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October ’23 One-Shot

Like last month’s winner, this One-Shot script is a sequel of sorts to a previous one. In that one we saw a variety of characters in the Studio gym, but this time we focus just on A-ko as she pairs with a handful of different characters. Since this was the October script, it was specified that it should be “after hours”, hence the darker color palette than last time.

Bulma’s Afterparty, Page 1

So, now that Coed Capers is done, we’ve begun a new Bi/Pan Ongoing comic. The Subscribers voted to see a foursome with these Dragon Ball characters this time. Normally you’d expect to see Chi-Chi in this situation, but she wasn’t available due to her role in the previous Straight Ongoing. I think having 18 in this situation instead does make for an interesting twist on a dynamic I’ve seen done quite a bit, so hopefully we’ll get some fun pages for this one in the future.

Studio Life Magazine 2 with Son Goku

So here is the second part of this Lord Tier commission, basically the same concept as before but with Goku as the cover model. We went with a more relaxed pose, and I decided to add a bit of a low angle to hopefully make the view more interesting. Like before, the article titles here are just ideas the commissioner had, not anything I’m planning or working on, so don’t read any meaning into them.

Power’s First Dare

Goku’s once again helping a young lady out with her Dare. What a guy!

This one’s a bit simple, even the same type of Dare that Akira did earlier. However, I kinda had this idea of how Power would interact with this Dare differently, even if it’s not obvious how in the pic itself. Goku, while having a huge cock, is probably not who anyone would pick as the biggest in the Studio. Power, however, got this Dare and kinda half-assed finding a big cock. She knew Goku was a big one, so she just went straight for him. I thought some people might also get a kick out of this unconventional pair. I also know there’s been a lot of buzz about Power’s ass lately (at the time of posting to SubscribeStar, anyway), so I went with an angle to highlight it.

Something Slipped

This pic’s inspired by the scene of Frieza being resurrected in Dragon Ball Super. He and Goku kinda posture at each other, taking cheap shots as saying, “Whoops, my hand slipped” while Baba watches uncomfortably. The scene feels thick with sexual tension to me, and I wanted to do this version of it for a while.

Son Goku Character Ask 31

When I saw this question, I immediately liked the idea of Goku only being able to name physical differences between the brothers. I could’ve just had Goku fucking Cooler here, like in Cooler’s other Ask appearances, but I decided instead I preferred the idea of Cooler and Frieza sharing Goku’s cock. I think it helps highlight why Goku can’t think of any other real differences he sees in them.

Goku in Demon Land

Mera (or, I guess in the localization, Melee) is a one-episode demon who appears in Dragon Ball between the Fortuneteller Baba and Tienshinhan arcs. She helps Goku rescue a girl from the demon world, and I thought her design was pretty neat. I just wanted to do a quick pic of her with Goku, and I thought a little foot-play might be fun.