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May ’24 One-Shot

This is the One-Shot comic for May 2024. It’s a sequel of sorts to the February 2020 One-Shot, which was submitted by the same Subscriber. In that comic Bra and Pan traded their brother and uncle, respectively. This one’s a more direct swap of their dads. The script didn’t specify anything about which designs to use, but I wanted to go with distinctly recognizable GT looks, which is why Vegeta has his mustache and Gohan has his glasses despite these not really being present for the majority of their appearances (to my memory).

2023 Top Studio Performers

I decided to do a couple pics based off the year-end awards I posted about on Twitter. Some dedicated Subscribers on my Discord figured out which characters I drew the most (among other things) in 2023, and I decided to pair up some of the winners for fun.

Vegeta’s the male character I drew the most, thanks largely to appearing in two ongoing comics (alongside his female counterpart), along with a number of Asks and such. Nanami is the Male Newcomer of the Year, in that he had the most appearances for a character who debuted in 2023. This was also largely thanks to a comic, one which hadn’t even had its first page go public when I announced the winners. That might have made his win confusing for people who only follow the public releases. There’ll be a similar pic for the top women soon.

The second pic features the most frequently-appearing female performer from 2023 (Android 18) with the top newcomer (Makima). 18 got in similarly to Vegeta, with both appearing in ongoing comics a lot last year, while Makima got her numbers boosted through a mix of Beach Treat and her recurring pics with Denji.

Tournament of Lust, Page Four

And now, finally, we have a conclusion to our first match. Working on these four pages has given me a good idea of how long this comic will end up taking me to produce, and it’s gonna be long. Hopefully it’ll be a fun ride, though, as I’m pretty happy with the comic so far and have some stuff I’m excited for planned down the line. I’ll be starting work on the next page soon, so hopefully it won’t be too long before it’s ready.

Bulma’s Afterparty, Page 3

We ended up with a rather oral-focused page this time around. A couple of the scripts I got had panels focusing on Bulma stripping Vegeta, but I had to skip the armor-removing stage of that just ’cause it looked a bit too silly however I tried it. Even though this page doesn’t move things forward too much, I kinda like the relaxed pace here. Now that everyone’s naked, I kinda expect the next few pages to escalate relatively quickly.

Tomo Aizawa’s Second Dare

There were a few interesting Dares to choose from this month, but this one stood out to me for a couple reasons. One is that I just did a redheaded tomboy getting spitroasted by these two for a One-Shot, but another is that we’ve never had someone do a second Dare yet and I thought it was time. Now, obviously here Tomo’s not getting, like, hardcore dominated, much to her chagrin, but I kind of like this dynamic. To Goku and Vegeta, Tomo is spirited but still not able to take something like what Android 18 did from them in her Dare, but to Tomo they’re treating her lightly and ruining the challenge of her Dare.