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Towa Character Ask 1

Both these characters appeared back in April 2019, when Towa won the Near Hentai Monthly Lady raffle. Like Towa points out here, I tend to enjoy pairing up enemies for pics, which is what I did there (though the narrative of that pic was more “defeated hero” than it is here). I don’t remember much of the Xenoverse games, but I’m not even really sure if these two ever interact, but they’re heading opposite sides of the time conflicts the games focus on. So I thought it was fun to pair them up then, as I do now, and that’s kinda all there is to this Ask.

Chi-Chi the Sitter, Page 1

After I hit a certain goal on my SubscribeStar, I had pledge to bring back ongoing comics as a reward on that platform. I had done ongoing comics as a reward on Patreon in the past, and they’re basically just like the One-Shots I do except the pages form an ongoing story (as the name suggests). I wanted to do them differently this time around, though, and instead of one comic I work on for about a year, we’re instead trying out doing four separate ongoing comics. Obviously I can’t do four comics per month, though, and instead they will work in rotation. I’ll be doing one “straight”, one “yaoi”, one yuri” and one “bi/pan” comic, with the four rotating each month with a new page. December marked the first of these with “Chi-Chi the Sitter”, the straight comic of this group, and here is the first page of that. Next month will be the yaoi page, coming out on the second just like this, and after that will be the first page of the yuri comic, and finally the first page of the bi comic. After all of that we’ll come back around to the second page of this one. I realize this means a very long wait for each page (though anyone who follows me is probably already used to that), but the goal of this method is to hopefully get more people who are subscribed to me interested in at least one of these comics by having several different ones.

As for this comic itself, the winning idea was a simple Goten/Trunks/Chi-Chi story. This has been done plenty by other artists, of course, and was even the pairing used in my first ever One-Shot comic. Since this is the straight comic, there won’t be any action between the boys here, but I’m sure they’ll have their hands full with Chi-Chi anyway.

EcchiMask – Sharing My Dad, Page 7

If you’d like to see more of EcchiMask’s art, you can find his (SFW) DeviantArt here: https://www.deviantart.com/ecchimask
And his (NSFW) HicceArs here: https://hiccears.com/artist-profile.php?apid=85328
And his y!Gallery here: https://old.y-gallery.net/user/ecchimask
And here is where he posts most of his adult work: http://www.hentai-foundry.com/user/EcchiMask/profile

Here’s page seven of EcchiMask’s comic “Sharing My Dad”, which I am providing colors for. In this page, we see a bit of how Ash is viewing things as Gohan sinks to his knees to blow his dad.

Videl Character Ask 3

When I do an Ask like this, I always spare a thought for the poor souls who come across this Ask in the wild without the context of my other work. Nothing about this question or answer would make any sense if this was the first pic of mine you saw.
So I’ve wanted to do a pic with these three for a while, and saw this Ask as a good opportunity to pull the trigger on that. Since Gohan chooses to stay in this younger form around the Studio, that makes his canon pairing a straight shota one by default, and it gets even more fun with Zangya and their established relationship worked into it. I think what I like about this pairing specifically is, even though there’s no crossover here, outside of the Studio setting these three being together like this is even more nonsensical than most of the other Studio pairings and ships I’ve portrayed.

Dragon Ball F – Son Gohan

So I’m trying out the Dragon Ball F concept a bit more, and I had a lot of characters I wanted to try out “F” versions of but never did. I decided to go ahead and do one of the most popular characters in my work, teen Gohan. I think F Gohan keeps the longer hairstyle up through the fight with Cell, which is probably the biggest change to her design (besides the normal girly parts). We see Gohan relaxing here on the steps of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, no doubt watching her Saiya-jin mom training to fight Cell. I did both a base form and a Super Saiya-jin form, for some variety.

Son Gohan Character Ask 13

So I knew what I wanted to do for the text portion of this one right away. I think even a powerful woman’s pussy is still going to be just as sensitive as anyone else’s, so I don’t think you need to match her power to satisfy her (unless she needs rough play, I guess, but that’s not really something I picture Gohan getting that into). The real question here was who to pair him with for the demonstration. Since the question mentions the Studio, I felt it needed to be someone not from Dragon Ball, so I was looking through my list of people in the Studio for a suitable partner. I don’t know how recognizable she is, especially in this position, but I went with Guu from Haré+Guu (full title Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Notchi Guu). Guu’s a deity-level being of unknown limitations who mostly uses her power to mess with a boy she met in the jungle. She’s usually a loli, but has this adult form she takes a few times in the show. I don’t know if anyone remembers this show, and I’m sure nobody remembers me drawing her back in 2010, but I really liked the idea of bringing her back for this pic after a decade of inaction. The one downside to using her is that she’s kinda the ultimate stoic, rarely showing any expression whatsoever, so I couldn’t show how affected she was by Gohan’s SSJ2 fucking. Just know that for her, an open mouth and slight blush is basically the equivalent of a full-blown ahegao.

NHS MILFs – Eighteen

Back with another Dragon Ball girl for the NHS MILFs series. Android 18’s a very popular character I don’t draw often enough, but I knew she had to be included in this series. This is arguable not her “MILFy-ist” design, since she looks identical to how she did before having kids, but I’ve been pulling from the Buu saga so far with Chi-Chi and Bulma’s looks, so here we are. Hope you all enjoy, next time will be a mom from a different popular series I’ve drawn a bunch of.