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Ash Ketchum Character Ask 9

Double Love Triangle may be over, but I’m sure all six of our stars from that project will stay in touch. Much like the kids from Sleepover Raid, meeting new people on set for a project like these can lead to lasting friendships (provided they don’t turn into the opposite, bitter rivalries). I knew the answer to this one wouldn’t be super interesting by itself, but I thought it’d be fun to spice it up by having another boy from the comic involved. I do like how Ash doesn’t even acknowledge Midoriya rimming him, though.

Midoriya Feet

Here’s a Mini Commission, featuring Izuku Midoriya. The Patron who nominated this idea asked for a “well-endowed” Midoriya to be showing off the soles of his feet, spreading his toes. The position was left open, so I tried to pick one that gives the viewer a good look at more than just his feet (though his feet are perfectly available for any who want to admire them).

Double Love Triangle, Page Ten

And with this, we wrap up the latest ongoing comic written by my Patrons. Double Love Triangle was a fun ride, I think, but it’s over now. Usually I would start up a new comic for my Patrons to write next month, but I’ve decided to take a break from them for a bit. Instead I’ll be expanding to the monthly One-Shots to five panels instead of four (which you’ll see in March). The Ongoing comics will come back eventually, I’m sure, but I’ve been overworking myself at the end of every month to get them done and needed a break. ^_^;

Trap Sluts – Izuku Midoriya

So very sorry this took so long to complete! These pages like this take forever as it is, but this one got slowed down (as did all the comic pages I’m working on right now) by the production of the Near Hentai Studio Tour game. There was basically a whole month where the only comics I worked on were the monthly Patreon ones. ^_^;
At any rate, it’s done now. I wanted to put Midoriya into the girl’s version of the U.A. uniform, with a couple minor cosmetic changes. I decided to keep the makeup and suck more minimal on this one, I feel like he’d go for a more subtle and natural approach. Up next I’ll be doing another Dragon Ball one, since I’m still alternating between my most popular franchise and others until I run out of DBZ ones I want to do. Hope you all enjoy this one, and I’ll see you for the next entry sometime in 2020, I imagine!

U.A. Wall – Izuku Midoriya

So here’s the story. I’ve been wanting to do a big project featuring several of the U.A. students from My Hero Academia for a year or two. Recently I had the idea that maybe I could do a wall with a bunch of them stuck in it like this, like maybe some clever villains had captured them and chosen this fate for them. It seemed like it’d be something a bit easier than trying to fit in the full characters in an orgy or something, and a comic would be unlikely to be finished this decade… So I was working on it, but as I was adding in characters I kept thinking of others I’d like to try. I stopped to count out a full list of students I wanted to use and it was, like… thirty or something people? I didn’t like that, since then it felt like I’d never actually finish it. But then I figured out a solution! Sort of like the old Jungle Book monkey commission, I could release the characters individually! Maybe in a few years I’ll have them all done, then I can stick them together into one big pic. Doing it this way also allows me to do two versions, a “before” and “after”. For now, it’s probably best to just think of this as a series, one I can do here and there as a simple pic when I feel like it. I won’t be doing every single student, ’cause a few of them I just don’t care to draw, but I’ll do all of them I feel like. Of course I had to do lil’ ol’ Deku first, so enjoy!

October ’19 Patreon One-Shot

So here is the winning One-Shot script from October, which features boys from Hunter × Hunter and My Hero Academia having some fun together. When I was working on the October comic pages, I thought it was kinda funny that the last panel of the ongoing and the first panel of this comic were nearly identical, though I did try my best to differentiate them with angles and positioning and stuff. Just a funny coincidence.