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Son Gohan Character Ask 20

I don’t know if there was a historical figure analogous to Thorfinn in the Dragon Ball world. Guessing at the history of Earth in that world is kind of a crapshoot. However, I feel like there probably were, at the very least, Vikings of some sort, since many other historical cultures are referenced at different points in the series. At any rate, I thought it’d be cute if Gohan thought Vikings sounded cool in his history books, and that lead to this situation here.

Gohan Posing Commission

This month one of my Lord Tier Subscribers got their bi-annual commission. The commissions at this tier are two-character ones, and this Subscriber asked if they could split that into two one-character pics. I couldn’t think of a good reason why not (usually people wanting just two characters posing will have them doing it in the same pic, but it’s not like it’s more work to have them be separate images), so this is the first of them. Just teen Gohan posing in a fairly inviting way. The other pic will come out in a couple days.

Son Gohan Character Ask 19

I know I’ve described this somewhere before, maybe in Gohan’s spotlight interview, but it’s impossible to keep track of every time I explain Studio lore so I don’t blame anyone for finding it confusing. Characters who we see at different ages usually only exist once in the Studio, and can use sci-fi tech to jump to different ages if they need to for an Ask or something (this is why I say everyone in the Studio is an adult). Gohan F is an alternate universe Gohan, though, so she’s separate. If Future Gohan was in the Studio, he’d be separate, too, but since he’s not Gohan has to use workarounds to have sex with himself older like we see here.

Son Gohan Character Ask 18

Shortly after Sylvia’s NHML pic dropped, a number of Asks dropped trying to pair her up with other Studio members, which I was very happy to see. The main contenders seemed to be Gohan and Alexis Rhodes, and since I just know DBZ better than YGO I went with one of Gohan’s Asks here. I thought he might have some thoughts on the ways characters tend to fall into familiar routines in the Studio, even if they don’t really have to any more. I also figured he might as well be fucking Sylvia while he thought about it.

Coed Capers After Lights Out, Page 7

And here is our final page of Coed Capers! A couple of scripts had the girls outlasting the boys, and I thought seeing Gohan and Deku fall asleep together would be cute. The main theme I saw in the submitted scripts was the boys following through on Rumi’s request to give it to Uraraka, and it looks like she enjoyed it. Next time around we’ll be starting a new bi comic, wonder what it’ll be?

Zarbon’s First Dare

I know some folks have been wanting to see Zarbon get dicked down since the first pic I did from him not long ago, and I liked this Dare as a chance to do that. When deciding which Saiya-jin to have him submit to, I decided to avoid the obvious Vegeta pairing (though I’m sure that’ll happen eventually) in favor of teen Gohan. I liked this direction because it allowed me have Zarbon react to Gohan being at a different spot from when he knew him, plus I thought the size difference would be hot. It reminds me of the Gohan/Cooler Ask, really, and I like it for basically all the same reasons.