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Gon Freecss Character Ask 19

I’m aware that a good portion of the people who follow me, both on SubscribeStar and off, do so because of my Gon and Killua work. While I personally am pretty burned out on drawing them, and also just don’t think about Hunter × Hunter very often since I finished it a while ago, I did want to squeeze out something with them. So that’s what this Ask is here, since I figured it’d be an easy one for Gon to answer and I thought it’d be cute.

Word Gets Around

This is the second half of a Lord Tier commission. The idea behind this commission is that, following his Dare with Vegeta, Corey’s approached by a bunch of Studio tops. I don’t really know how I feel about this direction for him, but the client tried to keep some of his bravado in his response, for what it’s worth. The guys featured here have some small clues as to who they are, but to help out we’ve got Goku, Kirishima, Luffy, Krillin and Gon.

August ’23 One-Shot

Here is the One-Shot comic for August of 2023! The script for this comic puts together several pairings that this Subscriber has been trying to make happen in Character Asks, but usually in ways I didn’t really feel I could make work in that format. They finally get to see some of their crossover ideas come to life here, though, and I hope y’all will enjoy the results.

Kurapika Character Ask 4

I generally try and work a little action into Asks, but I didn’t feel like pairing Kurapika up with anyone would fit well with what he was saying. Besides, I know there’s some folks who enjoy these stiller “standing and talking” Asks for their own merit, so hopefully this one will still be appreciated. In the anime, Kurapika is often off doing his own thing, due to his own mission he’s following, but I kinda picture him being similar in the Studio. Of course, he still fucks around, we’ve seen that already, but I don’t picture him having a consistent friend group he hangs with or anything.

First Shoot #11 – Lin Beifong

Our eleventh First Shoot winner is Lin Beifong from The Legend of Korra. Legend of Korra has a number of hot older women, but Lin’s a real standout I’m happy to have on board. I don’t know if I’ll ever draw her with Toph, but when Mito ended up as her random partner I figured I could at least tease it, since Mito’s primarily done incest content herself in the Studio.

Killua’s Bro

Milluki Zoldyck is a character I don’t see used much in smut, and it’s not hard to see why. Other than the general biases you might expect, he’s also just not very likable or fun in the series itself. However, I had this itching to see Killua completely smothered under him like this, and just wanted to give it a go. Can’t say if I’ll draw these two together again, but I think this was a fun break from the usual Killua content.

Killua’s Footjob Campaign

A few months back, a lot of stuff happened and my commission reward on SubscribeStar underwent some changes. The dust has settled on that, but it did result in some shakeups with how that all works. This is the first commission since then, with the idea behind it being Killua giving a footjob to Gregory of Security Breach, with the dialogue pictured. This is the first time I’ve drawn Gregory’s face, so hopefully fans of his will appreciate this one.

Butt Witch’s Busy Weekend, Page 8

This page took longer than I thought it would, I guess I’m out of the honeymoon phase with this comic. Canary is a character with minimal appearances in Hunter × Hunter. I haven’t drawn her much, but I really like her and thought she’d be a fun fit for this comic. So here she is, finally, and I hope you all enjoy seeing her here on the Butt Witch’s stream. Hopefully the next page won’t take quite so long.