no idea you were here too”, the blonde woman
says to Erza
“Um, that’s not Elsie”, Homura whispers to her blonde friend.
“Oh Homura, what brings you here ?”, Erza asks.
“Oh we were just wandering about with Illya & Nami about this
catgirl live stream my friend wanted to do with them”
“Oh right, you mentioned that you have a friend who is a
content creator with her own channel.”
“That’s right, even though her videos could use a LOT of
“Homura, you know I can hear you right”
“Fuck, I said the quiet part out loud again”
Erza & Lucy began looking at the beautiful blonde woman
from head to toe, who is rocking a nice sweater, short skirt &
open toed heels that showed off her beautiful feet
Wow, this girl could pass for Lucy’s sister, she’s pretty hot
though, Erza was thinking to herself.
Holy shit she’s hot, we can totally pass for sisters!, Lucy
Homura stands there with a unamused look on her face while
Erza & Lucy admire Homura’s friend & her voluptuous figure
“Oh I forgot to introduce you to my friend here…”
“I’m Rebecca Bluegarden & I’m an aspiring B cuber”,
Rebecca happily introduces herself to the guild wizards.
“Homura told me about you two & I’m totally sorry for
mistaking you for someone else Erza”
“It’s no problem at all but do I really look like this Elsie
woman ?”
“Yes, minus the eyepatch”, both Homura & Rebecca bluntly
responding to Erza’s question
“God damn, so blunt”, Lucy says with a surprising tone
“So what were you two doing if you don’t mind me asking ?”,
Rebecca asks the guild wizards
“Erza & I were checking out books after Sylvia & Gohan had
recommended a good novel to me”, Lucy replies.
“Gohan, isn’t he that cute black haired boy in the purple
karate gi”
“Yeah, he super popular here in the studio”
“Come to think of it, I remember seeing Sylvia in the studio
library”, Rebecca tells Lucy
“Yeah, she’s a librarian at a college back where she’s from,
she’s a total bookworm like Gohan & myself”
“That’s right, Lucy Heartfilia, total bookworm & an award
winning author”, Erza proudly tells Rebecca.
“No way, Homura did tell me you’re a writer but to think you’re
an award winning author, you’re totally smart !”
“I’m not that smart, come on don’t flatter me”, Lucy says while
“I’m still a long way from my goal”
“A goal, what goal are you aiming for ?”, Lucy inquires.
“I aspire to be a famous B cuber with over 1 million
“Well Rebecca, know that I’m definitely rooting for you so let
me know if I can do anything to help out”
“And just like that they’ve become fast friends”, Homura says.
“How about we all go back to Lucy’s place”, Erza happily tells
the ladies.
“Wait why my place, well at least you’re not planning on
breaking into my apartment”
The ladies head back to Lucy’s apartment
“Huh, I’m surprised Natsu & Happy aren’t lounging around
here”, Lucy tells herself.
“Natsu? Oh you mean your boyfriend ?”, Rebecca asks.
“Ack, uh well I mean… Homura what did you tell her ?!”
“Well I mean, am I lying ?”
Lucy sits there with her face as red as Erza’s hair
“Lucy, there’s no need to be embarrassed about that, you &
Natsu are always together nearly 24/7”, Erza points out
“And the fact you two share a room together”, Homura
piggybacking off Erza’s response
“Co-come on guys”, Lucy says while still embarrassed
“Much like Erza & Jellal”, Homura now shifting the focus to
Erza face turns scarlet red
“Ho-Homura !”, Erza shrieks at Homura
“Shit, I said the quiet part out loud again” Homura turns away
covering her mouth with the sleeve of her kimono
“Hold on Jellal ?”, Rebecca asks with a mischievous grin on
her face.
“Yup, the blue haired hunk with a red mark on his face, who’s
dick Erza was riding really good”, Lucy responds.
“Oh yeah I saw that shoot & holy shit you butt is very big”,
Rebecca tells Erza.
“You think so, I’ve been told my ass is quite big”, Erza says
with a gleam in her eye.
“You do eat a LOT of strawberry cake, it all had to go
somewhere”, Lucy points out.
“Funnily Silver said the same thing earlier today before I met
up with you”
“Well it’s true & you know he’s not going lie”, Homura tells
Erza while covering her mouth with the sleeve of her kimono
“You ass is as big as mine, Homura”
“Really, I don’t buy that in fact, let’s compare our backsides”
Both Erza & Homura got on all fours
“Lucy, Rebecca I’m trusting you two to compare the size of
our asses”, Erza says to her guildmate.
Rebecca begins to admire the butts that are in front of her
Holy shit I wanna eat that big ass of her’s, Rebecca was
thinking to herself
Lucy starts to grab Erza & Homura’s asses & thoroughly
squeezes them
Lucy took another squeeze of Erza’s butt
Yup, Erza definitely has the fatter ass, Lucy confidently
Lucy had moved aside so Rebecca could examine her friend’s
butts. Rebecca got to grab & feel on butt cheek however there
was something about Erza’s ass that drew Rebecca’s
attention. Rebecca starts groping Erza’s ass and was
extremely amazed at how soft that ass felt.
“Oh my goodness Erza your ass is something else”
Homura felt so defeated
“Damn, I can’t believe I was bested by the Queen of the
Fairies & the big ass of her’s”
“Come on Homura, your butt is quite big too”
For some reason, while Erza & Homura were talking, Lucy
was secretly stealing glances at Rebecca.
Wow I can’t believe how sexy Rebecca is, those sexy legs
along with those juicy thighs of her’s & those tits gotta be the
same size as mine and yet…, Lucy was thinking to herself
while enamored with Rebecca
Lucy looked away while blushing slightly, thankfully no one
noticed it
“Is something wrong Lucy ?” Rebecca asks.
“Huh, oh nothing I was thinking about the books Sylvia &
Gohan recommended to me”
Lucy chuckles nervously
“Honestly that’s the second fairy tail booty I got to touch”,
Rebecca tells her friends
“You mean your debut shoot with Shiki & Cana”, Erza
“Yeah he was extremely excited about making another new
friend but I was amazed how nice her ass was, that ass
looked good enough to eat”
Erza had a mischievous look on her face
“Well since we’re all getting to know each other pretty well,
how about we all have a little fun together”, Erza tells the
Lucy & Rebecca began to blushed
“Well I guess I’m not opposed to that, I mean given my time
here at the studio I should be used to this”, Lucy says as she
nervously looks to the side
“Wa-wait, what is Erza talking about, Homura ?”, Rebecca
nervously asks the swordswoman
Erza & Homura looked at each other and giggled
“Just a little fun between us gals, nothing more Rebecca”,
Homura answers
Erza comes from behind and begins gently grabbing
Homura’s breasts, Lucy & Rebecca was getting aroused by
the titillating display.
“I always wanted to get with you Homura, you have no idea
how sexy you really are”
“Honestly, I feel the same way Erza, I’m pretty envious of
Misty & Casca that they get to scissor with you”
“Well no need to be envious Homura, you have my full
Homura spreads her legs & begins rubbing herself down
there. Rebecca was definitely getting aroused by the scene
whereas Lucy begins to grab her left breast while resisting the
urge to masturbate. Lucy looks at Rebecca who was enjoying
the act of lust that was happening right in front of her. Lucy
crawls to Rebecca and places her hand on the latter’s thigh.
“Hey Rebecca, how about we play with each other as well”
Rebecca looks into Lucy’s eyes & they were both in a state of
complete arousal. It was apparent that Lucy finally had the
chance to explore this beautiful blonde’s body. Rebecca lays
back as Lucy gets on top of her & slowly runs her hands down
on Rebecca’s body.
what’s happening, my hands are moving on their own & my
head isn’t thinking straight. All I can think about is wanting to
have sex with this sexy babe, Lucy thought.
Lucy’s hands reach Rebecca’s hips & said hands slid
underneath her sweater. Lucy slowly pulled Rebecca’s
sweater as her navel was completely exposed.
“Oh wow, we’re really gonna do this huh ?” Rebecca asks
“Yeah but don’t worry, it pretty normal here”
Lucy lifts up Rebecca’s sweater exposing her breasts
“Oh, looks likes someone forgot to wear a bra”, Lucy says
with a grin on her face.
“Well what’s the point right ?”
Lucy also removes her top & leans in placing her large
breasts onto Rebecca’s.
“So Rebecca, you done it with Shiki yet ?”
“Let’s just say Shiki had some practice before his debut shoot
with me & Cana”
Lucy giggles
“That’s good, I don’t want to scare you off because of a lack of
Rebecca: “Mmmm, meow”
Lucy closes in and kisses Rebecca on her lips
Erza & Homura watched as the two blondes kiss each other
passionately. Seeing their tongues gently wrestle other as the
two ladies moan.
“Oh my, I didn’t think Lucy would be assertive in her
approach.”, Homura says to Erza
“She knows what she wants, that all the motivation she
“Speaking of wanting something”, Homura says as she begins
disrobing herself in front of Erza.
Erza begins to strip out of her clothes as well
“Don’t worry, I know what you want & I shouldn’t keep you
waiting .”, Erza tells Homura
The two swordswomen both on their knees completely naked.
Erza grabs on to Homura and brings her closer & the two
began kissing each other as Erza’s hands wander all over
Homura warm & smooth back. Homura places her hands on
Erza’s face. The two swordwomen’s tongues were caressing
one another. Homura’s hands began descending from Erza’s
face down to her breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze.
“Mmmmmm”, the redheaded woman lets out a moan.
Homura’s hands made their way to Erza’s hips & slowly
moves towards her ass. Homura began grabbing and
squeezing Erza’s ample bottom.
“Oh my goodness, this ass feels so soft & juicy. This must be
what the ass of a queen feels like “. Homura thought as she
continued locking lips with Erza.
Lucy & Rebecca continued kissing but however, Rebecca was
on top this time. The two topless blondes began removing the
rest of their clothing.
“Holy fuck she’s so fucking hot !” Lucy thinks to herself while
blushing & completely infatuated with Rebecca.
Rebecca leans into Lucy
“How about I be your little kitty cat, Lucy.” Rebecca
seductively suggests to Lucy.
Lucy giggles
“Why not, try not to bite me to hard”
Rebecca spreads Lucy’s legs & licks her lips
“A little fun fact about me, I’m a big eater & a total foodie so
excuse me if I end up devouring you.”
“Wait a second…”
Rebecca closes in on Lucy’s wet pussy
“Thanks for the meal”
Rebecca begins licking Lucy’s vagina. Lucy gasps and lays
on her back completely succumbing to pure lust.
“Oh my god, AHHHHHH. “
Rebecca vigorously eats out Lucy’s pussy while her ass is up
in the air. Rebecca shakes her plump ass excitingly.
“MMMM so delicious, Lucy is so delicious “, Rebecca says as
she enjoys eating out Lucy.
Lucy grabs her breasts and starts licking her nipple
“I can’t think straight, the only person who relentlessly
devoured me like this was Natsu but oh god this feels just as
good “, Lucy thinks to herself.
Rebecca begins licking & sucking on Lucy’s clitoris.
Lucy gasps, places her hand on Rebecca’s head & curls her
“Holy shit !”, Lucy cries out in ecstasy.
The loud cry from Lucy alerted Erza & Homura.
“Oh my goodness, did Lucy just…”
“Oh yes, that bitch just came like crazy” Rebecca tells Erza.
Lucy lies on the floor, panting heavily with her vagina & inner
thighs sopping wet from Rebecca’s saliva & what Lucy had
“Rebecca, you practically devoured Lucy”, Homura tells
“Hehe, sorry I couldn’t help myself, she was so delicious but if
I were you, I worry more about myself”, Rebecca warns
Before Homura turns to Erza, the former felt something enter
her vagina & the unexpected insertion caught her by surprise.
“Ahhh, Erza what are you…”
Erza drilled 2 fingers inside Homura’s pussy causing Homura
to gasp
“Ahhhh, Er-Erza I’m not rea…”
Erza begins fingering Homura’s pussy
“Ohhhh ah ah ah”, Homura moans
“Homura, lay on your back for me and spread those legs”
“Wait you mean…?”
“Yes, you’re getting what Misty & Casca got”
Erza sits on Homura’s thigh and their vaginas meet. The lips
began rubbing & kissing one another. Erza hips began moving
and gyrating causing both of the swordswomen to moan out
of excitement.
“Hah, Erza this is amazing”
“Oh yes, I love this feeling”
Erza begins licking Homura’s foot
“Oh my, I have to do this with Casca when I get the chance”
Rebecca joins Erza
“Hey Erza, you gonna share that with me ?”
Erza giggles
“Sure, come here”
Erza & Rebecca begins licking all over Homura’s foot
covering it in saliva. The two also started kissing each other
as well as smooching on Homura’s foot. Erza started to get
worked up & her hips moved even faster.
“Erza, Erza, slow down, mmmm ahhh”, Homura cries out.
Her toes begin to curl
“Erza, if this continues, im not going to last much longer.”
“Yes Homura, let’s cum together.”
Homura gets up & both ladies began picking up speed,
bringing each other closer to climaxing.
“Erza, im going to…”
“Homura, I ah ahh”
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!” Both of the swordswomen yell out
as they climax together.
Both ladies lay down on the floor completely satisfied.
“That was amazing, Erza”
“Yes, I always wanted to do that with you”
Rebecca, who hasn’t cum yet, was left completely unsatisfied.
“Hey guys, what about me”
“Don’t worry, I’ll return the favor to you”
Rebecca turns around & sees a completely horny Lucy all hot
on all fours.
“Oh, Lucy I didn’t know you still had enough to continue”
“That’s because I’m not completely satisfied yet”
“Wait, what!?”
Lucy leans in & kisses Rebecca. The two blondes position
themselves in a scissoring position but in a more intimate
position. Their hips started moving, their vaginas were getting
wet & their clitoris were getting the much stimulation they
“I’m not going to lie, I first saw you & all I wanted to do was to
get with you.”
“Wow seriously, well I hope I lived up to your expectations
“Oh yes, now let’s cum together”
Both of the women continue kissing & scissoring. Lucy lays
Rebecca on her back in a spread eagle position & the former
places her wet pussy on top of Rebecca’s soaking wet “kitty
“Ah, oh shit oh shit oh shit”, Rebecca says excitingly
Lucy hips began moving & Rebecca was excited
“Hahhh, Lucy this feels so fucking good, I want you to make
me cum
Lucy stops scissoring Rebecca & begins fingering Rebecca’s
“Ah mmmm Lucy, 2 fingers isn’t going to be enough”
Lucy inserts an extra finger in Rebecca’s pussy & resumes
“Ah yes yes yes”, Rebecca moans as she starts to rub her
Bits of liquid begins to squirt out of Rebecca’s vagina
“Oh my god, I’m….!”
Rebecca starts squirting all over Lucy’s hand as the latter
continues fingering the B-cuber’s vagina.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHH !!!”, Rebecca lets out a loud moan
“Hey, did that feel good Rebecca?”
“Wow, I don’t know what was better, Shiki’s dick, Witch’s
massages or this”.
The two blonde women lay next to each other completely
Erza & Homura approaches the two blondes
“You & Lucy definitely enjoyed each other a little too much”,
Erza tells Rebecca
“Hehe yeah but not as much as those two enjoying each
Rebecca points to Lucy & Homura kissing each other,
Homura was on top of Lucy & the two ladies were really into
“Still have enough to go a round with me Lucy?”
“Oh definitely no need to underestimate me, Homura”
Both of the women begin rubbing each other’s clitoris as the
kiss & great each other’s breasts.
“Oh you like that, Lucy?”
“Yeah, make me cum Homura”
The two continues kissing as they stimulate their vaginas
Rebecca watches and starts masturbating
“Getting excited ?”, Erza asks Rebecca
“Eh hehehe, maybe”, Rebecca responds
Erza sits on Rebecca’s face
“Why don’t you eat up, I’ll help myself to that sweet “cat” of
“Don’t mind if I do, Erza”
Erza & Rebecca starts to eat each other’s pussies in a 69
position. Erza starts to lick on Rebecca’s clitoris.
“Erza, sl-slow down I’m still very sensitive down…”
Erza vigorously eat out Rebecca & stimulates her sensitive
“Ah hah hah, OH MY GOD!!!”
Rebecca squirts again
“Oh my, I didn’t think she was that sensitive” Erza says to
Rebecca grabs onto Erza’s plump ass and eats out the
redhead’s vagina.
“Mmmm, yes don’t stop Rebecca, I’m getting close.”
Erza’s breathing became very hot & heavy. She grabs her
breasts & starts to lick & suck on her nipples
Yes, more more, I’m so close I’m going to lose it, Erza thinks
to herself as she sucks on her own nipple.
Erza couldn’t hold back anymore
“OH YES !!!”, Erza yells out as she climax
Erza falls over laying face down ass up, drooling with her
tongue out.
“If Jellal was here, I’d have him destroy my ass right now”
Holy crap, Erza is a total freak, Rebecca thought to herself
Lucy & Homura continues fingering each other’s pussies.
Homura was licking & kissing on Lucy’s neck.
“Ah Homura, yes keep kissing my neck”, Lucy moans out
“Lucy, I’m about to cum, please don’t stop”
Lucy speeds up her fingering
“Hah yes Lucy, keep going”
Homura’s vagina starts squirting all over Lucy’s hand as the
latter continues fingering Homura.
“Oh fuck !” Homura cries out as she ejaculates
Homura was still hot & horny from ejaculating and begins
scissoring Lucy
“I’m not done yet, let’s finish together Lucy”
“Oh yes, Homura”, Lucy says excitingly
The ladies hips were moving vigorously, Lucy gets up using
her arm for support to keep herself up to get within eye level
with Homura.
“Hah, still want to lock lips Lucy ?”
“More than that, give me that tongue girl”
Lucy & Homura proceeds to tongue kiss each other as their
hips continue to gyrate.
“Oh shit here it come”, Lucy says as she climax
“Oh yes, ahhhhh”, Homura cries out
“Ahhhhh yes yes yes!!!”, Lucy exclaims.
All four of the heroines were laid out on the floor completely
Homura & Lucy were cuddled up together with Lucy on top
while Erza & Rebecca were laying next to each other.
“I’m not gonna lie, that was pretty hot”, Erza tell her friends.
“Man Cana told me that you fairies knew how to have a good
time but wow that was a hell of a great time I had”, Rebecca
tell the ladies.
“I agree with Rebecca, you fairies are very fun to be around”,
Homura says to the guild wizards.
“Well partying & letting loose is what Fairy Tail does best”,
Lucy replies.
“Don’t worry, this won’t be the last time we get together like
this”, Erza tells the Eden’s Zero crew members while winking
at Homura.”
“Oh right I was planning on meeting up with Gohan & Sylvia
later on to continue our discussion from earlier today” Lucy
tells her friends.
“Oh ready, you sure your discussion won’t turn into something
risqué”, Rebecca says teasingly to Lucy.
“Maybe, maybe not but I’ll definitely bring Natsu with me that’s
for sure.”