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The Hunters’ Puzzle, Page 6

Here we have our sixth and final page of THP. This script called for a little rapid-fire action of every boy getting double-teamed, with some cute sticky cuddles after. With this comic now complete, the next time we get to a yaoi ongoing it’ll be a fresh comic with new guys, and I hope whatever it ends up being will be to everyone’s liking!

September ’22 One-Shot

Since this One-Shot felt like a sequel of sorts to the June ’18 one, I set it in the same location. This is pretty much the same as that, except Alluka got left out this time, but we see Zushi getting double-teamed by Gon and Killua. With The Hunters’ Puzzle also being this month, I had to draw a lot of Gon and Killua in a short period, but I hope fans of the pair will appreciate the content.

The 1 Club – Lyserg and Gon

Lyserg is a character from Shaman King I drew ages ago for a One-Shot featuring several SK boys partnering with boys from other popular anime. I haven’t drawn him sense, but I pegged him as a good candidate for this series a while ago. It took me some time to settle on the pairing I wanted to do for him, but I finally got around to getting his second appearance here with Gon.

Son Goku Character Ask 29

I feel like the direction of this Ask is probably pretty obvious. I almost always draw Goku on top, so it feels like he’s going to have given way more facials than he’s gotten. I kinda figured some folks might like to see him giving one, though, and I thought Gon would be a cute partner for it. I haven’t drawn these two together in a long time, and I know some folks have wanted to see them do more together. Specifically they seem to want to see Goku penetrating Gon, but we’re not there yet so I hope this will suffice for now.

Killua Zoldyck Character Ask 17

When I think about Killua and Nagisa, I feel like their experiences as assassins would be pretty incomparable. Killua grew up raised as an assassin from birth, in an assassin family, while Nagisa picked it up in high school and focused only on assassinating one difficult target. Also their worlds are just completely different, so I feel like Killua’s assessment of Nagisa would probably be pretty unfavorable. However, Nagisa’s shown to be really good at using his cute appearance and unassuming manner to get past people’s defenses, and I thought Killua eating out his ass while praising his “honeypot” skills would be fun.

Also, for anyone interested, here’s the Q&A video I did last month:

Huey Freeman Character Ask 4

The answer here seemed obvious to me, really, but I wanted to answer it anyway just to draw Huey and Killua together again. I like this dynamic angle here, as it leaves a bit to the imagination while also giving us something close to a POV shot with Killua. I don’t have much else to add here, other than I hope people enjoy seeing these two together again.

Himiko Toga Character Ask 1

I don’t usually like answering Asks like this (although it’s not unheard of). Questions just asking a character to do a thing usually only fly if I can justify why a character would want to volunteer to do it, and also Asks pairing up characters who don’t have an established relationship need some sort of justification. So… here’s my justifications.
I do like the idea that Toga would’ve been looking for some excuse to answer an Ask, that seems more or less in character for her to me. She’s appeared in other people’s Asks, like Deku’s or Harley’s, but this is the first directed to her. As for her meeting Pitou, beyond just grabbing her to do this Ask, I do actually have a narrative reason for them to know each other.
I’ve never had an excuse to bring it up, but I’ve always liked the idea of the NHML winners having a loose affiliation with one another. To be more precise, I like the idea of once a year, them all getting together and having a little party together. They have food and drinks, music, and welcome in whichever twelve new NHML winners there were that year. So, off of that, Toga and Pitou would have some sort of connection just through them both being former NHML winners. I couldn’t think of any reason for that to play into the answer, though, so I’m putting it here instead.

Gon’s First Dare

This Dare’s pretty straightforward, just some good old-fashioned ass-licking between boyfriends. I wanted to do this one for two reasons, though. One is just that Gon/Killua content is always well-received, but the other is that this Subscriber’s had very poor luck with Asks an I was happy to see them submit a Dare I knew I could do. It’s a little hard to portray a long stretch of time in one image, but I figured some dialogue could help address that issue.