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Machete Devilstrife’s First Dare

I’ve always intended to fit in more than one Dare in a month where possible, but it’s been harder than I thought to squeeze them in. I’m trying to do so this month, though, and I liked this Dare for a couple reasons. For those less familiar with my original work, Eromugen is an old comic I did years ago, and Wars and Machete here are both from it. The comic ended before they actually got to interact, but the plan was for them to both be two corners of a love triangle with Siat Wildstar. Machete fell in love with Siat before the comic began, and Wars is in a current relationship with her so their interactions would’ve been largely antagonistic.

Bbmbbf – Uwora and Asuka Wildstar

This is another commission of two of my Eromugen characters, drawn by bbmbbf of Palcomix fame. For those who aren’t familiar, Uwora (pink) is the mother of Siat Wildstar, the comic’s heroine, while Asuka (purple) is Siat’s sister. In what was made of the comic, we only saw these two in flashbacks, where Asuka was a child, but this adult version of her was canonized later on in Asks. I can’t say for sure if Uwora was ever going to resurface in the “present” of the comic, but if she did she probably would’ve also gotten a redesign to appear older. Nonetheless, the fan who commissioned this only has what I’ve drawn to go off of, and so we get past Uwora with her grown up daughter for some sexytimes.

Eromugen Goddesses

So this is an annual commission from one of my Master Tier subs. The same person responsible for the Eromugen Asks that have lead to some old characters getting redesigns wanted to see this. You see, I have a Google Doc of my old notes for the comic saved, and shared it with them. There are a lot of character ideas on there, many ones that I don’t even know if I had real plans for, but among them is a pantheon of deities for the Eromugen world. All that’s listed there is their names, what they’re the deity of, and their general color scheme. This Subscriber wanted to see some of these characters come to life, so we negotiated a way for them to get four characters and they picked out some deities from the list. Other than a handful of details (like them having colorful lineart), I don’t remember much about the plans for these gods (and, in fact, the list was just for reference if I needed it, only one of these was meant to be an actual character), so these are basically wholly new designs.
From left-to-right we have Aharis, the goddess of the sun, Lyhikeni, the goddess of war, Azurah, the goddess of sex, and Misia, the goddess of the Ikimono people (a race of anthro furry characters, basically).
Of these four, only Azurah was meant to be a real character. One of the main characters of Eromugen was going to be a nun named Seraph Gunner, who’d been kicked out of her convent for lewd obsessions. She was going to start her own church dedicated to sex, and spreading that religion was her motivation for traveling with the rest of the party. In the Eromugen world, gods and goddesses are created and grow in power based on their number of worshippers, so Azurah was going to appear first as an infant or toddler, and as the religion grew she’d grow older and more MILF-y. I didn’t want to go too young, but we did decide to use her loli design here since this story never even started when the comic stopped.

Bbmbbf – Potia and Liak

I don’t usually like titling other artists’ works, but I think a fun title for this one would be “Potia in Peril”.

This is another commission from one of my fans to bbmbbf of Palcomix fame. Like the last one, this pic features two of my characters from my old comic Eromugen, the brave knight Potia Creole and her trusty squire Liak Burs. A running component of what I’d intended to eventually do in Eromugen was to have Potia end up in some sort of compromising position (stuck in a hole, for example) and for Liak to get increasingly bolder in taking advantage of her. The fan who commissioned this liked that idea, and so here we see something similar playing out. I hope you all enjoy seeing these alternative takes on some of my old characters, I think they’re pretty neat!

Bbmbbf – Siat and Machete

I haven’t posted anything like this in a while, but one of my fans commissioned this art of Siat Wildstar and Machete Devilstrife from my old comic Eromugen. The artist here is bbmbbf, who many of you may know from Palcomix. It was an incredily sweet gift, I think, and I’m told there’s more on the way eventually. I wanted to share it here with all of you as a bonus post today, since I though it was pretty cool.

Liak Burs Character Ask 1

Liak here is another character from my old fantasy comic, Eromugen. His role in that comic was as the squire to Potia Creole, who would follow her around and admire her. The plan was for them to have side adventures to the main plot, usually with Potia ending up in some sort of compromising position, and Liak being unable to control himself and taking advantage of her. Basically like the “step mom gets stuck in dryer” videos you’ll see on Pornhub sometimes, although I think that trope wasn’t as common in live action porn back then. At any rate, this question feels kinda like asking him if he’s a top or a bottom to me, and so I had him answer with his original role in mind. I do realize that I could’ve had him using his cock to maybe spice up the answer a bit, but with these very old OCs I feel like their first Asks are sort of a re-introduction, so I’m focusing more on fine-tuning and presenting their designs here than I am putting them to work.

Machete Devilstrife Character Ask 1

Machete Devilstrife is a character from my old comic Eromugen. She was Siat’s original owner’s bodyguard, but got fired when he caught her fooling around with Siat behind his back. Where the comic left off, we saw her living on the streets, but the plan was for her to join Wars and Siat’s party as their muscle/brawler. Around the time the comic dropped off, I was working on tweaking her design a bit, but this is the first time those intended changes are being implemented.
As for this Ask, I figured it’d be a good chance to talk about the Studio’s culture a little bit. Mostly I wanted to try drawing Machete again in 2021 (or 2022 by the time this Ask goes public). Even though she says she wouldn’t be hired for any other jobs, I did consider showing her having some fun with someone like the mentions at the end, but nothing I thought of made as much sense to me as her just talking to the camera. At least this approach lets us get a good look at her modern appearance.

NHS Calendar #1 – September (Siat/Goten/Trunks)

New page for the NHS Calendar, the project where the top performers (most frequently appearing) in the Near Hentai Studio get paired up randomly. I decided to keep Trunks and Goten as a pair for this, and they ended up with Siat, the protagonist of my old comic Eromugen. I imagine most of my followers today know her better as the girl who introduces you to the Studio in my game. Anyway, here she is with big half-Saiya-jin dicks in her.

CCat – Studio Christmas Prep, Page 1

CCat and I wanted to do another short comic collab for Christmas this year, but life’s gotten in the way. We managed to secure this first page, but it’s unlikely the rest will be ready in time. So, we’re going to share this now, and the rest of the comic will come out when we can get it ready, even if it’s after Christmas.
The idea here is that Mrs. Claus and Siat Wildstar are in charge of setting up the Near Hentai Studio Christmas Party, and have recruited Jingle, Thistle and Alfie help them. However, the elves get distracted, and we’ll just have to wait for page two to see what happens next.

Asuka Wildstar Character Ask 1

So, for those who don’t know, Asuka Wildstar is the older sister of Siat, the protagonist of my old comic Eromugen and the mascot for Near Hentai Studios. Asuka only appeared briefly in Eromugen, in some flashbacks, but I had always intended to bring her back later. Of course, I never got that far with the comic, so this is actually the first time she’s appeared as an adult (or nude). I’m happy to see some of my older OCs getting to reappear in my current art, since my style’s evolved so much since those olden days, and it’s nice that they’re getting the chance to get naked when they didn’t before.