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Nappa Character Ask 1

I can recall at least one time Nappa and Vegeta meet after Nappa’s death, maybe there are others I’m forgetting, but I think in the Studio they’d probably have a slightly different dynamic. I don’t really see Vegeta putting the gang back together with either Nappa or Raditz, personally, but I’m sure they’ve reconciled a bit. I really don’t think Nappa would have the balls to try and go behind Vegeta’s back at all, but I do think Vegeta would be fine with letting Bulma use Nappa for some good side dick.

Space Emperor Slut, Page 16

So here’s the final page of Space Emperor Slut, finally! This ending has always been the plan, more or less, from day one. Funnily enough, however, this comic began before Frieza’s return in Super, so this setting was going to be different. The original plan was for Frieza to wake up in HFIL, and have a conversation with Cell. I changed it to take place during his training with Tagoma, and setting up a potential sequel (though we’ll see). This is another page where there’s not much difference between the two versions, but I need to keep it consistent (and there is a minor difference through the flashbacks).

DBZ Train

This is a Master Mini Commission for one of my Master Tier Subscribers. They just wanted to see three of their favorite DBZ bottoms lined up, so here they are. This is the kind of pairing that can really only make sense in a setting like the Studio, so I didn’t bother trying to put them in any DBZ locations or anything like that.

Studio Tour 12 – Denji/Raditz

Denji and Raditz is one of those random crossover pairings that just kind of occurred to me one day. Now, to be clear, I don’t really see their relationship as romantic or anything, in this pic they’re just having some fun bro time. I do have a clear image of them, though, as this kind of stinky, troublesome little duo. It’s very easy for me to picture them hanging out and making something of a nuisance of themselves around the Studio, and I just kind of like the idea of them as pals. Of course, to illustrate that and be on brand means drawing them fucking here, but hopefully most of you won’t mind that.