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Zarbon’s First Dare

I know some folks have been wanting to see Zarbon get dicked down since the first pic I did from him not long ago, and I liked this Dare as a chance to do that. When deciding which Saiya-jin to have him submit to, I decided to avoid the obvious Vegeta pairing (though I’m sure that’ll happen eventually) in favor of teen Gohan. I liked this direction because it allowed me have Zarbon react to Gohan being at a different spot from when he knew him, plus I thought the size difference would be hot. It reminds me of the Gohan/Cooler Ask, really, and I like it for basically all the same reasons.

NHS Fusions – Goben Sonnyson

I feel like I’m winding down on the Fusion gimmick. I still like them, but I’m not sure how many more new ones I’ll do. I’ve got at least one more poll wrapped up to draw the results for, but that may be the last one (at least for a while). I’ve got lots of Fusion Bios left to do still, though.
As for this one, I was surprised to see Ben do as well as he did. I’m often surprised by the support for Ben 10 content I see whenever he shows up in a poll or whatever, but now he’s gotten to fuse with one of the most popular boys on the roster, Gohan. I held of on including Gohan in any polls just because I knew he’d win as soon as he was on one, and sure enough that’s what happened. I tried to find the most unique elements of both boys’ designs to bring together here, and I hope y’all will like him.

October ’22 One-Shot

So the idea behind this One-Shot was to see three of the sluttiest Dragon Ball boys I draw doing their thing with some random tops the Subscriber who submitted this script is fond of. Posing, as well as which version of the characters, was left up to me. I hope you all are okay with my decisions. We’ve seen different pairings between Whis, Gohan and Frieza in previous works, but this is the first time they’ve appeared together like this.

Frieza Character Ask 5

I thought it’d be interesting to see Frieza taking Gohan’s cock, so here we are. How he answered seemed pretty obvious to me, so the only thing I had to decide on was what version of Gohan it’d be. I kinda felt like it should be one of his looks from after Frieza’s revival. I like his design in Resurrection F, but I didn’t feel like it’d be a good fit given their interactions in that film. While I’m not a fan of most of what I’ve seen from the recent Super Hero movie, I do kinda like Gohan’s new base hairstyle, so I went with that.

Kagura and Gohan

This is a Mini Commission for one of my Subscribers. They wanted to see Gohan fucking Gintama’s Kagura against a tree, and had a different hentai pic they wanted me to use for reference. I didn’t draw it exactly the same, but if you feel like you’ve seen this angle before, that’s why. Once again Gohan gets to induct a new girl in the Studio thanks to the Mini Commission system, so good on him for that. Hope y’all enjoy!

Coed Capers After Lights Out, Page 5

Here’s the fifth page of Coed Capers! Like always, this page was written by my supporters on SubscribeStar. We finally get a bit of straight action, though surprisingly enough it also seems like the comic is winding down already. I kind of expected this one to run longer, but it’s possible the next page will be our last.

Son Gohan Character Ask 17

I thought the idea of Gohan getting fucked by a girl sounded hot. While there are several ladies with cocks in the Studio, most of them are either shapeshifters, non-humans who happen to have sexually ambiguous anatomies, or women transformed with something like the futa bean or Bible Black magic, all of which I’d consider different than the hypothetical trans girl mentioned in the question. Of the handful of trans girls who are in the Studio, I opted to go with my Applebridge OC Mickie Cummins as his partner. This was purely an arbitrary decision on my part, as I just kinda thought he’d look good riding her cock. You can decide for yourself if you agree.

Chi-Chi the Sitter, Page 5

This is the first of our four ongoing SubscribeStar comics to wrap up. It felt like we’d kinda run through the checklist of things for these three to do, plus they came in the last page, so we decided to wrap it up. When the “straight” slot of the ongoing rotation on SS comes back around, we’ll be debuting a new (TBD) straight comic, which is exciting. For now, it seems like Chi-Chi got worn out, and wasn’t able to clean up before Gohan got home.