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February ’16 WWOTM – Dr. Vahlen

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for February 2016 is Dr. Vahlen from the X-COM games. I have never played these games, as they’re pretty far removed from my tastes, so this will probably be the only time I draw anything connected to them.

I drew this towards the start of the month and decided to go ahead and finish the colors to get it out of the way. I attempted to experiment with colors and lighting some, based on the way her lab area was lit in the YouTube clips I found of her. While I’m not 100% satisfied with the results, I am overall pretty happy with how it turned out. Since the character design in X-COM is a lot more understated than what I usually I draw, I did my best to contextualize the character through lighting, background, and the inclusion of her tablet.

I know very little about this game, other than that is had aliens in it. I considered pairing her with an alien (or aliens), but decided I didn’t want to dedicate the time to researching the game’s aliens. Instead, I decided to let her get gangbanged by her fellow scientists, which seemed less time-consuming.

January ’16 WWOTM – Sugi

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for January 2016 is Sugi from Star Wars: Clone Wars. She seems appropriate enough for this month, seeing as how Star Wars fever is still running from the release of The Force Awakens.

I never watched the Clone Wars, so I wasn’t familiar with Sugi. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to do with her, but one of her few appearances has her cooperating with a Wookie general, so I thought this was my chance to do something with a Wookie, and here you go. I don’t know which Wookie this is, but it doesn’t really matter. She’s pretty stuffed, whomever it is.

I can’t say for certain that I will, but I did find myself thinking about possibly doing more with the Clone Wars characters some day. Ahsoka is really cute, and I know she’s been popular among certain artists for good reason. In researching for this pic I was also introduced to Riyo Chuchi, who I really liked and would make an excellent partner for Ahsoka if I wanted to the lesbian route. We’ll see if I still feel that way next time I’m looking for something in that vein to draw.

December ’15 WWOTM – Wendy Garbo

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for December 2015 is Wendy Garbo from Galaxy High. I’d never watched the show before, but I gave it a quick glance-through for this pic. It seems pretty fun, and there are some cute characters I wouldn’t mind drawing. However, it’s hard to imagine me having the time to drawing more Galaxy High stuff, even if Booey Bubblehead is really cute.

The line in this pic is a reference to something Wendy said to Aimee Brightower (the girl between her legs) in the first episode. She bragged about keeping an excellent record of the school’s boys, but I imagine she also keeps track of the best lesbos in the class as well.

November ’15 WWOTM – Katella

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for November 2015 is Katella, from the “Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog” television series. I never watched the show, and I know it mostly through memes, but I watched her one episode appearance (episode 40, “Zoobotnik”). The show is weird, and in a way I don’t know if works. It’s funny, but not in the ways it tries to be. Robotnik’s voiced by Long John Baldry, though, and is easily the highlight of the show.

Katella is a space huntress who captures rare animals and sells them to distant galaxies for zoos or something. I don’t know why, but for some reason she catches everyone except Sonic until Robotnik convinces her to. She’s madly in love with Robotnik (apparently because he’s the most evil person she’s ever met), and the episode revolves around this. By the end she leaves to never be seen again, but for my picture I decided that maybe she had something molded to remember Robotnik by.

I may be drawing Katella again some day. I have a large project in the works she would fit into, though I haven’t decided for sure if I want to use her in it. We’ll see.

October ’15 WWOTM – Ms. Doombringer

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for October 2015 is my nomination, Ms. Doombringer from the Fairly OddParents episode “No Substitute for Crazy”. I thought she had a really hot, badass look, especially for a show like FOP, but I had a hard time finding quality porn of her. So, here we are with my contribution.

I’m really surprised that I haven’t done more FOP art before now. I really liked the show when it first started airing, and there are several characters that I always thought were really hot. I always enjoy other people’s FOP porn, so maybe I’ll try and do some more of my own if people like this.

I’m super busy this month, with a sudden influx of commission work on top of a handful of my own stuff that I need to get out in October. I’m trying to balance them all out, but don’t be surprised if there’s a long pause of material followed by several posts in close succession.

September ’15 WWOTM – Max Gibson

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for September 2015 is Max Gibson from Batman Beyond. I’ve actually been rewatching the show, so this was a pleasant surprise for me. I may have even nominated her for WWOTM at some point in the past, I can’t recall. I know I considered it, though I also considered four or so other women from the show as candidates. Seriously, though, Inque and the Jokerz twins are the only girls who seem to get much attention from the show, despite it being full of beautiful women. It is still Bruce Timm, after all, I don’t think he has it in him to not fill a show with knockouts.

I always really liked Max, so I was torn between a number of concepts (story of my life). I went with this one, but I’d like to do at least one more all girl pic of Max with Dana and Terry’s mom (which would have a speech bubble like this one to contextualize it). We’ll see if I ever get around to it.

I added Barbara to this one because, well, she’s probably my favorite character in the show. She certainly was one of my favorites in the original cartoon (or, rather, the revamped version of it she mostly appeared in), and in Beyond she’s really likeable. I started liking her even more once PBX drew the first chapter to Forbidden Affairs (Google it if you’re not familiar), which features the older Barbara pretty heavily. I hadn’t considered her sexually before that, and ever since I’ve liked her for multiple reasons. I would like to do my own Barbara pictures in the future, though I would understand if people aren’t as anxious to see that. I realize not everyone likes older women the way I do.

August ’15 WWOTM – Sedusa

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for August 2015 is Sedusa from the Powerpuff Girls. I was excited when I first saw her name pop up, I used to watch PPG a lot as a kid and I always liked Sedusa. However, I soon found myself with too many ideas, and I struggled with picking something. Ultimately I decided to go with a simple approach, something I knew I could finish before the month was up. However, I have a lot of sketches lying around featuring her with the Powerpuff Girls, Ms. Bellum, previous WWOTM Ms. Keane, and in a variety of poses. I did a bunch of gang bang pics, but I thought they looked too much like last month’s pic. I drew her like you see her here, and also did some of her “Ima Goodelady” disguise. I don’t want to make any promises, but if I find the time I may come back to her later and flesh some of those sketches into finished pieces that I can post here.

July ’15 WWOTM – The Butt Witch

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for July 2015 is the Butt Witch from the pilot for Twelve Forever. I nominated this one, as I fell in love with her as soon as I saw the pilot. If you haven’t seen it, it’s on YouTube. I’m on the fence with some elements of the show, but on the whole I like it and would like to see it picked up. The Butt Witch in particular I liked, I thought she was very funny in her limited appearance, and Matt Berry does a great job with her voice. Usually a sexy voice is a selling point for me in animated women, but something about his smooth, Patrick Stewart-esque delivery still works for me. Must be dat ass.

I plan to draw a lot more of her in the future, though I can’t say whether it’ll be within the month. Regardless, I can’t imagine I’ll stay away from the bevy of ideas I have for her.

As for this one, I dunno. Somehow Butt Witch’s plan backfired, and she ended up landing in the middle of the school’s wrestling team. Things only went south from there, but the Butt Witch doesn’t really seem to mind.

June ’15 WWOTM – Lilo and Stitch Lifeguard

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for June 2015 is the lifeguard from Lilo and Stitch. She appears briefly in one scene, where Nani is looking for a job while Lilo and Stitch cause trouble. She seems like she may be able to become a lifeguard herself, until Stitch is agitated and causes a panic, which results in the lifeguard snubbing her. Despite her short appearance, this character caught a lot of people’s attention for not only being very sexy, but also because she seems to have a bit more breast animation than the other women in the film.

I’ve always really liked Nani, and since I’ve been meaning to draw her anyway I took advantage of the opportunity to throw her in with our sexy lifeguard. I had also considered pairing her with the Swimmer NPC from Pokémon X and Y, since they have similar designs, but this seemed more straightforward.
Nani thought she’d lost her chance at finding a job when this one slipped out the window. However, desperation brought her back to plead her case, and a little oral persuasion helped the lifeguard see her in a new light. After all, the lifeguards could always use an extra pussy licker on hand for those long shifts.

May ’15 WWOTM – Marina

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for May 2015 is Marina from Zig & Sharko, a French cartoon about a Hyena that tries to eat this little lady, and the shark who protects her. I’m not sure why she needs the shark to protect her, but after watching a couple episodes I decided I really don’t care for this series and didn’t watch any more. It has a typical Looney Tunes set-up, but the humor is pretty flat and none of the characters are likable or entertaining. Marina here is basically Disney’s Ariel in a different art style (and none of the personality), and the other characters aren’t any more interesting than that.

I went with a simple approach this month because 1) I feel my options are limited with mermaids and 2) I didn’t have enough time (or motivation) to do something more complex. Still, I think it’s pretty decent, and hopefully some of you guys will enjoy it.