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Frieza Character Ask 4

What does “primitive” taste like, exactly? I feel like Frieza’s fetishization of the Saiya-jin race is obfuscating his response here. Nonetheless, I thought it’d be fun to show him enjoying some of that monkey meat he loves so much. Sometimes I just wanna draw Frieza, but we’re still a ways off from returning to Space Emperor Slut on our comic rotation. So this Ask is a convenient way to revisit him in the meantime.

Kagura and Gohan

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. They wanted to see Gohan fucking Gintama’s Kagura against a tree, and had a different hentai pic they wanted me to use for reference. I didn’t draw it exactly the same, but if you feel like you’ve seen this angle before, that’s why. Once again Gohan gets to induct a new girl in the Studio thanks to the Mini Commission system, so good on him for that. Hope y’all enjoy!

NHS Calendar #1 – November

Here’s our penultimate page for the first Near Hentai Calendar! Vegeta got Mace and Jackie in the random shuffle, and I went back and forth on how to handle them. I considered having Mace and Jackie top Vegeta, since they’re usually used in that way. I didn’t want it to be too much like Chi-Chi’s page with Gon and Killua, though, and people like when Mace and Jackie bottom, so I made an exception and went this direction with them instead.

August ’22 One-Shot

Here’s the One-Shot for August! The theme for the script that won this time around was Trunks and Goten invading the U.A. dorms. The script called for either the End of Z or the new Super Hero designs of Goten and Trunks, which was a toss-up for me. I kinda prefer Trunks’ lavender hair, I only really liked the blue coloring for Future Trunks as a way to distinguish him from the main timeline version. On the other hand, I do like the tweaks to Goten’s design, as I feel he looks a bit more like Goku’s kid than Yamcha’s now. In the end I went with the Super Hero designs, just because I hadn’t used them yet and I figured people might appreciate the novelty.

NHS Fusions – Yoinks Briimura

I had some regrets regarding this poll. The theme was muscular characters, with a mix of male and female. I was having a little trouble thinking of males who weren’t from DBZ or MHA (since both were already in the poll) and ended up including Yoichi. I feel weird including Camp Buddy in something like this, but I kinda didn’t think he’d win so I didn’t expect it to be a problem. Not only did he win, but he won with Future Trunks, meaning I had a purple-on-purple Fusion on my hands. I was worried just giving him purple hair that’s a shade between Yoichi’s and Trunks’ would be too boring, so I worked in some blue from Trunks’ Super design to give him a bit more of his own vibe. I went with the name “Yoinks” because I thought it was a very funny way to combine their names. I hope y’all like him.

Son Goku Character Ask 29

I feel like the direction of this Ask is probably pretty obvious. I almost always draw Goku on top, so it feels like he’s going to have given way more facials than he’s gotten. I kinda figured some folks might like to see him giving one, though, and I thought Gon would be a cute partner for it. I haven’t drawn these two together in a long time, and I know some folks have wanted to see them do more together. Specifically they seem to want to see Goku penetrating Gon, but we’re not there yet so I hope this will suffice for now.

Towa Character Ask 2

While I haven’t done much with them, I do like the Towa/Chronoa ship in concept. This Ask seemed like an easy answer to me, in terms of showing Chronoa eating out Towa’s ass, but I was worried her just choosing ass or pussy as a preference might not be that interesting. Choosing both is an easy third answer in situations like these, but I had to settle on a third party to make that happen. I’ve never drawn Towa or Chronoa with anyone else, but I figured it should at least be another Dragon Ball character. After some thinking, I decided that Android 21 would be an ideal partner for this for a couple of reasons. One is just that she’s popular but I never use her, so I figured some folks would be happy to see her. But also, her and Towa have a few things on common. They’re both original antagonists for the story modes of fighting games (with dubious canonicity to the main series), and in my work they’re also both former NHML winners. So she gets to jump in to take the other end for Towa’s answer.

Bra Live

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. This Subscriber asked for Bra to be fucked by an anon, but specifically asked for a similar “live stream” format to an older MC I did for someone else with Mina Ashido. With the Ashido one I tried to present it like it could have been taking place in either the Studio or the Xoverse version of U.A., but for this one I figured I’d just bluntly place it in the Studio. I hope y’all enjoy it, I’m happy with the angle and colors on this one.

Tomoko’s Alone Time at NHS, Page 3

Here’s the third page of Tomoko’s Alone Time at NHS, and the final one for now. We’ll be returning to this comic when its turn comes back around in the comic rotation, but for the time being I’ll be shifting focus over to continuing Titans Tower Nights. In this page, Tomoko’s mind starts wandering, and we’ll see it wander even further in future pages when we get back to this comic in the future!