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Chilchuck Live

This is one-half of a Lord Tier commission, featuring Chilchuck from Delicious in Dungeon (or Dungeon Meshi). The idea here was to do something similar to an old Mini Commission featuring Ashido and Gohan, but with Goku instead. The commenters and stream title were picked out by the commissioner, but the actual comments were written by me.
I’ve been toying with doing some kind of Chilchuck/Laios pic for a while, but I can’t say for sure if or when I’ll get to it. Thanks to this commission, Chilchuck ended up getting in first from the DiD cast. Learning about phones, how to use one, and then hosting his own stream all so soon after getting brought into the Studio is pretty impressive.


Nobara Kugisaki Character Ask 3

So, obviously Nobara is not correct about there not being anyone like Inosuke. In fact, I have a pretty good idea of who this Subscriber had in mind with this Ask, but I wanted to do a little something different and I’ll explain why.

I kinda feel like Nobara would find Yuji’s weird boar friend annoying, or not really like him. For whatever reason that’s just the feeling I get when I picture Yuji trying to hang out with both of them at the same time. I also don’t necessarily see her organically forming a friendship with the character this Ask was looking for, although I’m sure they’ll fuck eventually and maybe something could develop under the right conditions in the future. So, I went a different direction here. Nobara and Ashido met during the Febuary ’23 One-Shot, although they didn’t appear on-screen together. These two have pretty different personalities, but I kinda see them hitting it off in a peanut butter and jelly kind of way, and I thought it’d be cute to see a fresh crossover with two characters I’m pretty fond of here. I hope the asker for this one won’t be too disappointed with the outcome here, but I do think this answer actually kinda sets up some alternate paths towards the ship they were looking for.

Katsuki Bakugou Character Ask 5

So, after Bakugou’s last Ask with Bulma, there was a little buzz about him possibly also hooking up with Panchy. I was a little hesitant to do this Ask, since it was just a transparent checking off on a list basically, but I also have to assume Panchy would’ve been just as flirtatious with Bakugou whenever he visits the Briefs home in the Studio as she is with everyone else. Also I just like Panchy a lot, but rarely draw her, so here’s a pretty simple (but hopefully fun) Ask with them.

Kyoka Jiro Character Ask 2

I know the art on this one’s a bit simple, but when I thought about Jiro applying her love of music within the Studio some interesting things came up I thought would be interesting to share. While I have no immediate plans to do anything with the concept of Jiro putting together a Studio band (mostly ’cause I’m not really sure how I’d use the idea, although I have a couple ideas), the concept sounded fun and it’d be kinda interesting to see who she recruits down the line.

Word Gets Around

This is the second half of a Lord Tier commission. The idea behind this commission is that, following his Dare with Vegeta, Corey’s approached by a bunch of Studio tops. I don’t really know how I feel about this direction for him, but the client tried to keep some of his bravado in his response, for what it’s worth. The guys featured here have some small clues as to who they are, but to help out we’ve got Goku, Kirishima, Luffy, Krillin and Gon.

Studio Christmas Party Highlights 2023

Continuing the new tradition I started last year, for Christmas this year I want to take a little look at the annual Near Hentai Studios Christmas Party. A couple of these panels were ideas I had last year but couldn’t do, either because I ran out of space or because the character(s) I wanted to use hadn’t publicly debuted yet. Others are just ideas off the top of my head this year, and hopefully we got a fun mix of appeals. Also we get to see our 2023 Studio Santa again, and I immediately had this idea for how Scorpia would work in this role, which I think is fun. At any rate, I hope most of you can enjoy at least one of these panels, and I’m already looking forward to trying out more ideas next year!