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Monkey D. Luffy Character Ask 18

I wasn’t too sure about doing this one at first. I didn’t really like the idea of having a character just pick from a closed selection like this. However, I know Luffy fans have been wanting more of him, and a few have been vocal in their disappointment in how he appears in the second Pirate vs. Ninja Strippers page… So I went with this Ask so he can get some casual fun with another fairly popular character. Of the three listed here I felt like Rimuru would be the most interesting to Luffy.

Word Gets Around

This is the second half of a Lord Tier commission. The idea behind this commission is that, following his Dare with Vegeta, Corey’s approached by a bunch of Studio tops. I don’t really know how I feel about this direction for him, but the client tried to keep some of his bravado in his response, for what it’s worth. The guys featured here have some small clues as to who they are, but to help out we’ve got Goku, Kirishima, Luffy, Krillin and Gon.