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Coed Capers After Lights Out, Page 4

Here’s the fourth page of Coed Capers. As always, it’s written by taking ideas submitted by my supporters on SubscribeStar: https://subscribestar.adult/nearphotison

There were several scripts focusing more on the girls this time around. I do feel like they’ve been a bit neglected so far, so I used these ideas and we even got a little yuri in there. I think the final page turned out pretty fun, even if Gohan and Deku got a bit sidelined as a result. I’m sure they’ll have plenty more to do when page five rolls around.

Son Goku Character Ask 26

Personally, I would’ve liked to expand Uub’s partners somehow, but this Ask was a good opportunity to draw him again and I think he’s a cutie. I don’t know if this really expands or develops the Goku/Uub relationship, but more Uub is a good thing in my book.

Also, here’s the Q&A video I did for Subscribers last month:

Supreme Kai Shin Character Ask 2

Gohan and the Supreme Kai is a kinda fun pairing I’ve never gotten around to doing (usually ’cause I’m too busy drawing Shin getting dominated by Buu), but I like the idea. I can’t really bring myself to see them as a romantic ship, but I do like the idea of Shin just being enough of a little slut that he’d eagerly use training and motivation as an excuse to service Gohan while they’re on his planet.

A Trip to the Past, Page 17

So, here it is, the final page of A Trip to the Past. Since I charge extra for any characters beyond two for a comic, and because the commissioner really wanted more Goku/Gohan action, we decided to focus the remainder of this comic on them. However, after I’ve gone through my comic rotation listed on the front page of my site, we’re going to talk about potentially doing a part two. Nothing’s set in stone yet, but I feel like part two will probably happen, and will have the foursome content some people have been talking about wanting to see over the past few updates. We’ll see. For now, I’m shifting focus to a new comic I’ve been looking forward to starting, and hopefully the first page of that will come out before too long.

Chi-Chi Relaxes Gohan

This is a little image I sketched out in October of 2019. I kept meaning to go back to it, since I figured some folks might be into a Chi-Chi footjob pic, but I just never had the time until recently. I wanted to use this design for Chi-Chi, a rare one we don’t see often because (to the best of my knowledge) she only appears with this look once. “He’s Always Late” is an episode that bridges the gap between the end of the Buu Saga and what we typically refer to as End of Z or the Peaceful World Saga. It’s basically just a party with the main cast, but Chi-Chi has this look in it.