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Nobara Kugisaki Character Ask 2

Usually for these types of Asks I’ll pick a character from another franchise to do a crossover. I was thinking about this one, though, and even though I don’t ship Yuji and Nobara at all, I do think they’d have great sexual chemistry and just kinda wanted to give them a little spotlight just the two of them. So Nobara’s subverting the usual formula for this type of Ask here, but I hope y’all will be okay with that.

Son Gohan Character Ask 20

I don’t know if there was a historical figure analogous to Thorfinn in the Dragon Ball world. Guessing at the history of Earth in that world is kind of a crapshoot. However, I feel like there probably were, at the very least, Vikings of some sort, since many other historical cultures are referenced at different points in the series. At any rate, I thought it’d be cute if Gohan thought Vikings sounded cool in his history books, and that lead to this situation here.

Corey and Kai Character Ask 1

Lin was an obvious eventual pairing with Corey once she debuted, and while I personally don’t know how much I agree, there’s been some discussion of Kai being similar to Corey since he’s also topped older characters in my work before. I figured this Ask might be a fun one for some people for those reasons, and I don’t really need much convincing to do more Lin anyway.
Kai was introduced after I stopped watching TLoK, so I don’t actually know much about his dynamic with Lin, or if they even had one. Assuming he does interact with her, though, I’m going to go ahead and assume she’s found her way into his fantasies at some point.
Also, for anyone interested in last month’s Q&A video for SubscribeStar, here it is:

Lapis Lazuli Character Ask 1

It’s interesting to me how Steven Universe porn makes up a huge portion of my personal consumption, but a fairly small portion of the art I make. A lot of my go-to series are like that, maybe there’s a reason for it. Regardless, I do want to do more with the characters, and Lapidot content is something I’m happy to finally cross off my list. Both Lapis and Peridot got delayed debuts due to something I think I’ve discussed before, but I’ll tell the story again here. In 2015 I drew Lapis and Peridot in a sixty-nine type pic, though it was a backburner project that was slow on getting inked/colored. While it sat on the backburner, Peridot made her face turn and lost her robotic prosthetics, revealing she’s actually rather small. Since I didn’t know this when I drew the original pic, I got a weird feeling about it and basically dropped it, but that caused me to also never gain the motivation to do a new Lapis/Peridot pic, even when they became more or less canon in the show itself. So, now that we’re eight years later, I’m happy to do at least one pic with the two of them, although I’d be happy to do more if I can find the time.

Bugs and Daffy Character Ask 1

I’ve never drawn Bugs and Daffy together before, and was kind of in the mood to do something along these lines. While I feel you could make an argument for either of them being top or bottom, I do tend to draw Bugs as a bottom more often, and the inverse is true for Daffy, so I stuck with that dynamic here. It also allowed for me to set up a little joke from Bugs, which he’s prone to do.

Giyu Tomioka Character Ask 1

Giyu’s a character I don’t really know anything about, so it’s hard for me to write answers for him even if I think he makes a good bottom. Until I decided to answer this Ask I wasn’t even sure if he was a villain or not, and I still don’t really know anything about him other than recognizing what characters from other anime he reminds me of. I had this itch to have him paired up with, and mocked by, Geto and Gojo, though, just ’cause I think their energy would contrast well against his. Hopefully it’s a fun match-up for y’all, too.

Izzy Izumi Character Ask 2

I first pegged this question as one I knew how to answer several months ago, but I usually passed it up for other Asks I thought would be more, uh… action-packed. However, I needed a simple one for today as I’m transitioning between computers, and I figured there was still some value to how Izzy answers here. Also, I haven’t drawn Izzy in a long time, but I think this drawing of him turned out really cute.

Ochaco Uraraka Character Ask 6

There’s been a handful of Asks for Roshi since he debuted in Caway’s NHML, mostly pairing him with different attractive younger ladies. I’m down for that, personally, as long as there’s an angle I can attack the pairing from. In this case, I kinda liked Ochaco getting special training from Roshi, who is of course sticking to his buff form in his shoots. Also, while I think Roshi’s tastes probably would go more towards Momo, Mina or Camie in the MHA sphere, something about him getting Ochaco’s girl-next-door self appealed to me here.

Carly Sims Character Ask 2

I’ve talked on my Discord some about how I’m hoping to get a handful of Applebridge projects either started or out during this month, and I figured it’d be appropriate to open with an Applebridge Ask for the month. Carly and Wren are both in the same grade, so it’s reasonable to think they’d know each other in the Applebridge canon, but I picture them gravitating to different friend groups. However, I see no reason why they couldn’t be friends in the Studio, and I figured drawing a line between those worlds might be an interesting bent on her answer.