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Trunks Briefs Character Ask 8

So, of course, this Ask is looking to take the logic of A Trip to the Past and apply it to Trunks/Bulma, but in the Studio we don’t really need to steal a time machine to alter someone’s age. I’ve talked about it a little before, but in the Studio canon characters’ ages are adjusted for each pic with futuristic tech, but they’re the same person just shifting to a different point in their physical development. I’ve never drawn Dragon Ball Bulma, I don’t think, and I thought this Ask would be a good chance to rectify that. I figured, if she’s going so far to become a teenager for this fun time with her son, she might as well throw on the iconic bunny outfit, too.

Goku in Demon Land

Mera (or, I guess in the localization, Melee) is a one-episode demon who appears in Dragon Ball between the Fortuneteller Baba and Tienshinhan arcs. She helps Goku rescue a girl from the demon world, and I thought her design was pretty neat. I just wanted to do a quick pic of her with Goku, and I thought a little foot-play might be fun.

Fortuneteller Baba Character Ask 2

What got me started wanting to draw Baba again was a meme of her and Vegeta where she seemed to be eyeing his package. So I’ve been thinking of doing a pic like this with those two for a bit now, and this Ask seemed like as good a reason as any to go ahead and do it. Also, while this Ask will be going public in January, for my Subscribers this is the first Ask of October, and a witch getting facefucked sound like a good start to spooky season to me.

December ’22 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic for the last month of 2022, submitted by one of my SubscribeStar supporters. This particular Subscriber has been campaigning to get Fasha in the Studio for a while, and finally managed to get her in with this win. While I liked the Broly movie, I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t see any of Bardock’s crew in it. However, here we get to see the people closest to him from his two main appearances in the franchise, having some fun swinger action. Before Gine was introduced, Fasha was the default character fans would sometimes attribute as Goku and Raditz’s mother, but I’ve noticed since Gine’s debut we’ve seen her shifted more to being shipped with other members of the squad, usually Tora.

Baba Spread

I’ve been toying with the idea of drawing Fortuneteller Baba for a long time. During my rewatch of the original Dragon Ball, I finally got to her saga, which just motivated me to draw her more. After some encouragement from some of my Subscribers, I decided to go ahead and ink/color this sketch I did of her a while back. I thought if I showed her facing away from the camera, more people might be open to the idea of lewding her, though I fully intend to draw her again from other angles in the future.

Studio Christmas Party Highlights 2022

Last year I finished my ongoing series of Mace and Jackie’s Christmas Carol, so this year I was in search of something to replace it. I went through a few ideas, but none of them felt quite right, until I hit on this. A few years ago I had the idea of an ongoing comic set in a Studio orgy, basically jumping from place to place within the orgy without any real story or anything. I didn’t think the idea had the legs for a regular comic, but I’ve kind of reworked the concept here. So, every year for Christmas, I’d like to do a little montage comic like this one highlighting a few little scenes from that year’s Studio Christmas Party. I think this series could be fun, and I hope y’all will enjoy it. I started this one late because I was having trouble coming up with a concept, so once I had it I just drew the first few ideas I had. Unfortunately, none of them ended up being yaoi, but I’ll try to rectify that next year. In the meantime, please enjoy and Happy Holidays!

Launch Character Ask 1

This is a case of an Ask fishing for a pairing that I thought would be fun to draw, that I probably wouldn’t get around to doing anything with otherwise. I think if we ever see Tien canonically paired with someone in Dragon Ball at this point, it’ll probably be Yurin, but for the longest time Tien’s most likely straight ship was presented as Launch. I do kinda like this pairing, and I’m totally down for the idea that they’d hook up in the Studio. I didn’t have any interesting twist to present on it, though, so I went with a blunt response instead.