NHS Spotlight: Killua Zoldyck

NHS Spotlight: Killua Zoldyck

By April O’Neil


There are only a handful of true power couples in our business. Duos who seem completely inseparable, where even if you see one perform without the other you know for a fact that their other half is just beyond the camera, cheering their partner on. Today I sit down with half of one such duo, the pale electric assassin known as Killua Zoldyck.


APRIL: “Welcome, Killua, and thank you for sitting down to talk with me today.”


KILLUA: “Yeah, sure, it’s no problem.”


APRIL: “First off, allow me to explain the premise of this interview. Through the Near Hentai social media account, we asked for fans to submit questions for you to answer. Everything I ask you today is something one of your fans asked.”


KILLUA: “Sure, it’s like an Ask speedrun.”


APRIL: “More or less. There’s no pressure to perform for any of your answers, though.”

KILLUA: “I gotcha. Hit me up.”


APRIL: “Alright, then! First up, do you and Gon enjoy being with Goku? If so, what would you say you like about him?”


KILLUA: “I have to assume they’re asking about being with him physically… I think that’s pretty simple, really. Goku’s a pretty big, strong dude, with a huge cock. It’s really easy for him to just kinda… manhandle you, but he’s incredibly gentle and can overwhelm you with pleasure without hurting you or even leaving you that sore in the morning. Assuming you want someone to just hammer you until cum your brains out, he’s pretty much ideal for that.”


APRIL: “Wow, how concise!”


Killua chuckled to himself.


KILLUA: “I mean, Gon and I have talked about it before, so I feel like we have his good points down. Plus, he’s just a goofy dope, and if you hadn’t noticed by my boyfriend, I’m sort of enamored by that type.”


APRIL: “Lovely. Moving on, for your first shoot in the Studio, Gon was fucking you in a forrest and spanking you. Do you like to get spanked during sex?”


KILLUA: “Well, sure, when the mood’s right. Who doesn’t?”


APRIL: “Did you spank Gon back the next time you fucked him?”


KILLUA: “Um… I can’t remember for sure the exact next time after that shoot… I’ve smacked his ass a bit, though. He’s got a nice one for it.”


APRIL: “And how do you feel about chastity? Would you ever wear one?”


KILLUA: “I mean, if I had to for a shoot or something, I guess. I can’t say much about the idea excites me, though.”


APRIL: “Now, we’ve talked a little bit about your partner, Gon. Since the two of you are a couple, in addition to Studio activities, do you ever do other couples activities, like living together or going on romantic dates?”


KILLUA: “Oh, of course. Gon and I have lived together for a good while now. When we first arrived in the Studio we lived separately, and Gon tried living with his Aunt Mito for a while, but eventually we decided it’d be best to live together, just the two of us. We tend to spend most nights at home together, but we do sometimes go on dates and stuff, sure.”


APRIL: “And how do you feel when you see Gon perform with another boy?”


KILLUA: “Excited, usually. I don’t get to see him fuck from that angle when it’s the two of us, you know? But I like the way his body moves when he’s fucking, especially when he’s on top. Seeing him bottom is fun, too, though. He’s really cute when a dick’s in his ass.”


APRIL: “And could you tell us about your first time with Gon?”


KILLUA: “Well, it was that forest shoot you mentioned earlier. We never got around to fucking properly in our previous world, though I’d of course thought about it. The time never seemed right to make a move, but the same day we were pulled into the Studio we were shooting our first scene. Our first private time together was that night, and was a bit more… sensual. I like to think of the first shoot as a practice run for when we were alone together later.”


APRIL: “I’m not sure about the wording on this one, but does a relationship in the Studio start with kissing or striptease?”


KILLUA: “Well, like I said, we kinda jumped right to fucking on the first day… but if you mean, like, when we fuck? We’ll usually start with kissing. I’ve done private strip shows for Gon a few times, but that’s more for special occasions.”


APRIL: “And do you and Gon use perfume when you perform in the Studio?”


KILLUA: “I mean, I don’t know if I’d call it perfume, but we try to make sure we don’t smell like shit, sure.”


APRIL: “And what do you think about interacting more with people you knew in your previous life? People like Bisky, Kurapika and Zushi? How would you feel about Leorio coming to the Studio?”


KILLUA: “Oh, it’s always fun working with someone from our world. There’s an extra connection there, when you knew them before getting into porn. So I enjoy it, though I’ve got so many friends in the Studio now that it sometimes feels like they get a little left behind. As for Leorio, um… I mean, I’m sure he’d love it here. I wasn’t as close to him as Gon and Kurapika, though.”


APRIL: “And if you could pick one person between Hisoka, Retz, or Illumi to come to the Studio, who would it be?”


KILLUA: “Hm. Retz? I’m not sure I know who that is. It’s possible that I met that person after this iteration of me came to the Studio. If he or she ever came to the Studio, maybe I’d get the associated memories, but right now I don’t know anything about them. As for the other two… I guess Hisoka? I’m not sure Illumi would like it here, but I know Hisoka would have a field day.”


APRIL: “You’ve worked a fair bit with people from the Dragon Ball world, have you not?”


KILLUA: “Yeah, I think so. That’s Goku’s world, right?”


APRIL: “Yes. Are there any more from that world you’d like to work with in the future?”


KILLUA: “Um, fuck… let me think… It’s hard for me to think of anyone who I know is from that world but I haven’t worked with yet. What about, uh… what’s his name. Yamcha? That guy seems pretty submissive and breedable, I wouldn’t mind making him my bitch sometime, I guess.”


APRIL: “This one’s a little odd, but have you ever watched Vandread Saga or Saber Marionette J?”


KILLUA: “No, I have no idea what those are.”


APRIL: “Okay, and how soon will you do another shoot with an incestuous theme?”

KILLUA: “That’s not really up to me. If Near wants me to shoot with someone from my family, I’m always down. Some are more fuckable than others, of course, but… I wouldn’t mind working with my sister Alluka again sometime. It’d also be fun to fuck my mom, most of my friends have done that already but I haven’t had the chance.”


APRIL: “And what would you say is your biggest kink or fetish?”


KILLUA: “Uh… I’m not really sure. I think my tastes are honestly kind of vanilla, I just like fucking and getting fucked. I guess I like when there’s a little bit of pain involved, but I don’t know if I’d go so far as to call myself a masochist. That’s a hard one, sorry if I don’t have a more interesting answer.”


APRIL: “That’s perfectly alright. Just answer honestly, that’s all we can ask for. Moving on, one could say you’ve been passed around a lot. Who would you say have some of the biggest cocks you’ve seen around the Studio?”


KILLUA: “Oh, I’m sure there’s no surprises. Any fan of mine’s seen the same ones I have, but… I guess Goku and Luffy always come immediately to mind. Gon, of course, is pretty damn big, and Trunks and Goten are also packing… I guess the most surprising one for me was Krillin? That guy’s dick filled me all the way up, which is pretty rare these days. I could go on and on, but those are some of them that I think of first.”


APRIL: “And what would you say is your favorite way to unwind in the Studio?”


KILLUA: “Oh, I hang out at the strip club a lot. I like to watch the dancers, but it’s also a good place to pick up quick fucks, y’know? Other than that, I like to get ice cream at the food court or go hang out with Gon somewhere. Usually he’s just walking around somewhere, so we’ll walk and talk. It’s nice.”


APRIL: “I feel like we’ve answered this one, but how do you have it in the Studio? Are you romantically interested in someone?”


Killua broke out in laughter here, and I realized I might should’ve move this question to the beginning. He might still have had the same response, regardless.


KILLUA: “Other than my boyfriend? Nah. I do have a bit of a crush on Gon, though.”


APRIL: “Of course! And what made you want to join the Near Hentai Studio?”


KILLUA: “Same as everyone else, I assume. I got zapped here through whatever sci-fi dimensional gadgetry they’ve got in the lab, and Siat told me I could choose to either work here or this version of me would stop existing. Of course, this version of me is crazy about sex, so it was an easy choice either way, but for us there’s not that much of a choice, really.”


APRIL: “Yes, of course. As iterations generated specifically to create porn, it’s quite literally in our DNA.”


KILLUA: “If cartoon characters have DNA.”


APRIL: “Right, right. Now then, do you like having your feet worshiped during sex?”


KILLUA: “Yeah, of course. It tickles, but it feels nice and I like attention.”


APRIL: “I see. And you’ve worked with Izuku Midoriya a bit in the Studio, but have you met his friend Katsuki Bakugou? If so, have you been intimate with him, or done anything with him and Izuku?”


KILLUA: “Bakugou? I shot with him once, him and Goten DP’d me. He also fucked Gon in that shoot. I haven’t really hung out with him outside of that, though. He’s not really a social guy.”


APRIL: “And how would you feel about working with Robin or Beast Boy of the Teen Titans?”


KILLUA: “They seem cool enough, I don’t see why it’d be an issue. They were there for the birthday party with Harley Quinn we shot, and I think Gon’s worked with Beast Boy before. It’d just need to be set up in the Studio, I guess.”


APRIL: “In the comic ‘The Lovers and the Brothers’, we saw Huey and Riley both fucking you, but not Gon. Do you know why? Did Gon not want to?”


KILLUA: “Oh, it never came up. We just shot according to the script, which was written by the Studio backers at the time. I assume they just didn’t have an interest in seeing Gon bottoming.”


APRIL: “This same person also asks you to tell Near that they want to see that story return.”


KILLUA: “Haha, well it could be fun. I know Near’s planning to do a sequel to one of the big Studio projects if he gets enough supporters, so maybe it’d be that one. Who knows?”


APRIL: “And how was it for you and Gon to share Zushi’s dick? Is he enough to satisfy both of you?”


KILLUA: “Zushi’s a good kid. He tries his best, and his dick’s great. We do tend to tire him out first, though.”


APRIL: “I know you’ve answered this before, but were you upset by comments Gon made about you in an Ask?”

KILLUA: “You’re talking about when he said I wasn’t the biggest guy around? He’s right, and it doesn’t bother me. My appeal’s not in my dick size, and if I was any bigger he probably wouldn’t let me top as often as I do.”


APRIL: “And do you agree with him that he’s not prepared to take on the biggest dicks in the Studio, even though he’s worked with guys like Luffy?”


KILLUA: “Eh… I mean, he probably wouldn’t die if he fucked someone like Broly or whatever, but I don’t think Gon likes big cocks. He’s not a size queen like some of us are, and he seems to prefer being on top, anyway.”


APRIL: “This next person wants to know if there’s been some sort of rift between you, Gon, and Trunks and Goten. They also say they miss Zushi and wonder why we don’t see more of him.”


KILLUA: “No, there’s no issue… I think we just kind of worked with them a bunch and it was time to move on. We don’t usually book the shoots, Near or the Studio supporters do, and there just hasn’t been a demand for us to work with those guys in a while, I think. As for Zushi, I think he’s happy staying off the camera.The little guy fucks like a rabbit, but I think he got camera-shy.”


APRIL: “And from that same person, could you talk a little bit about your shoot with Izuku and Todoroki? They’re curious how you met and if you’ll be working together again.”


KILLUA: “Well, Gon and I met Izuku ages ago when we shot a One-Shot just the three of us. We’ve crossed paths a few times, it feels like… And we knew Todoroki from around the Studio, but that shoot was another One-Shot. We just kind of all got called in to film it, same as the other One-Shots. Of course, the four of us have a deeper connection through the NHS Fusion program now, but that’s a different story.”


APRIL: “Gon and Pitou seem to get along well now in the Studio. Do you think you’d like to have some fun with her as well?”


KILLUA: “I guess I wouldn’t turn her down, but it’d probably have to be for a shoot. I don’t really see much of her in the Studio normally.”


APRIL: “Since Tanjiro is a part of the Studio, do you think you’d like to get to know him better?”


KILLUA: “I’m sorry, I’m not sure who that is. There’s a lot of people around these days, I haven’t met everyone.”


APRIL: “And what has it been like working alongside Yugi for ‘The Hunters’ Puzzle’?”


KILLUA: “I like Yugi. He was kind of terrified of us for a while, I think, but he’s sweet. Kind of a softie, but that just makes plowing his soft ass even more fun, haha. But seriously, I think he’s a good guy, he’s always looking out for people.”


APRIL: “And this person here says they’ve noticed a similarity between Horohoro and Gon, and they want to know if you agree.”


KILLUA: “Um… Similarity? I guess they both are kinda rambunctious… and they both have spiky hair… They don’t really seem that similar to me, though. Gon’s a million times cuter.”


APRIL: “And, uh… Does Luffy enjoy sniffing Gon’s underwear?”


KILLUA: “I’ve never seen him do that. I don’t think he does?”


Killua gives a half-hearted shrug.


APRIL: “This same person says they think Luffy prefers you and Gon to other boys, due to the faces he makes when he’s with you.”


KILLUA: “I wouldn’t know. That guy seems kinda hard to read to me, he’s always got some goofy expression on his face.”


APRIL: “And, um… this same person says that Luffy is insane with Gon’s ass…”


KILLUA: “I don’t even know what that means.”


APRIL: “And they ask if people like Luffy and Goku give you and Gon money?”


KILLUA: “No, money’s kinda meaningless here. They just give us their cum.”


At this point Killua was becoming visibly annoyed with the line of questioning. Lucky for me, we were almost done.


APRIL: “Okay, Killua, last question! This person says they don’t know if you’d know, but they wanted to ask you if Kazuki Yasaka is still friends with Keitaro Nagame.”


Killua sighed and began rubbing his temple with one hand. He took a moment before answering.


KILLUA: “Why are they asking me about random people I don’t even know. Kazuki and Keitaro… I dunno. I think Felix had a buddy named Keitaro, but I don’t really hang out with Felix enough to know his friends. I’m sorry, but I just don’t know. I can’t even say I know for sure who those two are.”


APRIL: “Alright, well, thank you for sitting down with me today. I hope you enjoyed hearing what your fans want to know from you.”


KILLUA: “Yeah, it was enlightening.”


We both stood, and I shook his hand. He smiled cutely at me, and it seemed like he’d already forgotten what was bothering him. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for this interview, and be sure to keep an eye on the official Near Hentai Twitter account to see when we ask for more for our next interview! Until thin, thank you for ready, and farewell!


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