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Maron Character Ask 1

Maron and Marron are both pretty minor side characters tied to Krillin, one made for anime filler and one originating in the manga first. They were both named by different parties looking to expand on Krillin’s “chestnut” name pun. This is the real world reason for them having almost the exact same name, but that hasn’t stopped jokes around Krillin naming his daughter after his ex-girlfriend. Either way, I thought it’d be fun if Marron let a little of her dad’s side come out here in her reaction to Maron, and it was fun to get to draw her with her signature GT hat after drawing her so much without it for PPP.

Son Gohan Character Ask 19

I know I’ve described this somewhere before, maybe in Gohan’s spotlight interview, but it’s impossible to keep track of every time I explain Studio lore so I don’t blame anyone for finding it confusing. Characters who we see at different ages usually only exist once in the Studio, and can use sci-fi tech to jump to different ages if they need to for an Ask or something (this is why I say everyone in the Studio is an adult). Gohan F is an alternate universe Gohan, though, so she’s separate. If Future Gohan was in the Studio, he’d be separate, too, but since he’s not Gohan has to use workarounds to have sex with himself older like we see here.

Eiko Magami Character Ask 2

Even though she doesn’t show up as much as someone like Goku or whatever, I do kinda picture A-ko sleeping around with a large variety of characters in the Studio, mostly women. I don’t picture her as being particularly picky, but thinking over this question I feel like this is probably how she’d see things. For her partner, I have a long list of women I’d like to draw A-ko with eventually, many of whom might be described as “rowdy”. For this Ask I went with Fasha, though, since she’s pretty new and I know this Subscriber has a bit of a fondness towards her.

Frieza Character Ask 6

I’ve grown to quite like the Frieza/Yamcha ship, a kinda crack pairing stemming mostly from a line in FighterZ where Frieza calls Yamcha “handsome” (as he does here). I have a feeling I know who this Subscriber was hoping I’d draw Frieza with, and it’s also not the first time I’ve drawn him with a human, but this Ask struck me as a good opportunity to break the ice with this pairing. I’d kind of like to do more with Frieza and Yamcha in the future, potentially, especially since Frieza’s one of the few characters I’m down to let Yamcha top.

Also, for anyone interested, I’ve begin re-uploading my old videos looking at the superhero characters I made/drew as a kid. Those of you who’ve been following me for a while may remember me sharing these a few years ago, but when my YouTube channel got nuked they disappeared and I didn’t have a good place for them. I’ve made a new channel for this type of content, though, and you can find the first of these videos here:

Something Slipped

This pic’s inspired by the scene of Frieza being resurrected in Dragon Ball Super. He and Goku kinda posture at each other, taking cheap shots as saying, “Whoops, my hand slipped” while Baba watches uncomfortably. The scene feels thick with sexual tension to me, and I wanted to do this version of it for a while.

Vegeta Character Ask 12

I don’t know how much Vegeta would immediately warm up to Inosuke. While I can see a dynamic between them working, I feel like Vegeta would initially be put off by Inosuke’s… Inosuke-ness. I kinda see him getting easily frustrated with him similar to how he does Goku, but even more so since Inosuke’s so much more aggressive in his stupidity (and is just overall more of a brat). I think he’d warm up to him, though, and maybe this Ask is a good first step in that.

Called to Bulma’s Office

I had an itch to sketch something with Bulma getting her feet worshipped a while back, so I sketched this. I figured the unnamed Capsule Corp Receptionist we see a couple of times in Super would be a good candidate, since it let me play off the empoyee/boss power dynamic. I let this one sit for a good minute before coming back to it, but I hope people will enjoy the final product.