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NHS Fusion – Kizuku Midyck

So I’ve seen other artists here and there doing fun fusion images of characters, and I wanted to do my own spin on it. I posted a poll on SubscribeStar with ten cute and popular boys from the Studio. It was close, but in the end Killua and Midoriya won out, and this is my attempt at fusing them. I know people tend to fuse the clothes, too, but I’m not as interested in that part of the process so I went full naked with him instead. His name is Kizuku Midyck (pronounced like key-zoo-koo mid-dick), and he’s a permanent member of the Near Hentai Studio now. I think of him as a little vanilla mint ice cream boy, and I hope you all will like him. I decided to make his body a bit closer to like how I drew Deku in season one, before he started beefing up, ’cause I feel like that’s a good mid-way between how I typically draw him and Killua.
I can’t promise he’ll show up again, but if he’s popular enough we might see him in Asks and the like. At any rate, we at least have this image of him. I will be doing a female fusion sometime soon, and probably more in the future. The process of watching the poll was fun, and the image itself was fun and relaxing to make.
And, for the sake of anyone interested in Studio lore, he wasn’t made with any of the fusion methods from shows like DBZ or whatever. We used original Studio technology to spit him out without losing the original source characters.

Service for Master Killua

So I got the itch to do something with Killua and Canary again recently, and I thought it’d be fun to throw Amane in as well. I fell out of HxH before she showed up, but I did see a lot of her when getting reference material for Alluka ages ago. Her design’s not much, really, but she is cute, and I liked what I saw of her while skimming through those episodes. I thought a little double-blowjob from these two lasses for their young master would be a lot of fun, and I kinda see it as Killua’s version of the Phantom Troupe pic Gon got a while back.

July ’21 One-Shot

This is the One-Shot comic I did for July, a script submitted by one of my supporters on SubscribeStar. The premise described here was that Harley Quinn was hired as a birthday clown (it’s not clear whose), and ended up fucking all of the guests. Each panel pairs her with a different shota pairing the writer wanted to see her with (panel three being the only one that’s not already an established duo, just two extra boys they liked). The poses were left up to me, and I did decide to work in a little bit of yaoi, though not as much as I could have.

Near Hentai Studio Tour – “Hunter White” Version

First of all, I want to apologize for the long wait on this update. I always expected the updates to be few and far between, as I’m building this game by myself while trying to keep the rest of my art output about the same. Still, this one took longer than I wanted, due to a handful of roadblocks I don’t really want to get into here. But it’s ready now, so that’s something!
This update focuses on Killua, who was introduced at the end of Gon’s update last time. Now, Killua is the first unlockable character in this game, as he isn’t findable until Gon has introduced you. So if you didn’t unlock him in the last update, you’ll have to do that before being able to talk to him in this one. All you’ll need to do is get Gon to like you enough to invite you to meet his boyfriend, but he does have to have a pretty high affection for you for that to trigger.
Also added in this update are a few new features I think are neat. One is a television in your room, which you can watch. Currently, all that’s available is an old comic of mine, “Beast of Her Dreams”, but I plan to add other TV content in future updates. Also now you can get a number rating for characters’ affection for you by visiting the lab. There’s also one new dancer in the strip club and a yaoi voyeur scene that can trigger during your jog in the park, similar to the Katara/Korra scene in the pool’s locker room.
Anyway, I’m working on the next update now. It’ll focus on a female character, one who’s fairly popular, I think. Hopefully it won’t be too long before her update is ready, but who can say.

Vegeta Character Ask 7

Gosh, I don’t know why Vegeta always insists on being so rude in these Asks! He could’ve just said he doesn’t remember!
Vegeta’s response here was my first thought on reading this question. I just don’t really see him keeping track of these things, so I figured showing him with a new boy while he gets indignant over it would be the way to go. I wasn’t sure at first who to use as his partner, but I’ve had a bit of a track record of pairing Vegeta with secondary characters from show’s where Goku’s fucked the protagonist. Since I’ve drawn Goku with both Gon and Killua in the past, I thought it’d be fun to pair Vegeta up with Kurapika, who I’ve been meaning to use more, anyway.

The Hunters’ Puzzle, Page 2

Here’s page two of The Hunters’ Puzzle, with a script written by one of my SubscribeStar supporters. This one is actually an amalgamation of two scripts that ended up tying in the voting, iirc, but they had a lot in common so it wasn’t hard to compromise between them. Everyone gets dicked down a little bit in this page, so hopefully fans of each of these three boys will be happy with this one.

April ’21 One-Shot

This is the One-Shot comic I did for my Subscribers in April. The concept behind this strip was basically to do a bit of a revival of The Lovers and the Brothers, but with Ash added into the mix. Rather than try and directly connect it to that narrative, though, I instead set this one in a location in the Studio (that probably looks familiar to some of you).

Near’s Drag Race – Killua Zoldyck

I knew from the very beginning I wanted to bring Killua into this series, it was only a matter of when. I decided now was as good a time as any, so here he is! I based his look here off a couple of different outifts he wears in the series itself, with some extra flair of my own. He ended up with a bit of a punk look, which I think compliments him well. Killua won’t be the last boy from Hunter × Hunter in this series, I’m sure. I’m hoping to eventually use both Gon and Kurapika, at the very least, somewhere down the line. For now, though, I’m going to go back to the Dragon Ball boys for the next entry. I’ve got two boys from that show who are going to make repeat appearances (due to having different designs I wanted to use), and the first of those repeats will be the next Trap Sluts pic.