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Robin Hood Character Ask 1

So I did my best to answer this one in a way that would still be fun, even though I feel like the question itself is kinda off-base. Robin Hood’s the archetypal free spirit hero, so the only way I could see him becoming a “sex slave” is if something very dark happened. I did think there was some potential in drawing him again, though, so instead I went in a direction that was a little cheeky. I don’t think he’d be willing to do something like this with just anyone, though, but Maid Marian’s someone he’d trust. I didn’t include her in this pic just because I know this supporter prefers yaoi, so I stripped the visual portion down to just some male BDSM.

Towa Character Ask 1

Both these characters appeared back in April 2019, when Towa won the Near Hentai Monthly Lady raffle. Like Towa points out here, I tend to enjoy pairing up enemies for pics, which is what I did there (though the narrative of that pic was more “defeated hero” than it is here). I don’t remember much of the Xenoverse games, but I’m not even really sure if these two ever interact, but they’re heading opposite sides of the time conflicts the games focus on. So I thought it was fun to pair them up then, as I do now, and that’s kinda all there is to this Ask.

Ricky Character Ask 1

So in the build-up to my recent Crusher Joe pic, I’ve been sharing screenshots of Ricky and Alfin on Discord that I thought were cute or sexy while editing my AMV. This has lead to a bit of interest in the characters from some of my subscribers who are on the Discord, which is why this Ask got posted almost immediately after I released the pic. I’ve had an interest in doing some yaoi with Ricky from the beginning, and Joe is the most appropriate partner for that sort of thing. So the answer here was obvious and unsurprising, but I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to get a dick in that butt.

Butt Witch Character Ask 6

Whenever I have a good chance to draw the Butt Witch, I’m gonna take it. This Ask was pretty straight-forward, and really if I’m honest I just drew her in a position that I thought would be fun to see. Since the only guy I’ve ever drawn fucking her in the past is purple, I figured this position would also be convenient as I could still pair her with a character from her show (Todd) despite that usually being difficult with the full nelson.

Ciel Phantomhive Character Ask 2

I admit, I originally wasn’t going to answer this Ask, just because I don’t really agree with the premise. I don’t think one’s size or one’s social standing has much to do with their preferences in the bedroom… But I know some folks like Ciel and want to see more of him, and since I’ve never watched Black Butler Asks like this are about the only way he’s going to show up in my work. So I did what I could to give y’all something interesting.

Killua Zoldyck Character Ask 14

I hadn’t considered this crossover, but I do like the idea of playing into Killua’s sweet tooth. I wasn’t really sure if anyone would want to see more of the brownie lady, since she’s a lot more cartoony than the characters I typically draw, but I was eager to take a fresh stab at drawing her (since the other pic was so old), and hopefully this one turned out cute.

Himawari Uzumaki Character Ask 1

So, I don’t really like doing Asks with Boruto characters for a few reasons. One is the same reason I don’t like doing Naruto Asks, I don’t like the franchise or the art style and it’s unpleasant for me to draw it. However, even worse than Naruto, with Boruto I know nothing about the characters, their dynamics or how they think and talk, so writing answers for them is very much a guessing game. I wanted to throw the Naruto/Boruto fans who follow me a bone, though, so I took my best shot at answering this question with something fun, sexy and (to my best guess) in-character. Hope it turned out alright.

Izuku Midoriya Character Ask 11

So, funny story, I actually already had a pic of Midoriya rimming some dude sitting in my work folder. I thought about trying to use it for this, but it’s more of a horizontal pic, where Asks are vertical, so I would’ve had to crop a lot of it out to make it fit. Instead I drew a new one, and decided instead of an anon to maybe use someone Midoriya looks up to as the tasty ass he’s munching on. Fun, right?

Genki Sakura Character Ask 1

So I couldn’t really show Genki with another monster here, since Asks are meant to be limited to characters I’ve drawn before. However, I did want to try drawing him again. The first pic this question is referencing was drawn back in 2016, and I’m not really happy with it anymore. I do like Genki, though, so I kinda see this Ask as a way to see how interested people might be in seeing more of him. As for partners, of the core group in Monster Rancher I really only see Tiger and Hare as good options. Mochi’s basically a baby, so that’s a little weird, I have no idea where a cock would go on Suezo, and the idea of taking a rocky cock from Golem sounds more painful than anything. However, there’s lots of other monsters, too, and I always saw Genki as being a bit similar to Ash when I’ve drawn him with a variety of Pokémon.

Ochaco and Maka Character Ask 1

So I know this one might be a bit boring visually, the Asks where characters are just standing around talking don’t always get huge responses, but I know the Gohan crossdressing Ask from a while back was popular and I thought some people might enjoy hearing a follow-up. There’s a bit of a limit for how long this question would be relevant, too, so here we are. Hopefully hearing a bit about Gohan’s exploits can get the imagination turning.