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Surge the Tenrec Character Ask 1

There’s a few ways I could’ve gone with this, I think, but in the end I thought an angle like this would be fun. Beerus being purple also allows me to make him recognizeable while not necessarily drawing all of him, something that’s useful for a day like today when I have a lot of other work to get to. For Bererus’ part, the last time I drew him he was fucking a different spritely little green lady, so Peridot might want to be on the lookout.

Li Shang Character Ask 1

Shang is such a straight shooter that I thought it’d be fun for him to give an embarrassingly sincere answer to a question like this. I like the idea of Shang be into Ping before the big reveal, and also enjoying fucking Mulan as Ping, but it’s tough for me to picture him saying he prefers Ping over Mulan. Ping, due to the comedic setups of the film, was never able to really be at ease or natural, so I feel like the more genuine and actualized Mulan would always have the edge with 

May Character Ask 1

Normally I’d try to avoid doing an Ask with a character who just appeared in one recently, but given how long May sat on the shelf since her debut, I think she deserves an exception. I was surprised to see a number of people celebrating her appearance in Clover’s Ask, I didn’t realize she was popular with Pokémon fans. She’s also one of the few members of Ash’s revolving party who’s in the Studio but not been paired with him on-camera, so I figured we could fix that and get her a little more attention while we’re at it.

Denji Character Ask 2

I mentioned in Makima’s NHML post that there were several upcoming Character Asks that were made before she debuted in the Studio, and this is the first of them. Please be patient and play along, knowing this happened months before that pic. Here’s what I wrote at the time:

So, I’ve had this notion for how Denji would act in the Studio for a while now. While it’s true he’s a desperate horndog virgin in the source material, he’s also completely dedicated to Makima (for better or for worse), and I don’t think that would just go away in the Studio. I can’t really say for sure if Makima ever will make it to the Studio, I assume she will eventually but she’s not a priority for me. Until then, though, Denji’s got his heart set on letting her be his first time.

Maron Character Ask 1

Maron and Marron are both pretty minor side characters tied to Krillin, one made for anime filler and one originating in the manga first. They were both named by different parties looking to expand on Krillin’s “chestnut” name pun. This is the real world reason for them having almost the exact same name, but that hasn’t stopped jokes around Krillin naming his daughter after his ex-girlfriend. Either way, I thought it’d be fun if Marron let a little of her dad’s side come out here in her reaction to Maron, and it was fun to get to draw her with her signature GT hat after drawing her so much without it for PPP.

Clover Ewing Character Ask 1

Drawing the Totally Spies trio in that previous Ask got me kind of in the mood to do more with those girls. Hopefully that will take the form of some kind of regular standalone art eventually, but for now this Ask was appealing to me for that reason (also I think it’s been a minute since I answered one from this Subscriber). I’d originally planned to pair Clover up with two characters meant to mirror Alex and Sam, but I decided that’d go against the spirit of her answer so I went instead with two basically random characters. May’s been sitting in the 1 Club for years now, and while she’ll probably eventually show up in Hypno’s Harem, she won’t have to wait that long to make her second appearance. I was also never happy with her first pic, so a better one’s been due for a long time. And April’s always a fun character to go to, especially for crossover stuff.

Homura Kogetsu Character Ask 1

While I don’t have much interest in drawing the Edens Zero characters again, I did have one subject I’d set aside in my mind as something I’d be willing to have them discuss if it ever came up. I haven’t watched this show, but I did have to watch several clips on YouTube in preparation for the NHML with Kurenai so I feel like I have some grasp on their relationship. In the climax of the struggle with Kurenai, Homura cuts all ties and feelings, positive or negative, with her mother. I don’t think the Studio would really change this, and I picture them not interacting at all in the Studio. I figured I’d let Homura explain this if it came up, and this question was close enough to justify it. I feel like the question itself was probably fishing for some BDSM femdom stuff with Kurenai, but I just don’t think that fits with my understanding of the characters.