Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour, Chapter Two: When You Bring a Bikini to a Pajama Party

Chi-Chi’s Fan Appreciation Tour
Part Two – When You Bring a Bikini to a Pajama Party

By Nearphotison


It was evening before their shuttle arrived at the resort hotel. In spite of this, several of the girls had opted to visit the beach. Ryuko, Kim, and Momo had all gotten into swimsuits and gone to enjoy the last moments of sunlight, while the rest of the girls had decided to settle into their respective rooms. April had informed Chi-Chi that Near Hentai Studios had rented out the entire resort for the weekend, which meant everyone had their free pick of where to set up. Even though the girls had all chosen their own rooms, Chi-Chi somehow doubted they’d all end up sleeping apart.

For her part, Chi-Chi had taken some time to relax and cool down from the flight in. After furiously masturbating in her room, the famous porn star took a well-deserved nap on her bed. She could only assume many of the girls were doing the same. 

Even though she had just met the lot of them, Chi-Chi had already taken a liking to the excitable group. While it was true that they’d been very forward in taking advantage of her proximity on the ship, it was a far cry from the gangbang she’d been fearing before meeting her biggest fans. She’d actually enjoyed herself quite a bit and even found herself picturing the girls out on the beach when she’d been getting off a moment before.

Her power nap was interrupted, however, by a knock on her door. Opening it up, she was greeted by April O’Neil and her diligent cameraman.

“We’re going to do our second event tonight before bed,” she told her. “Can you be in Lobby Room C in twenty minutes?”


Twenty minutes later, Chi-Chi found herself sitting on a small throne in a big lobby room. A semi-circle of seven chairs had been set up facing her throne, but on the floor between her and the other seats was a small stage with a padded floor. It seemed as though April had moved all of the decorations from their shuttle into this room, as the same banner proclaiming “Chi-Chi’s Yuri Fan Appreciation Tour” was hung behind her, and all the printouts of her performing were plastered to the walls. 

Soon, the double doors to the room swung open, and April stepped through proudly shouting, “Alright everyone! Come inside and take a seat!”

Following behind were the seven fans who’d won the right to go on this vacation with Chi-Chi. They’d all changed from the outfits they’d worn on the shuttle into cute pajamas. Asami Sato lead the group in silky black pajamas, while Momo Yaoyorozu was not far behind her in a similar red set. Maps Mizoguchi wore a lime green pair, which matched Kim Possible’s purple PJs nicely. Velma Dinkley had foregone traditional pajamas, instead wearing a larger variant of her orange turtleneck with sleeves that hung past her hands and a torso that covered her naughty bits. Chi-Chi couldn’t tell for sure if she was wearing panties or not. Ryuko Matoi was wearing a surprisingly cute orange pair of PJs with little white bunny faces printed all over them, while Chiyo wore a predictably cute pink onesie. April herself wore her traditional yellow jumpsuit, though she’d ditched the white boots to instead parade around barefoot like the rest of the girls.

As the girls all took seats in front of Chi-Chi, April took her place beside the little throne. She still held her microphone like she had on the flight in, and she used to it address the group while the cameraman recorded.

“Welcome everyone! We’ve arrived here at the resort,” she said. “I trust you all had a chance to get comfortable?”

The girls all voiced an affirmative, to which April smiled and nodded.

“You all look so cute in your pajamas!” she continued, making several of them blush. She leaned forward, putting the microphone in Chi-Chi’s face. “What do you think, Chi-Chi?”

“Yes, everyone looks adorable,” Chi-Chi admitted. 

“The sleepytime look suits you all!” April said.

“Yes, it does,” Chi-Chi agreed.

“I’ve prepared drinks for everyone,” April said, gesturing to a plate filled with wine glasses on a table in the back of the room. “Why don’t we all make a toast to the lovely Miss Chi-Chi, eh?”

Without any prompting, Chi-Chi’s own instincts from home took over. She stood up from her seat and made her way over to the table, picking up a few glasses at a time and passing them out to everyone.

“Oh, look at how kind Chi-Chi is,” April said as the housewife passed out drinks.

As Chiyo-chan delicately balanced the glass in her tiny hands, she asked April, “Is it really alright to drink this? I don’t think anyone here but you and Chi-Chi are old enough to drink…”

“Don’t be silly, Chiyo-chan,” April replied. “None of you are old enough to be doing any of the stuff we have planned for this weekend. But that’s okay, it’s normal for Near Hentai Studios and their events. We’re all just fictional characters, afterall.”

“I suppose you’re right,” Chiyo said before taking a sip of her wine. “Oh! It’s sweeter than I’d imagined!”

“Wait for the toast, Chiyo-chan!” April scolded playfully, and Chiyo sheepishly lowered her glass. Soon, all the glasses had been passed out. April asked, “Does everyone have a glass?”

“Yes!” came the chorus response from all seven girls.

“Perfect! Then, before we toast, let’s hear a word from our woman of honor, Chi-Chi!”

April handed her mic over to Chi-Chi, who had not been informed that she needed to have a statement ready. She took the mic and, after a moment’s pause, said what came first to her mind.

“Well, of course, I want to thank all of you, my fans, for coming out with me to this lovely resort,” she said. “I know a few of you already got to visit the beach, but I hope we can all go there together some time. I’m still a bit nervous, I was expecting a bunch of men, but all of you are so cute and sweet… I really hope we can spend some quality time together. Let’s have a lot of fun this weekend!”

The girls all applauded, charmed by Chi-Chi’s nervous sincerity. Taking back her mic, April said, “What a lovely sentiment. I think we should all toast to that. Cheers!”

“Cheers!” the girls all echoed, together with Chi-Chi, as they raised their wine glasses before taking a drink. Many of the girls had never had any sort of wine before, and began giggling as soon as it went down their throats.

“Try not to drink too much,” April warned, which just made them giggle more. April took a drink herself before asking Chi-Chi, “Tell us, what happens when you get tipsy?”

Chi-Chi was mid-sip when asked, and quickly swallowed it down. “Oh, erm,” she muttered, “I have a tendency to drink a lot, usually at night when the house is quiet.”

“Does it change your behavior any?”

“I hadn’t thought about it, but…” Chi-Chi trailed off, seeming to remember some past occurrences. “Well, apologies in advance if I behave a bit lewd tonight.”

April’s eyes widened in shock, but she had a mischievous grin as the other girls all gasped excitedly. 

“We wanna see that!” Ryuko cheered, which got the other girls bouncing in their seats. 

“That would be something to see!” April said, walking around the room with the mic in one hand and her glass in the other. She approached Maps, like a lion pouncing on the most nervous gazelle, and asked her, “Would you like to give her a drink?”

“Of course, I’d love to,” Maps said quietly, as if she didn’t want Chi-Chi to hear. 

“We’ll have to see if we can get her drunk later,” April said, giving a knowing wink to the circle of girls. They giggled nervously, but April knew they had to move on to bigger and better things. “It’s time we started preparing for the show portion of tonight’s event!”
“What’s the show?” Velma asked. 

“That’s still a secret, but you’ll see soon enough!” April replied. “For now, just relax and enjoy your drinks. Chi-Chi is going to step out for a bit, so this will be a good chance for you to all get to know each other a bit better.”

The girls all waved to Chi-Chi as April urged her up out of her chair. She looked around, confused, as April continued to push her to the door. 

“Wait, where am I going?” she asked.

“Don’t worry, the hotel staff has been informed on how to assist you,” April said. “Just do as they ask, and I’ll hold down the fort ‘til you get back.”

Before Chi-Chi could ask anything else, she found herself shoved into the hallway. The door closed behind her, leaving her standing there, lost with only a wine glass. A handful of young women in the resort’s uniform were waiting for her.

“Right this way, Miss Chi-Chi,” one of them said, motioning down the hall. Chi-Chi let out an exasperated sigh and followed them to whatever April had planned.

Meanwhile, back inside the conference room, the girls were all still sipping their wine. April returned to them, saying, “Alright, everyone! While we anxiously await her return, I have something I’d like to ask each of you, if you’ll allow.”

The girls all looked around, already feeling a bit tipsy, asking themselves what it could be. April made her way back to Maps, crouching down next to her.

“Just a little bit ago, you gave Chi-Chi a deep kiss,” the reporter said in a conspiratorial tone. “What did you think about it, truthfully?”

“Truthfully?” Maps said. “I think… I’d really like to touch her more.” She chuckled, embarrassed, as the other girls ooh’d. 

“Oh, and where would you like to touch her?” April pressed.

“Where?” Maps echoed. “All over, of course.”

“Your wish might be granted, depending on how detailed your answer is,” April told her. This made Maps’ eyebrows shoot up.

“Oh! In that case,” she said, sitting up a bit straighter in her seat, “Of course I’d really love to squeeze those big tits of hers, but her butt is so juicy and tempting I don’t think I’d be able to keep my hands off it.”

Many of the other girls nodded solemnly. She was saying what they were all thinking.

April leaned forward, smiling her Chesire grin, and whispered into the mic, “You have the green light.”

“Really!?” Maps practically shouted, before immediately noticing how loud she was and covering her mouth with both hands. More quietly, she repeated, “Really?”

April nodded, giving her a thumbs up before moving to the next chair, which held Kim Possible. 

“Miss Possible, with Chi-Chi out of the room, could you please tell us how you’re feeling thus far into the trip?” April asked.

“I’m very excited, even though I don’t have any idea what’s about to happen,” Kim said. 

“Trust me, it’s gonna be great,” April said. “I’ve prepared something I think you’ll all cream yourselves over! Now, what would you like to do with her?”

Kim seemed to think for a moment before replying, “I just want to touch her nonstop. I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied.”

“And where would you like to touch her?” April prodded.

“Um…” Kim thought over her answer once more. “Definitely her breasts, and, you know, other places…”

“Other places?” April asked, making Kim laugh a bit. “Would ‘other places’ by any chance include her pussy?”

Kim snorted, accidentally shooting some of her wine out in a surprised spit-take. She covered her mouth, embarrassed, while the other girls laughed along with her. April waited until she seemed to get herself under control before pointing the mic back towards her.

“Um, possibly, yes,” Kim answered, still trying to wipe away any trace of wine from her face. April patted her reassuringly on the shoulder before moving on to Velma.

“Miss Dinkley, your kiss took us all a bit by surprise, I think,” April said. “How would you say your impression of Chi-Chi in person is so far?”

“Ah, well,” Velma said, adjusting her thick-rimmed glasses with her free hand. “Seeing her up close, her skin is very inviting.”

“Mm, I know what you mean,” April agreed. “If given the chance, what sort of things would you like to do with her?”

“Hmm… I’d really love to hear her ‘pleasure’ voice,” Velma said, before taking a contemplative sip of her wine. A shiver went through her body, almost as if she was imagining the sound of such a voice in the moment. The other girls voiced their agreement with her sentiment.

“I think we’d all like to hear that,” April said.

“Naturally,” Velma replied. “Well, I’ll do my best.”

That got a good laugh and cheer from the inebriated girls, and April said, “I wonder what kind of strategy you’ll employ!”

April then moved on to Asami, whose face was already flushed as she sat there with a wide grin. Her glass was already empty.

“Miss Sato, are you already feeling the alcohol?” April asked. 

“Yup, just a bit!” Asami said with a chuckle. She seemed less composed than usual, but perhaps not much different than she had when she was up close and personal with Chi-Chi. 

“And what happens when you indulge in some drink?” April asked. 

“Oh, I get very, very horny,” Asami said, winking to April like she might jump her right there. “My tongue starts to lust for dangerous places, you know.”

“You’re the dangerous one, aren’t you?” April asked, which made Asami break down into a fit of giggles. Deciding that was perhaps the best she’d get from the poor girl right then, she decided to move on to Momo.

“Chi-Chi seems like an experienced drinker, but she seemed to believe some wine might make her behave lewdly. Will that play into your plans for her?”

Momo blinked, unsure for a moment how to answer. “Um, I certainly hope so,” she said finally. “Honestly, a moment ago when she passed out drinks, I was hoping she’d get a bit closer to me… I’d definitely like to become more intimate with her, if I get the chance.”

“Oh, well I think you just might!” April said before moving on to the next girl in the semi-circle. “Ryuko Matoi, please tell us how you feel!”

Ryuko touched her fingertips to her lips, commenting, “My head feels a bit strange.”

“Is this perhaps your first time drinking?” April asked.

Ryuko laughed, saying, “It’s not that, I’ve barely touched my drink. I’ve just been imagining so many naughty things that I can’t really think straight anymore!”

“Oh, I see!” April said. “Just how naughty are we talking, here?”

“Very naughty,” Ryuko said. “Can I act on them?”

“You gotta give me something to work with!” April chastised her. “What do you want to do?”

Ryuko seemed like she was about to speak, but stopped before any words could come out. She just stared ahead slightly, mouth open, as a heavy blush took over her face. Whatever she was thinking was too perverted for her to say out loud. 

April patted her on the back understandingly. “Well, I hope you have a good time. For now, we’re on to our final member!”
She moved on to Chiyo, whose glass was nearly empty. She swayed in her chair, pigtails bouncing up and down as she hummed to herself.

“Chiyo-chan! Look at you!” April said, almost proud. “And you were worried about drinking! You’re really putting it away. Mind telling all of us what you’d like to do with Chi-Chi?”

Chiyo’s pigtails perked up, and she immediately shouted, “I wanna lick her all over!”

“What? Did I hear that right?” April said, seemingly taken aback. “Could you repeat that for me?”

“Her face looks so soft and welcoming, I just wanna lick it,” Chiyo elaborated before breaking into a fit of giggles.

“Wow, I’ve never heard it put like that before,” April said. Clearly the young girl had no idea how to pace herself with an alcoholic beverage. She left the ten-year-old giggling and kicking out her bare feet energetically as she moved to the front of the room. “It seems like Chi-Chi is still getting ready, so everyone please wait just a bit more while preparations finish up. Drink up, chat amongst yourselves!”

The girls all laughed and nodded. Whatever was coming, they were sure it’d be worth the wait. So they did as they’d been told, sipping their wine and chatting.

“Chi-Chi’s so cute,” Kim said, which the other girls immediately agreed with. 

“She was so adorable earlier, on the ship,” Velma added. 

“You know, I was pretty surprised to see all the staff here are also women,” Momo said. “Do you think… You don’t suppose that was for our benefit?”

“They were all really cute,” Asami noted. 

“They are!” Momo agreed, putting a hand on Asami’s knee. 

“I wouldn’t mind if they joined us for some of the fun,” Ryuko admitted. “The more the merrier, right?”

The other girls laughed and agreed, although they all knew that wasn’t part of the planned festivities. However, they’d all gotten so worked up and excited for a sexy time that their minds could only focus on one thing.

“They’re all too cute, and I wanna do naughty things with them!” Chiyo-chan blurted out before bursting into another fit of giggles. This time everyone joined in with her.

“Maybe I’ll grab a feel next chance I get,” Maps said, smiling slyly. 

Suddenly, the lights in the room all shut off. A loud collection of gasps and screams went up from the small group of girls, as all of them were taken by surprise.

“Where’d you all go?” someone shouted. After a moment, however, the lights went back up.

Standing in the middle of the semicircle of girls was Ch-Chi. Gone was her usual Chinese dress, as instead she’d been dressed in a bright red micro bikini. The swimsuit was barely more than thread, though it did manage to technically cover her most sensitive parts. Apparently it wasn’t enough for Chi-Chi, though, as she had one arm crossed over her breasts while the other hand reached down to cover her crotch.

The sight of Chi-Chi, all but nude in the middle of the room, shocked the young girls. As soon as they processed the vision before them, however, they all erupted into cheers and hollers. 

“Ladies and… other ladies,” April said, making a gesture with one arm, “welcome to the show portion of tonight’s festivities!”

The girls applauded while Chi-Chi blushed furiously. She could feel their eyes scanning over every inch of exposed skin, and she fidgeted nervously under their gaze. Her thighs pressed together as she squirmed slightly, knowing nothing she could do would really cover herself.

“Everyone, take a good look!” April said before taking hold of Chi-Chi’s wrists and pulling her arms back. She didn’t really fight back, letting April expose her and her tiny bikini to the other girls.

The contest winners were all on the edge of their seats, reaching out to try and touch the mother of two.

“Nuh-uh, no touching!” April admonished. “Not yet!”

“Look at her butt!” Kim shouted, admiring her juicy ass cheeks as they squeezed around the barely-existing fabric of her thong.

“It’s so pale, I wanna eat it up!” Chiyo chirped, and the two redheads shared a knowing smile.

Hearing them talk so openly about her body, Chi-Chi’s embarrassment returned in full force. Rather than cover herself up, she moved \to hide behind April, peeking adorably over her shoulder at the thirsty young girls.

“Isn’t this great?” April asked, casually stepping around so she was beside Chi-Chi instead of in front of her. “Come on now, stand proudly front and center so everyone can get a good look!”

She put a hand on the small of Chi-Chi’s back, gently urging her back forward to the middle of the semicircle. The girls all began scooting their chairs in a bit closer, though they respected April’s order to not touch her. 

Chi-Chi’s hands reflexively went back to trying to cover herself up, moving from tits to pussy to ass in a desperate dance that really did nothing to obstruct anyone’s view.

“She’s dressed so sexily…. Look, her butt’s shaking!” Velma said, clapping her hands together joyfully. 

“You’re right! Wouldn’t we all like to see her butt completely bare?” April asked, getting a cheer in response. 

A drunk Chiyo-chan began clapping her hands rhythmically, chanting, “Show your butt! Show your butt!” The chant caught on, and soon all the girls seated around her began urging Chi-Chi to show off the goods.

She nervously turned, bending over slightly so her butt was pointed towards most of them, as well as the camera. They cheered and clapped some more, as her thick, snowy white ass jiggled nervously in front of them.

“I wanna touch it so bad!” Ryuko shouted.

“No touching!” April warned again, wagging her finger playfully. However, when Asami’s hand suddenly reached out to try and grab Chi-Chi’s ass, April had to step in and put her own hand between Asami’s and that glorious mound of booty. “I said no touching! No one can touch her yet! Just savor the view!”

Asami retracted her hand, albeit with a pout. 

“Let’s just have a look,” April said, getting down on one knee so her head was level to Chi-Chi’s hips. She held out her free hand, the other still holding her mic, and positioned it under Chi-Chi’s ass as if she was presenting the prize in a game show (which wasn’t far from the truth). “Doesn’t it look so inviting?”

The girls all agreed, and Chi-Chi’s blush deepened. She’d been doing her best tor resist the urge, but her hands still moved behind her to cover up her rear as best they could.

“Chiyo-chan,” April said, getting back to her feet. “How should she pose?”

She held her mic out to the pigtailed girl, who considered the question thoughtfully. “Any pose…?”

“Any pose, whatever you want,’ April confirmed. “Instruct her.”

“I wanna see her boobs!” Chiyo blurted.

“We all do!” the other girls said, nearly in unison. 

“It seems like they’re already on full display,” April noted, and she wasn’t wrong. Aside from two nipple-sized triangles of cloth, her breasts were out in the open air. 

“They look so big and soft,” Maps cooed lewdly, and the other girls echoed similar sentiments. Chi-Chi’s hands moved back up to cover her breasts.

“Now, Chi-Chi, no more of that,” April said. “From here on, you aren’t allowed to cover yourself without my permission.”

Chi-Chi laughed nervously, moving her hands back to her sides. It seemed like in their inebriated state everyone had forgotten about April’s idea of having her pose, so the host took it upon herself to move to the next phase of the show. 

“Everyone, please move in closer,” she said. The horny girls didn’t need any further encouragement, quickly leaving their seats to crowd around her. “Surround her butt, there you go!”

“I wanna see her butt so bad!” Kim said as they all knelt around her, getting as close as they could without breaking April’s no-touching rule. They made excited noises, their shoulders rubbing together as they crowded around their idol, eyes scanning every inch of exposed flesh.

For her part, April hadn’t given up on her hopes of seeing the girls posing Chi-Chi. She asked, “Wouldn’t you all like to see her pose for you? Who here wants to see her pose?”

The girls all voiced their approval, raising their hands like they were in class. 

“How about it, Chi-Chi?” April asked the star of the show. “How does getting on all fours sound?”

The girls cheered this proposition, excited at the prospect of really getting to examine her ass. Chi-Chi covered her face with her hands, blushing as the girls began chanting, “All fours! All fours!’

“This is too embarrassing!” she said, refusing to look out at the hungry eyes locked onto her body. 

April put the microphone up to her face, asking, “Is something wrong?”

“I’ve never done anything this embarrassing before!” Chi-Chi admitted. 

“Really?” April asked, and Chi-Chi could only nod her head in response. “But don’t you get naked and pose all the time for photoshoots? Haven’t you been filmed numerous times, getting every hole stuffed with dick, often times even your own sons’?”

“No, that’s different!” Chi-Chi insisted. “That’s not so… personal and intimate, like this! And, I don’t know, posing for other women is somehow much more embarrassing!”

“We love you, Chi-Chi!” one girl shouted, and the others began voicing similar feelings, trying to encourage the flustered mother. 

“Look how much they all support you,” April said. “Please, don’t be embarrassed. Let’s show everyone your body.”

She wasn’t sure if it was their encouragement or her embarrassment, but Chi-Chi felt tears swelling up in her eyes. She wiped them away, nodding with a look of determination. 

“Please get on all fours!”

“Yeah, get on all fours!”

“Alright, I’ll do it!” Chi-Chi stated, dropping down to her knees on the padded stage. She was now level with the other girls, who watched with rapt attention and awe as she leaned forward, placing both hands on the ground in front of her, her barely-clothed backside sticking up in the air for the huddled mass of young women.

“Look, her butt’s standing up at attention!” Chiyo chirped drunkenly. The other girls laughed nervously, admiring it like it was a work of art in a museum. 

“Feel free to look at her butt all you want,” April encouraged, not that she needed to tell them.

Chi-Chi just stared down, focused on the padded floor between her hands. Her hips wriggled nervously, giving the girls a bit of a show as they examined her. Suddenly she felt something between her legs, and she yelped and suddenly jumped up, shifting her position so she was sitting.

“Oh, my, what happened, Chi-Chi?” April asked.

Chi-Chi’s face was a bright crimson as she pointed vaguely to the group of girls. 

“Did someone touch you?”

Chi-Chi nodded mutely, before muttering, “I felt something prod me…”

“Oh, where?” April asked.

Chi-Chi’s hands covered her face again, and she shook her head behind them.

“Please, tell us where you felt something,” April prodded. “Where did they touch you?”

“My… my…” Chi-Chi stammered, “My pussy!”

The girls all screamed with delight at hearing her vocalize it, and they began giggling nervously to one another. 

“Well, here, let’s get your pussy front and center again,” April encouraged. “Back on all fours, now.”

Putting her hands on Chi-Chi’s shoulders, she guided the flustered woman back into her prone position. Despite her embarrassment, Chi-Chi went along with April’s instructions. The attentive gaze of the contest winners was getting to her in the worst way, and she had to squeeze her thighs together to try and keep any visible wetness from showing down south.

“Her swimsuit is so lewd!” one of the girls cooed. April had turned her so that half of the girls could see her ample cleavage from her dangling breasts, while the other half had a great view of her upthrust backside.

“Here, have a better look,” April said as she circled around the group of girls, urging them in closer. She put her hand on the back of Velma’s head, which was inches from Chi-Chi’s ass, and said, “Blow on her skin! See how she reacts!”

Velma obliged, puckering her lips and blowing onto Chi-Chi’s bare skin. The other woman squealed and wiggled in place, making everything the girls were eyeing jiggle and shake in the process.

“Ooh! Tha-that’s a bit too much!” Chi-Chi said as she suddenly shot up straight, now just kneeling instead of being on all fours. 

“Oh, I’m sure you’ll be fine,” April said, placing her hands on Chi-Chi’s shoulders. “Here, let them get a whiff of you.”

Pointing with her lips towards Momo, April encouraged the ponytailed girl to get in closer. She did, moving her face in just below Chi-Chi’s breasts, which had been placed together between her forearms. Momo inhaled deeply, taking in the womanly scent of her idol.

“She smells so nice!” Momo said, her breath tickling Chi-Chi’s skin. 

April grabbed Momo by the ponytail, guiding her face in closer. “Really get in there, Miss Yaoyorozu, as close as you can without touching!”

Soon Momo’s vision was completely eclipsed by the valley of Chi-Chi’s breasts. She took another deep smell, while Chi-Chi stared off into the distance with an embarrassed look on her face. She was so close that Chi-Chi became her whole world, the only thing her senses could process. She felt enveloped in Chi-Chi, without even touching her.

“She smells incredibly sweet,” Momo said when April finally allowed her to back off. She motioned to Asami near her, and the raven-haired beauty leaned in for a sniff as well.

“This is so embarrassing,” Chi-Chi moaned, her face flushed red.

“Wow, you’re right about her scent!” Asami exclaimed, seeming to not even register Chi-Chi’s complaint. “It’s so sweet!”

“How should she pose next?” April asked, excited to see the girls play with their doll some more. She offered the mic to Asami, whose nose was still filled with Chi-Chi’s intoxicating scent.

“Oh, hmmm…” Asami seemed to consider the question for a moment. After a brief pause, she said, “I’d really like to see her do, um…  like, a naughty split.”

The girls cheered the idea, already picturing Chi-Chi’s pale thighs spread for them to view what lay between. April’s mouth hung open in feigned surprise. 

“A naughty split? Oh, my!” she said, barely containing her grin. “Things are moving into a lewd direction so quickly! What do you say, Chi-Chi? Can you do a naughty split for your adoring fans?”

April held the mic under Chi-Chi’s face. The older woman didn’t need it, though, as she only gave a silent nod of approval.

The room erupted with cheers, and April shouted, “Okay! Nothing less from the great Chi-Chi!”

The girls all applauded her for her bravery, still cheering in excitement. April helped Chi-Chi position herself so she was sitting down on the stage in the middle of the circle, though she was still holding her knees together.

“Now, now, you need to spread your legs, like this!” April exclaimed, grabbing Chi-Chi’s knees and opening them up. It wasn’t a proper gymnastic split, but it was good enough for the collection of girls who all crowded around in front of her to get a good look.

The front of the bikini was just as tiny as the rest of it, and the bulge of her vulva peeked out around the fabric. While the girls all examined her, they murmured excitedly amongst themselves.

“I wanna spread those lips so bad!”

“I still can’t see anything!”

 “I want a better view!”

“I wanna see her pussy…”

“Chi-Chi, how are you feeling right now?” April asked, kneeling down behind her.

“This has to be the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done,” Chi-Chi said, putting a hand timidly to her cheek. “I’ve never done anything this lewd in front of a group of such cute girls!”

This made the girls all bounce excitedly in place, giggling amongst themselves.

“And I’ve never seen you so flustered before, Chi-Chi,” April commented, which just made the older woman blush harder. Looking out to the fangirls, she asked, “As tiny as this bikini is, the view still isn’t good enough, is it? Isn’t it tough to actually see her?”

The other girls all agreed that they couldn’t see nearly enough of their idol, voicing their desire to see her even more exposed. April nodded, seeming to carefully consider their words.

“Hmm, yes, you can see all sorts of things, but not quite clearly enough,” she said, watching Chi-Chi’s flushed face as she teased her. Leaning over to Chiyo-chan, the closest girl, she asked, “Would you like to see her naked!”

“I do!” Chiyo blurted out immediately. 

“Just how anxious are you to see her naked?” April prodded, ever the reporter.

Chiyo paused for a moment before whispering, “…incredibly.”

“Incredibly! I’m sure we all are!” April saud with a surprised bark of laughter.

“We are!” came a chorus of responses by the group. April placed the mic in front of Chi-Chi to get her response.

“There’s no way I could refuse a request from such cuties,” she said, laughing herself at Chiyo’s adorable demeanor. 

“Really, you mean it?” April asked. “Are you saying you’ll strip naked for them?”

Chi-Chi laughed nervously. “I’m embarrassed, but… sure.”

The girls all applauded as Chi-Chi stood back up. They circled around her, all staying on the floor. They looked up to her expectantly as she tentatively reached for the shoulder straps of her top. She placed one arm across her breasts, holding the material there as she slid first the right, then the left strap down over the curve of her shoulder. 

As she did, the girls slowly began standing up one-by-one, crowding in close. She had yet do reveal what lay under that tiny bikini top, but they all watched intently as she hesitated to fully remove it.

“Show us, show us!” the girls urged, making Chi-Chi squirm nervously. She wanted to show them, but she was still too embarrassed to take the next step. Her heart beat wildly in her chest. Taking a deep breath, she slowly lowered her arm, letting the bikini top fall down and her breasts spill free.

“Oh, there they are!” someone shouted. The girls cheered and clapped some more, urging her to continue her strip tease.

Chi-Chi untied the back of the top, tossing the material aside. The girls all moved in just a bit closer, examining her exposed upper half.

“Aren’t her nipples really erect?” Momo asked.

“They are!” Velma agreed.

Suddenly self-conscious again, Chi-Chi quickly put her hands up over her breasts. The girls pouted and protested, so she lowered her hands again.

“They’re so pink…” Chiyo said breathlessly, and the others agreed. 

“They’re beautiful,” Asami added.

“I’d love to watch her jump up and down,” Ryuko said.

“Oh, please jump!” Maps said, seizing on the idea. 

Soon the other girls had as well, chanting, “Jump! Jump! Jump!”

“Okay, okay, give me some space!” Chi-Chi said, laughing as she held her hands up. They did as she asked, and she held up three fingers. “Just three times, alright? I’ll just jump for a bit!”

“You’re the best, Chi-Chi!” Kim shouted, and everyone rushed to voice similar sentiments. 

Taking a deep breath, Chi-Chi said, “Okay, here I go!”

She did as she promised, bouncing once, twice, three times for the group of girls. Each time, her full breasts made a circular motion, smacking against each other in the middle before repeating as she jumped again. After the third time, she quickly covered them up again with her hands, blushing as the girls clapped and cheered. 

“Now that was a performance!” April exclaimed. She moved over to Velma, asking her, “How was it, watching them bounce without restriction?”

“Amazing,” she commented. “Bouncing out in the open is so beautiful. I should ask Daphne to do that for me after we get back…”

“I bet that will be fun, too, but it’s time to move on with the show,” April said. “Chi-Chi, are you ready to bare all for your fans?”

Everyone’s eyes moved from her breasts down to her hips. In their excitement, they had nearly forgotten there was more terrain left undiscovered before them.

“They’re all looking at you,” April said in a low voice as Chi-Chi’s hands moved to her bikini bottoms. She hooked her thumbs into the sides, slowly sliding them down over the curve of her child-bearing hips. The girls all gasped and giggled with excitement as the garment pulled down past her pussy, falling the rest of the way to the floor around her feet. April asked, “Doesn’t this make you excited?”

Chi-Chi made a feeble attempt to cover herself, placing one hand across her breads while the other covered her vagina. She blushed, mumbling, “It’s really… I don’t know…”

“Don’t cover yourself!” Kim protested, pouting.

“I wanna see more!” Chiyo-chan piped up.

“Spread your legs!” Asami shouted.

The girls were all talking over each other now, and Chi-Chi felt she had no choice but to move her hands to her side, leaving her body open for their inspection. Looking to April, she answered her question by saying, “This is making me feel really… warm. This situation is really, really crazy!”

“Are you nervous?” April asked.

“I’m so nervous I can feel my heart pounding against my chest,” Chi-Chi with an anxious smile. She knelt down to one knee and picked up her bikini bottoms off the floor. As she stood, several eager hands all reached out eagerly.

“I want them!”

“Let me smell them!”

“Give them to me! Please!’

They were all shouting at once again, hoping to get the garment that had just been covering Chi-Chi’s nether regions. Chi-Chi couldn’t help but laugh as they all so earnestly begged her for her bikini bottoms.

“They want your swimsuit, what will you do?” April enquired. Chi-Chi’s eyes scanned the open, pleading faces of the young girls. 

“They really want this?” Chi-Chi asked, holding the bottoms up. 

April leaned forward. “I think I’ll give them a whiff,” she said. She sniffed them, and the other girls all began shouting in jealousy. “It seems like they really want them. So what’ll you do?”

“Should I…?” Chi-Chi wondered out loud.

“Go ahead, if you want,” April said. 

Chi-Chi looked to the girls once again. They all sat huddled around her, waiting to hear her response. Finally, she nodded.

“I can, sure,” she said. 

An excited clamor went up amongst the girls, all of whom begged to be the one to get them. Chi-Chi stepped backwards out of the group, holding them in front of her.

“Oh, she’s gonna throw them!” Ryuko said. 

Chi-Chi tossed them up into the air, aiming for the center stage where she’d just been standing. The girls all reached out to grab them as they fell, like hopeful wives trying to catch a wedding bouquet. 

Asami was the one to emerge with the swimwear, holding the cloth up high over her head. The other girls backed off, somewhat sad but still smiling and having fun. They clapped and congratulated her. April scurried over to the victor.

“How do you feel?” she asked. 

Asami opened her mouth to answer, but instead just stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the bikini bottoms in her hands. Her face grew red and her breathing was ragged.

“It seems like she’s at a loss for words!” April said, causing Chi-Chi to break out in laughter. There was something so cute and endearing to her about Asami’s unabashed reverence for what was basically her panties.

She held the bottoms out in front of her and let out a little laugh. “Oh, I’ve always wanted to smell her panties! Can I?”

“They’re yours, now, you can do whatever you want with them,” Chi-Chi said.

“Oh, thank you!” Asami beamed before holding them up to her nose and inhaling deeply. Chi-Chi put a hand to her chest as she watched. Finally Asami lowered them and let out a sigh. “They smell so nice!”

“I’m so jealous!” Maps said. 

The girls all watched as Asami then stuck her tongue out, tentatively licking the crotch of the garment.

“You’re so naughty!” Velma chastised, pushing Asami’s shoulder playfully. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll pass them around later,” Asami promised, making the girls all giggle. “I will never use these or wash them.”

“Keep them for good luck,” April advised. 

“I sure will!”

April made her way back to the front of the room, where a blushing Chi-Chi still stood. Taking her place next to the woman of honor, she said, “Standing before all of you is a nude Chi-Chi. Miss Chi-Chi, tell us how you feel.”

“I’ve never been so embarrassed,” Chi-Chi admitted, fighting the urge to cover herself again now that their eyes were all on her once more. “Nor has my heart ever beaten as hard as it is right now! This is… this is beyond anything else.”

“Miss Chi-Chi stipped naked on behalf of the requests of all of you,” April told the girls. “Nevertheless, wearing that micro-bikini must have been very restricting.”

The girls all nodded in agreement. Velma suggested, “She definitely looks much better in the nude.”

“That’s right, that’s right,” April agreed readily. “And yet, for some reason, she’s hiding here instead of taking her proper spotlight.”

Putting a hand on her bare back, April pushed Chi-Chi forward, guiding her back ontto the little stage in the center of the room. Once more Chi-Chi found herself surrounded on all sides by her adoring fangirls. Without realizing it, she began covering herself with her hands again.

“Now, now, let’s stand at attention,” April said. “Atten-hut!”

Chi-Chi dutifully stuck her arms at her side and straightened her back, letting her breasts stand out proud and free. The girls all cheered as she stood there awkwardly, a bead of sweat running down her forehead.

“I’d love to see her with her legs spread,” Maps suggested. 

“Yeah, please!” Chiyo echoed. The other girls all seemed to agree as well.

“You should answer their wishes,” April commented.

“More! More!”

“Let’s see her from behind!”

Chi-Chi widened her stance a bit as the requests came flooding in.

“Widen them more than that!”

She did her best, and they all crowded in to look.


“She’s so beautiful…”

“Can you all see into her?” April asked. “What’s going on down there?”

“I still can’t see her anus,” Ryuko complained. 

“Oh, yes, show us it!” Kim cheered.

 “Miss Chi-Chi, would you please spread your butt cheeks for everyone?” April asked.

“I should spread my butt cheeks?” Chi-Chi echoed questioningly.

“We all want to see,” Asami said.

Chi-Chi tentatively reached back, placing a hand on either cheek. She bent forward slightly as the girls all moved behind her, and she spread her cheeks apart so they could get a good look at her little brown asshole.

“Oh, it’s so cute!” Chiyo chirped.

“She has such a well-formed butthole,” Velma agreed.

“It’s so beautiful!”

“I can see it!’

They were all crowded around her ass now, and the mother of two could feel their breath on her bare bottom as she bent over for them.

“How does it look?” April asked, holding her microphone out to Momo. “Does it look different in real life?”

“It’s so beautiful,” Momo said, grinning widely. “It’s really turning me on!”

“I wanna play with it!” Chiyo blurted out.

The other girls began to share similar sentiments, but April interjected with a, “Not yet! Only looking for now!”

Several hands began reaching out for her, some to grope, some to poke, and April had to chastise them.

“No touching! Not yet!”

The girls backed off, giggling, but it was clear they were getting impatient. For the moment they were intent to just look as Chi-Chi held her position, bent over and exposed.

“Oh, she twitched a bit,” Ryuko commented, pointing to her asshole without touching. “It winked at me!”

“Oh, I wanna start playing with her!” Chiyo insisted.

“Alright, everyone, listen up,” April said, deciding to intervene. They couldn’t take their eyes off Chi-Chi’s asshole, though, so she blew her whistle.

The shrill noise got their attention, and the group turned towards the woman in the yellow jumpsuit.

“Everyone, listen, we’re going to do something even better now,” she said. The girls all cheered. “First, are we all having fun?”

“We are!” the girls all said together.

April leaned forward, putting one hand on her knees while the other held her microphone. In a conspiratorial tone, she whispered, “Chi-Chi is going to masturbate for us now.”

The girls all cried out in excitement as Chi-Chi covered her face with both hands. She was certain she’d never blushed as hard as she was in that moment.

Covering her face did nothing to hide her from the excited clapping and cheering of her biggest fans. 

“You’re going to masturbate!” April told her.

Chi-Chi lowered her hands, saying, “I never heard anything about this!”

“That’s because I didn’t tell you,” April confessed, earning a laugh from the group of young girls. “I’d like for you to masturbate for us. Will you?”

Chi-Chi only laughed in response, covering her mouth with one hand. She didn’t really mind, but she was frozen with anxiety.

“Well, are you up for it?”

“Here?” Chi-Chi asked. 

“Yes, of course!” April replied. “Would you rather do it out in the lobby so the staff can watch, too?”

“No! No!” Chi-Chi said hurriedly. 

“This is your day to thank your fans, afterall,” April reminded her. “Let’s be grateful to them by doing a nice thing for them.”

“I’ll buy more of your movies!” Asami blurted out. “I have them all, but I could get copies!”

“Me too!” Momo said.

Chi-Chi smiled. She couldn’t help but feel elated, in part because they were all so cute.

“I’m sure you all will,” April said.
“I watch mine every day!” Maps added. They were all so sincere and earnest; Chi-Chi felt her heart swell. 

“Come on, let’s give them a show,” April told her. Chi-Chi nodded. 

“Okay,” she said. “I can’t deny so many cute girls.”

“So, when you touch yourself… Where does it feel good?” April asked.

Chi-Chi chuckled. “Um…” she whispered, “My nipples, and…”

“Speak up!’

“We can’t hear you!”

“What was that, where?” April pressed. 

Chi-Chi repeated herself, a little louder, “My nipples, and…”

“Her nipples, and,” April echoed.

“M-my clitoris.”

“We didn’t catch that!” April said with a devious smile. “Your nipples and where?”

“My clitoris feels very nice,” Chi-Chi said, red with embarrassment. The girls all made excited noises to hear her say something so bold out loud. 

“So, she focuses on her nipples and her clitoris,” April said. “And how do you masturbate?”

“That’s…” Chi-Chi hesitated, “…far too embarrassing!”

“Do you fantasize?” April asked. 

“F-fantasize!?” Chi-Chi stammered. She seemed almost like a malfunctioning robot. All she could think about was when she’d masturbated in her room just a few hours ago, imagining the girls in front of her playing with each other on the beach.

“Tell us! Tell us!” those same girls now cheered.

Chi-Chi out her hand to her mouth for a moment before nodding. Quietly, she said, “Yes.”

“Alright, so that’s what she does!” April said loudly. “Chi-Chi fantasizes while she masturbates! Shall we begin, then?”

“Okay,” Chi-Chi said as she lowered herself down to the padded platform. The girls gathered around her as she sat down. April knelt down behind her, providing her soft body for Chi-Chi to lean against if needed.

“Please spread your legs,” April said, with the girls voicing their support. 

Chi-Chi obliged, though she couldn’t help covering up her pussy with one hand as her legs spread apart. 

“No covering!” the girls all said again, forcing Chi-Chi to retreat the censoring hand. The fangirls squealed with delight as her pussy was put on full display.

“Miss Chi-Chi, you’re exposed,” April whispered in her ear.

“This is just far too embarrassing,” Chi-Chi breathed heavily. 

“How do you usually masturbate?” April asked. “Do you use anything?”

“I use my fingers…”

“Your fingers?” April echoed, and the girls cooed and moaned at the thought.

“Let us watch!” several of them said as they jostled for a close position for the show.

“Let me help!” April said, suddenly grabbing Chi-Chi’s knees and forcing her legs as wide as they’d go. She yelped with surprise as she was spread open. An excited cheer went up from the onlookers.

“Show us how you masturbate with your fingers, Chi-Chi,” April said. “What’s going down there? Is it twitching? Are you wet, yet?”

Chi-Chi just blushed and shook her head. 

“Let’s all say nice things to Chi-Chi so she’ll put on a show for us,” April suggested to the young girls. “Say naughty things to her to get her in the mood. Let’s make her feel better!”

“I want to see how you masturbate,” Momo said. “I want to copy your technique next time, so I can imagine it’s you playing with my pussy.”

“I love your body, Chi-Chi, it’s so curvy and sexy,” Chiyo-chan admitted. “I fantasize about you every day!”

“Now, start touching yourself like you normally do,” April said from behind her.

“This is already too much,” Chi-Chi said, her cheeks flushed with a mix of embarrassment and arousal. April pressed on.

“So how do you masturbate, exactly, Chi-Chi?” she asked. 

Chi-Chi hesitated before mumbling, “I… t-tease my, er… my cli-clitoris…”

“Oh, do you, now?” April said. “You play with your clitoris right from the start?” She lowered her voice to barely above a whisper. “Please begin.”

The girls gathered round, making excited noises as she began gently trailing her fingers up and down the upper part of her vagina. 

“You can all come in closer,” April said, waving with her hands for the girls to get as close to the action as possible. They didn’t need to be told twice, climbing onto the outside of the stage and leaning in until their faces were inches away from their idol’s pussy. April watched from over her shoulder. “So, is this your main method of attack?”

“This is so naughty,” was all Chi-Chi could muster in response. Eight pairs of eyes were glued to her pussy while she played with it. “This is embarrassing!”

Setting her mic down, April reached around her, hugging her from behind as her hands moved south. She placed her fingers on Chi-Chi’s outer labia, pulling them apart more.

“You’ve gotta spread your lips,” she whispered in Chi-Chi’s ear. As her pussy was spread, more elated squeals went up from the younger girls. April asked, “Can everybody see?”

The girls all nodded that they could, eyeing Chi-Chi’s spread lips hungrily. They licked their lips as they tried to memorize every detail of the display before them.

“I wanna touch it so badly,” Ryuko moaned.

“You can smell it if you want,” April told her, taking pity on the visible lust painted all over the younger girl’s face.

Maps heard this and leaned forward, blowing on Chi-Chi’s nether regions. The older woman yelped, jumping a bit and wriggling around in April’s embrace. The other girls giggled and squealed at her cute reaction. 

“Here, spread it by yourself, April whispered, letting Chi-Chi take over. “Stick your finger in.”

Chi-Chi did as April instructed, sliding her middle finger between her lips. She let out a soft moan, her body responding more intensely than usual due to the erotic situation. 

Ryuko spoke up again, asking, “Can I give you my saliva?”

“Ooh, me too!” Kim said immediately.

The girls cooed as April asked, “Is that okay? Do you want her saliva?” A blushing Chi-Chi could only manage a nod in response. Grinning, April said, “It’s okay! Go ahead!”

The girls squealed with excitement as Ryuko inched closer. She positioned her face directly above Chi-Chi’s pussy.

“You’re gonna have it land there?” Momo asked. 

“It’s fine so long as you don’t touch her,” April clarified. 

Ryuko bushed her bangs back out of her face as she collected some spit in her mouth. She let it slip out, dripping down onto the top of Chi-Chi’s pussy. 

The older woman let out a gasp as the saliva touched her. It was warm, and intimate. Chi-Chi couldn’t help but think about how it was Ryuko’s own warmth touching her down there. 

“Any other volunteers?” April asked as Ryuko moved back to where she had been. 

“I want to!” Kim said. The other girls moved a bit so she could lean over Chi-Chi’s leg. Some of her red hair dragged across Chi-Chi’s belly, tickling her. Like Ryuko, she gathered up a good glob of spit in her mouth before letting it fall wetly onto Chi-Chi’s pussy. Hers hit right on the curve, trailing down the length of her lips.

Chi-Chi put a hand to her mouth as she felt the sensation. April leaned over her shoulder and whispered in her ear, “Please start playing with yourself, now.”

Chi-Chi reached down between her legs as Kim backed off. Kim’s spit had dripped down past her pussy and was making its way for her asshole, but she scooped it up with her fingers and pushed it into her vagina. 

“That’s my saliva,” Kim said with a lustful groan, biting her bottom lip as she watched.

“She’s twitching already,” Velma noted.

“She really is!” Momo agreed as Chi-Chi began running her fingers up and down her lips, grinding her hips slightly as she did.

“I’m getting hot,” Chiyo moaned, clinging onto the sleeve of Kim’s pajamas. Both girls eyes were transfixed on Chi-Chi’s slow and sensual fingering, as were the rest of the group’s. 

“This is so embarrassing,” Chi-Chi muttered, shaking her head with a smile. She couldn’t hide how aroused she was, though.

“That looks so naughty,” Maps commented. “I’d love to touch her…”

“Could you make some more noise?” Velma asked.

Chi-Chi shook her head. “That’s far too embarrassing!”

“C’mon, we wanna hear you make noise,” Ryuko pressed.

“We want to hear your erotic voice,” Asami added.

“Are you not going to play with your nipples?” Momo asked.

“Oh, I want to play with her nipples!” Chiyo said with a giggle.

Chi-Chi’s eyes darted from one girl to the next as they all weighed in. Her heart was pounding in her chest, a mix of anxiety and arousal making it hard for her to think straight. 

Her nipples were aching to be touched, however, so she brought her free hand up to begin rolling her left nipple between her fingers.

“Ahh, hah…” Chi-Chi sighed. Her body felt like it was on fire, and she wriggled around under the pleasure of her own touch.

The girls all watched intently as she began writhing and moaning, fingering herself with her right hand while playing with her nipple with her left. They moaned and cooed right along with her, all of them turned on to see their favorite porn star playing with herself right there in front of them.

“She’s so pink!”

“I wanna touch her all over!’

Chi-Chi was barely able to register what they were saying about her as she slipped deeper and deeper into her masturbation. All she could focus on were the intense sensations coming from between her legs. 

“You all want to touch her?” April asked from her position behind Chi-Chi.

“I can’t wait any longer!” Maps pleaded.  

“Hmmm…” April said, tapping her chin with one finger while she pretended to think. “Perhaps… I can… allow you to touch her legs? But nowhere else!”

They didn’t need to be told twice. Chi-Chi’s lustful haze was broken as an excited noise rose up from the group of girls, who all reached out to touch her splayed legs at once. A couple hands got dangerously close to her pussy, and April slapped them away quickly.

“Nu-uh! That area’s still off limits,” she warned. “Don’t go too low, now.”

April looked to her right, at Momo Yaoyorozu. She waved her over.

“Here, your big tits will make a good cushion for her back,” she said, scooting away. Momo beamed and slid into place behind Chi-Chi, sighing as her role model leaned back against her pillowy breasts.

“Pft, lucky,” Ryuko murmured, running her hands up and down Chi-Chi’s calves.

“I can feel her weight on me,” Momo said blissfully. 

The girls didn’t have time to be jealous, however, as Chi-Chi began whimpering with pleasure as she continued to play with herself. Their hands rubbed every inch of her legs, which did nothing to quell the lust welling up inside her. Her finger’s made loud, sloppy noises as they slid in and out of her very wet pussy.

“That looks like it feels so good,” Asami said, licking her lips. 

Chi-Chi’s breathing was ragged, and every now and then she let out an erotic, lustful moan. Her left hand kneaded her breast roughly as she slid three fingers in and out of her pussy with increasing speed. 

“Her thighs are so muscular, yet so soft,” Velma observed as she ran her hands along them. “I can only imagine how the rest of her feels!”

Chi-Chi let out a low moan, leaning back further into Momo’s body. Her hips rotated on the mat as she said, “This is… this is hitting all the right spots!”

“Is something happening?” April asked her.

Chi-Chi could only moan in response. She said, “My breasts feel incredible!”

Chiyo had her arms both wrapped around Chi-Chi’s left shin in a hug. She just clung there, her cheek pressed against Chi-Chi’s leg as she watched her menstrations. “This is so naughty!” she said, face flushed with arousal. She rubbed her upper body against Chi-Chi’s leg unconsciously as she watched.

Asami leaned in close to Velma. With one hand traveling along Chi-Chi’s inner thigh, she used the other to slip Velma’s oversized sweater down. Velma only smiled as Asami began placing little kisses on her exposed freckled shoulder while they both felt Chi-Chi up.

Momo, unable to really reach Chi-Chi’s legs, instead reached out beside her and began squeezing the inner thigh of Maps. Maps moaned and leaned into her touch, though she couldn’t take her hands off Chi-Chi.

“This is turning me on so much!” Kim said as she slid one hand under her top to pinch her nipples, the other stoking the inside of Chi-Chi’s knee.

“Give her more saliva,” Momo suggested to the rest of the group. Ryuko leaned forward to give her a second helping, letting her drool fall and mix in with Chi-Chi’s pussy juices. 

“So much of it went in,” Chiyo moaned.

“Her legs are twitching!” Maps noticed, and the other girls noticed as well. Chi-Chi’s body was tensing up under their hands.

“It’s so hot in here,” Kim said with a moan as she removed her top. Several of the other girls began letting their clothes slide off, too, allowing their bare shoulders to rub against each other as they all reached for Chi-Chi’s smooth legs.

Chi-Chi was far from the only one moaning. Despite her being the only one touching herself, all the girls were moaning and writhing around her. Chi-Chi looked over to one side and saw a topless Kim Possible making out with a trembling Chiyo-chan, While by her other leg Ryuko and Maps were rubbing against each other, with Momo’s hands roaming all over Maps’ body. Just behind her she could hear Asami and Velma moaning in unison, as well.

Suddenly a microphone was in her face. Chi-Chi looked down at it, cross-eyed, but didn’t stop fingering herself.

“Is something the matter, Miss Chi-Chi?” April asked her. Chi-Chi bit her bottom lip, moaning and writhing but not answering. April retracted the mic, but said, “Everyone, move in for a better look! Look at where she’s touching herself.”

April moved around the group from the outside, gently pushing the half-naked girls in closer so they were crowded around her pussy.

“That’s it, take a good look,” she said. “Keep on looking…”

Chi-Chi was moaning loudly now. She shut her eyes tightly, but even so she could feel their gazes as she fingered herself unabashedly. She was too turned on to be embarrassed, all she wanted was to reach that summit and cum.

“Almost…” she whispered. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Are you?”

“I wanna see!”

“Please, cum for us!”

The girls all crowded around, rubbing her legs as they waited for that moment. Chi-Chi’s cries of pleasure grew louder.

“Everyone watch!” April instructed, keeping a close eye herself as she walked around the group. 

“Oh, I’m gonna cum, too,” Asami moaned, as Velma’s hands had traveled between her legs. 

“I’m also gonna cum!” Ryuko admitted, one hand squeezed between her thighs while the other still explored Chi-Chi’s.

“Ah! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Chi-Chi moaned as her pace picked up. Her back arched up, her head thrown back into Momo’s cleavage as she cried out. “Ahhhhnn!”

Her eyes rolled back and her teeth clenched, her whole body going tense and rigid. Her hips gyrated sporadically, twitching every which way before a squirt of girlcum shot across the room. The girls all gasped in surprise as it made a wet trail on the floor, leading up to Chi-Chi’s still-thrusting pussy.

She let out a few more shuttering gaps as her bucking slowed, coming down from her orgasm. The girls watched in awe as her mature body continued to twitch and writhe on the stage, and a few smaller spurts of cum shot out of her pussy.

“Amazing,” Ryuko breathed.

“That was intense,” Kim admitted, swallowing.

April knelt down beside them, bringing the mic back to Chi-Chi’s face. She asked, in as innocent a tone as she could muster, “Did you cum?”

As her body stilled, Chi-Chi nodded meekly. “Yeah,” she whispered.

“Did everyone see?” April asked, looking around to the group of girls in various stages of undress.

“Oh, I sure did!” Velma spoke up. “She was so cute with all her twitching!”

“I so wanted to cum with her,” Asami said. Velma had pulled her hands away, but she was still squeezing her thighs together. 

“Did you have a good view?” April asking, pointing the mic towards Kim Possible.

Kim nodded. “It was beautiful.”

April moved over to Maps, saying, “I take it this was your first time watching a woman masturbate in front of you?”

“Yeah, it was…” Maps admitted. “My girlfriend and I have done a lot, but I’ve never just watched like that. It was really, truly wonderful, and it turned me on so much… I just started undressing!”

Maps began pulling her pajamas back on as the other girls all giggled nervously. They knew exactly what she meant.

April nodded. “I had noticed that. Everyone got a bit hot, huh? What about you, Ryuko? Why did you unbutton your top?”

“I was getting hot, of course,” Ryuko said plainly. 

“Of course,” April said. She turned her attention back to Chi-Chi. “Miss Chi-Chi, did you get off by having all these young girls watching you masturbate?”

Chi-Chi pulled herself up to a sitting position, unconsciously covering her breasts with one hand. “Yes, I did,” she admitted. “I’m so embarrassed, but I can’t remember the last time I was that turned on while masturbating.”

“Embarrassed?” April asked.

“Very,” Chi-Chi replied. 

“But everyone was watching!” April pointed out. This didn’t seem to make Chi-Chi any less embarrassed, however.

“I know,” she said quietly. “I was so horny.”

The girls laughed and clapped, happy to hear their idol had enjoyed herself. April stood back up.

“I wonder how Miss Chi-Chi will be presented to us next?” she wondered out loud. “There’s still more to come! Everyone keep on having a good time!”

The girls all clapped some more, while a blushing Chi-Chi sat nude in the middle of them. Everyone else began redressing, and April told them all to go to their beds for the night.

“Tomorrow is a new day!” she said. “Make sure you’re up nice and early for our special complimentary breakfast!”

Still giddy, the girls hurried out the door and back to their respective rooms. Many of them were clinging to each other, and Chi-Chi couldn’t help but smile to herself. Most, if not all of them were definitely going to be enjoying each other’s company before falling asleep.

“You did terrific, Chi-Chi,” April said after they’d all left. “Let’s get you to your room so you can rest. We’ve got a big day planned for you tomorrow.”

Chi-Chi gulped as she allowed April to help her to her feet and off the stage. She’d nearly forgotten that this was just the beginning of the special fan vacation. How much further were things going to go from here?


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