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June ’22 One-Shot

So, the idea of this comic was to have kid Luffy team up with other shotas in the Studio to gangbang Yamcha. Due to the character restrictions in place for One-Shots, not everyone could fully appear, hence a few characters getting partially cut-off in this one. Anyway, I hope those of you who like when shotas top adult males will enjoy this one!

NHS Calendar #1 – October (Chi-Chi/Gon/Killua)

We’re reaching the end of this Calendar project, and I hope y’all are still enjoying it. Gon and Killua were another pair kept together in the shuffling, and they happened to wind up with Chi-Chi. I have another larger project I’ve been sitting on until this Calendar page came out, and now that it has I can start that soon. Don’t expect to see it for a while, though.

Killua Zoldyck Character Ask 16

I figure I might as well address this. I don’t really see Killua as insecure enough to let something like this bother him, especially since I’ve always portrayed him as more of a bottom, anyways. I did consider having him fucking Gon here in this Ask to play into his point at the end, but then I got worried it might come across like he was only answering the way he was because Gon was there… I’ve done a few “standing around talking” Asks with Killua already, though, so instead I thought he could show off what he’s proud of over a giant cock: that tight, pink bussy.

Gon Freecss Character Ask 17

I knew when I did the third page of The Hunters’ Puzzle that I was breaking through a wall with Gon that he’d established before, that being the double-anal question mentioned in this Ask. At the time, I rationalized it to myself the same way Gon is here. Smaller cocks make something like double anal easier, whereas Gon is probably not ready to get split open by, like, Goku and Vegeta or something like that. I figured it’d be cute if he showed off the delicate butthole in question while he explains this.

January ’22 One-Shot

Like all of my monthly One-Shot comics, the script for this one was submitted by one of my Subscribers on SubscribeStar. The stated premise behind this one was to mix up three popular yaoi pairings that they liked (Gon/Killua, Izuku/Bakugou, and Goten/Trunks). The posing was left up to me, and I tried to vary up the type of action we got to see between them.