Cornered Slime

This story was generated as part of a reward on my SubscribeStar, where I write an AI fanfic based off a suggestion by a Subscriber. The premise for this one was “Rimuru Tempest, being a total slut as he’s getting fucked by Buttwitch & Elza The Hyena girl, after hours of the studio.”

Rimuru gulped as he was cornered in one of the empty rooms of the Near Hentai Studio. Normally they’d shoot steamy pornos in this room, but the Studio was shut down for the night and everyone had gone home. Everyone except for the two women who had Rimuru cornered.
“Isn’t he just the cutest?” asked Elza, the hyena girl. She ran her clawed finger under Rimuru’s chin, smiling as she examined his pretty face.
“I could just eat him up,” replied the Butt Witch in her smooth baritone of a voice. The green woman’s smile was like a shark’s smelling blood in the water.
“Ladies, please,” Rimuru said, sweating nervously. “You don’t need to be so aggressive…”
“Oh, come on! We’re just having some fun here!” Elza replied.
“That’s right! We’re not gonna hurt you or anything!” Butt Witch added.
He was trying to save himself from their advances, but it didn’t seem like they were taking any notice of that.
“So how do you feel about us? Maybe we should take off your clothes, huh, little guy? Hey, maybe I’ll let you touch my butt, too! Think you can handle that?” Butt Witch said with a grin.
“I-I don’t have a cock, you know…” Rimuru began. “Maybe I could go grab a futa bean, or-”
“Oh, no need for that,” Elza said, letting her skirt drop to the floor. Between her legs was a long, fleshy member, her hyena pussy that looked more like a cock. “We can provide the cocks, you just need to be a good cum dumpster for us.”
“Ooh, yes, that’s the ticket!” Butt Witch agreed. “Let’s get you naked, Slime Boy!”
The two girls laughed at his protests. They weren’t going to listen to reason. In truth, Rimuru’s heart was racing with excitement. Their domineering confidence excited him, and he found himself eager to be used by them both.
And so, before he knew it, Rimuru’s clothes were off. He was completely naked. And then, Butt Witch leaned over and licked his crotch.
“Mmgh…mmphh…” she said. “It’s so smooth…”
“My human form doesn’t have any genitalia,” Rimuru said softly. “I tried to tell you…”
“No, this is perfect,” the Butt Witch said, standing up. Her clothes melted away, as if by magic. Her green cunt glistened, before it began to shift. A large, hard, throbbing cock grew between her legs, matching Elza’s. Rimuru bit his lip as he looked at it.
“What a great pair,” Elza said, her tail flicking back and forth. “Just look at those beauties, all ready for you. Did you know you have two cocks to please, Slime Boy? Just think about how much fun we’ll have together!”
“Y-yeah…” Rimuru nodded slowly, unable to find words.
Elza and Butt Witch stared at Rimuru with lustful eyes. He couldn’t help but stare back. The two of them had forced him into this situation, but that only made them seem even more appealing. On top of that, Rimuru hadn’t masturbated in ages; the sudden sight of two women practically drooling over his body was sending shivers through him. It made him so hot he felt like he might burst.
“Come on, now! Don’t be shy! Let’s get down to business, Slime Boy!” Elza declared, grabbing his waist and pushing him toward Butt Witch.
“Ah, ah, ahh!” Rimuru squeaked as he was pushed face-first onto the floor.
“Aww, what a cute face,” Butt Witch said, running her fingers across his butt cheeks. “And this ass…”
“Now, now, let’s not rush things,” Elza said. “First, we’ve gotta teach him how to pleasure our cocks.” She grabbed Rimuru’s face and kissed him. His lips were soft, and she tasted sweet. Not at all like a man’s.
Rimuru moaned loudly as Elza’s tongue entered his mouth. He was surprised by how arousing it was, kissing a hyena. He thought it would be gross, but it turned out to be quite pleasant. After all, Rimuru wasn’t a man, not anymore, and they weren’t men either.
She broke the kiss, licking her lips with a satisfied look on her face. Then she leaned closer, and Rimuru could smell her musky scent. He swallowed hard.
“Hmm, nice,” Butt Witch said. “That tongue of yours… You’re real good at that. Now, now, let’s start from the basics. First, lick my asshole.”
“O-okay,” Rimuru said. He lifted his head as the Butt Witch squatted over him.
Butt Witch giggled with joy as Rimuru’s tongue ran around her tiny hole. She was rubbing her meaty cock, which he took in his hands and started stroking. He licked and sucked on her asshole, rimming it lovingly with his tongue.
“There we go!” she cooed. “Stroke my cock while you rim me, Slime Boy.”
He did as she instructed, stroking her cock with both hands while rimming her ass with his tongue. This was much better than Rimuru expected; Butt Witch seemed to be enjoying herself, and he loved doing it for her.
Elza, meanwhile, ran her hands along Rimuru’s hairless body. Her palms were soft as she felt him up, squeezing his every curve. She put her hands on his shoulders, then moved behind him and pressed against his back.
“Here I come, Slime Boy!”
With that, Elza mounted him. She guided his ass upward, until her cock slid inside him. “Ohhh!” he exclaimed.
Rimuru’s ass was tight—and it squeezed Elza as she sunk into him. It felt amazing, like someone was massaging his insides.
“You feel so nice, Rimuru,” Elza said. “I just want to take you home and do this all day long!”
“H-hey, hey… You can’t say stuff like that when you’re on top…!”
“Well, too bad!” Elza replied. “I’m gonna fuck your brains out!”
“N-no, don’t! Uwah!”
In response, Elza began thrusting her hips. Rimuru gasped as she penetrated him deeper and deeper, hitting his deepest parts with each stroke. The Butt Witch turned around, letting her cock fall onto his face with a heavy smack. Rimuru didn’t have time to object before Butt Witch grabbed him by the hair and pulled his head into her crotch. He smelled the unique odor of her cock, and immediately realized what he’d been missing.
“Mmm, yeah… This is pretty good already,” Butt Witch said.
“It sure is,” agreed Elza. “Slime Boy, suck her cock! That’s right, make it cum!”
Rimuru opened his mouth, and the Butt Witch’s cock slid inside. It was hot, so hot. And it was bigger than he ever imagined. But he knew what to do; he stuck his tongue out and swirled it around Butt Witch’s shaft.
“Heh-heh-heh… Ahhhhh!”
The Butt Witch moaned happily as Rimuru sucked her. The tip of her cock pressed against the back of his throat, and he felt its heat through his tongue, making him dizzy. His nose was buried in her crotch, and he could smell her musk all over—a spicy, earthy aroma he found utterly intoxicating.
“So tasty! So good!” he thought to himself.
Rimuru slurped and sucked, getting more and more aroused by Butt Witch’s pleasure. All the while, Elza continued to slowly slide in and out of his ass. It hurt a little at first, but with each thrust, Rimuru got used to it.
“Yeah, keep going… Mmph!”
“Good boy! Keep sucking!”
Rimuru kept licking and sucking Butt Witch’s cock, while Elza fucked his ass. He had to admit, though: Butt Witch’s cock was way bigger than any of the ones he’d sucked so far. It filled his mouth to bursting, and whenever he tried to pull away, Butt Witch would grab him by the head and force his mouth back down.
“Ha-ha-ha! Just swallow it, slime!” she said. “You’ll get used to it soon enough!”
“A-all right…”
As he sucked, Rimuru listened to the sounds the Butt Witch made, her moans growing louder and louder. They mingled with the sounds of Elza’s hips slapping against his ass as she fucked him, filling the room with the sounds of sex.
Soon, Elza grew tired of Rimuru’s ass. “You’ve done well today, Slime Boy,” she said.
“Huh? Uh, yeah… I guess I have,” Rimuru said, blushing, as he released the Butt Witch’s green cock from his mouth.
Elza removed herself from Rimuru’s ass. She slapped his ass with her appendage, grinning to herself. “I think you’re ready for the next step now.”
“Next step?”
“Yes. I know how you love anal stimulation, Rimuru. We haven’t gotten to the best part yet, so let’s move on to that.”
Rimuru nodded. “Y-yeah, okay…”
“We’re gonna fill you up with both our cocks at the same time,” the Butt Witch said, stroking Rimuru’s hair. “Won’t that be fun?”
Rimuru gulped. “Uh, sure… Let’s do it.”
Both women leaned forward and grabbed their cocks, then lined them up with Rimuru’s ass.
“Here goes!” Elza proclaimed, pushing her cock back inside Rimuru’s asshole.
Instantly, he felt the warmth of Elza’s dick spreading across his insides. But as she started to fuck him, the Butt Witch followed suit. She pushed her cock into his ass, driving it deep into his guts. Rimuru cried out as his asshole stretched around both cocks, filling him up like never before.
“Ohhh… Wh-what’s happening?!” he yelled.
“Just hold on tight, and enjoy yourself,” Elza said, laughing as she kept fucking him.
Rimuru closed his eyes tight and held on. He clung to Elza, his fingers digging into her fur as the cocks thrust in and out of him. He couldn’t believe this was even possible. How did they fit inside him?!
“Oooh!” Elza groaned as she pounded his ass. “That’s the spot! Right there!”
The Butt Witch slapped Rimuru’s ass again. She seemed to be enjoying herself. “Ha-ha! You’re really taking it well, aren’t you? I thought you might be squeamish about being buttfucked, but it looks like you’ve got no complaints!”
“No complaints here! Not a single one!!”
The two women laughed at Rimuru’s response. They kept thrusting their cocks into his ass, driving them deeper and deeper into his bowels. Rimuru struggled to contain himself, but he wasn’t doing such a great job. He looked back at Elza, who was still slamming her cock in and out of his ass.
“Wh-why does it feel so good…?”
“You sure you don’t want us to stop?” the Butt Witch asked. “If you ask me, your ass is tighter than anyone else’s we’ve used.”
“N-no, I’m fine! Keep going!”
They kept pumping him full of their cocks, and Rimuru was surprised to find himself loving every second. They fucked his ass hard and fast, smacking against him with each thrust. His hole expanded around their dicks, stretching to accommodate them. He couldn’t help but moan in ecstasy. The pain eventually faded, leaving behind only the pleasurable sensation of having two gigantic cocks buried deep inside him.
“Ahh, mngh… Oooohh!”
He could barely breathe anymore. He couldn’t speak, either; all he could do was pant and grunt as the Butt Witch and Elza kept pounding his ass.
His hole stretched wider and wider around their cocks, until it finally reached its limit. Both women began to push, and Rimuru felt their cocks swelling inside him. At last, they came—
In unison, the Butt Witch and Elza unloaded their loads straight into Rimuru’s ass. Their seed splashed inside him, filling him with hot cum. It felt incredible.
“Mmph… Mmf…” he gasped, leaning back against the wall. “It feels so good!”
The Butt Witch and Elza smiled, satisfied. “Good boy,” Elza said, stroking his head. Their large, softening cocks slid out of his gaping asshole, letting their mixed cum spill out of him.
Rimuru tried to get up, but the two women began licking his ass. He slumped against the wall, spreading his legs to give them better access.
“Mmm, we made quite the cocktail in this boy’s ass,” Elza said as their tongues lapped at his abused hole.
“Aye, we sure did.”
Finally done, the Butt Witch and Elza pulled away, leaving Rimuru’s ass pink and gaping, but licked clean.
“Gah… Aaah…” he panted, his face flushed with desire.
He looked back down at the two women, feeling an urge to thank them for what they’d done to him. But he was too exhausted to move.
“Man… That was fun,” Elza sighed. “I think we’re gonna have to do this again sometime.”
“Yeah, that’s for sure,” the Butt Witch agreed.
“Well, if you ever need anything, just let us know,” Elza told him, patting his head.
“Thanks… Yeah, I will.”
Rimuru sat there, recovering from the buttfucking he’d just been through. Just when he thought he’d never recover, though, he heard laughter coming from nearby.
He looked to see Inky the Clown, her chest heaving with laughter. Her partner, Pinky, was close behind.
“Why are you laughing?!” Rimuru shouted.
“Oh, Rimuru, it’s so cute how you act all tough!” she said, giggling more.
“What?! Stop laughing at me!”
Pinky and Inky started laughing even harder.
“Heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-heh-hee-hee-hee-hee! Hahahaha!”
The two clowns closed in on him, and Rimuru realized he was in for another round.

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