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Space Emperor Slut, Page 13

With Titans Tower back on the shelf, we’re moving back to Space Emperor Slut on the comic rotation. With this page we’re finally getting to a turning point in the narrative I’ve been waiting on since the comic began so many years ago. We’re going to have probably 3-4 pages of this comic left, and then we should wrap it up for good. There’s not any huge difference between the versions of this page, but I wanted to keep the variations going even if we don’t get a good look at Frieza’s crotch here.

Frieza Character Ask 6

I’ve grown to quite like the Frieza/Yamcha ship, a kinda crack pairing stemming mostly from a line in FighterZ where Frieza calls Yamcha “handsome” (as he does here). I have a feeling I know who this Subscriber was hoping I’d draw Frieza with, and it’s also not the first time I’ve drawn him with a human, but this Ask struck me as a good opportunity to break the ice with this pairing. I’d kind of like to do more with Frieza and Yamcha in the future, potentially, especially since Frieza’s one of the few characters I’m down to let Yamcha top.

Also, for anyone interested, I’ve begin re-uploading my old videos looking at the superhero characters I made/drew as a kid. Those of you who’ve been following me for a while may remember me sharing these a few years ago, but when my YouTube channel got nuked they disappeared and I didn’t have a good place for them. I’ve made a new channel for this type of content, though, and you can find the first of these videos here:

Something Slipped

This pic’s inspired by the scene of Frieza being resurrected in Dragon Ball Super. He and Goku kinda posture at each other, taking cheap shots as saying, “Whoops, my hand slipped” while Baba watches uncomfortably. The scene feels thick with sexual tension to me, and I wanted to do this version of it for a while.

Son Goku Character Ask 31

When I saw this question, I immediately liked the idea of Goku only being able to name physical differences between the brothers. I could’ve just had Goku fucking Cooler here, like in Cooler’s other Ask appearances, but I decided instead I preferred the idea of Cooler and Frieza sharing Goku’s cock. I think it helps highlight why Goku can’t think of any other real differences he sees in them.

Corey Park Character Ask 4

So, I’ve been wanting to draw Corey Park with Sylvia from Wander Over Yonder for a bit. I still plan to, but I figured addressing which aliens he’s mostly interested in would be pertinent in his answer here. That being said, I don’t think he’d pass up a chance at Frieza, and while Frieza usually goes for a slightly different type I still kinda like this pairing and wanted to see it done here.

October ’22 One-Shot

So the idea behind this One-Shot was to see three of the sluttiest Dragon Ball boys I draw doing their thing with some random tops the Subscriber who submitted this script is fond of. Posing, as well as which version of the characters, was left up to me. I hope you all are okay with my decisions. We’ve seen different pairings between Whis, Gohan and Frieza in previous works, but this is the first time they’ve appeared together like this.

Frieza Character Ask 5

I thought it’d be interesting to see Frieza taking Gohan’s cock, so here we are. How he answered seemed pretty obvious to me, so the only thing I had to decide on was what version of Gohan it’d be. I kinda felt like it should be one of his looks from after Frieza’s revival. I like his design in Resurrection F, but I didn’t feel like it’d be a good fit given their interactions in that film. While I’m not a fan of most of what I’ve seen from the recent Super Hero movie, I do kinda like Gohan’s new base hairstyle, so I went with that.

Frieza Character Ask 4

What does “primitive” taste like, exactly? I feel like Frieza’s fetishization of the Saiya-jin race is obfuscating his response here. Nonetheless, I thought it’d be fun to show him enjoying some of that monkey meat he loves so much. Sometimes I just wanna draw Frieza, but we’re still a ways off from returning to Space Emperor Slut on our comic rotation. So this Ask is a convenient way to revisit him in the meantime.

Bardock’s First Dare

I liked this dare just because I thought Bardock realizing what a slut for saiya-jin cock Studio Frieza is would be kinda funny. Plus, it’s nice for them to get acquainted now when I plan for them to work together again eventually. Not too much else to say here, since I think his success in this dare is relatively predictable, but I always enjoy working with Frieza and I hope y’all will enjoy seeing him again.