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October ’21 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic I did for Subscribers in October 2021, based on a script semi-randomly selected from a pool submitted by my Subscribers on SubscribeStar. When I announced the winner, there was some disappointment expressed that it wasn’t one of the Halloween-themed scripts submitted last month. To try and make everyone happy, I decided to set it in a slightly darker setting, based off some of the villainous locations in Sailor Moon. Beyond that, it’s a pretty straightforward Dragon Moon X type situation here!

Eda’s Ambition – Goku

So, Eda’s talked a few times about wanting to work with a bunch of different people in the Studio in order to raise her profile. This was alluding to an idea I’d had when I first drew her, which was basically to use her for a bunch of different crossover pics with this narrative in mind. I just like the idea of Eda trying to game the Studio to become a star in the company, but I wasn’t sure how to present it. In the end, I decided to just do them as normal pics, and not worry about trying to connect them with theming or anything. For the first pic, I’d figure I’d go ahead and let het get hardcore with Goku, since they didn’t get to this point for their Ask together.

Son Goku Character Ask 23

Part of me feels like the funny answer to this Ask is for him to just say “sex” and be done with it, but I figured it’d be a little more interesting if he went into detail a little bit more. I don’t think I’ve ever publicly acknowledged that the Studio has its own Hyperbolic Time Chamber for all the scenes that have taken place there, but this was as good a time as any to establish it. I went through a few options of who he could be with, since I did still want him to be exercising through sex in the pic, and I wanted someone he hasn’t been with yet, and I settled on Rimuru.