NHS Spotlight: Raven

By April O’Neil


As part of our ongoing series of special interviews with Near Hentai Studios performers, I was tasked with choosing a female star to sit down with next. After looking through a number of tasty candidates, all of whom I hope to grill at some point in the future, I eventually settled on the mysterious grey girl known as Raven. A star of multiple hit productions with the Studio, including “Beast of Her Dreams” and “One Night in Azaroth”, I knew this violet-haired temptress would be an enticing one to dig in to.


As always, we collected a number of questions through the Near Hentai Studios Twitter account, which I had with me when I met Raven in the interview room. She wore a long sleeved shirt with some very short shorts, leaving her long, grey legs distractingly exposed. Doing my best to meet her gaze, I shook her hand and began the interview.


APRIL: “Thank you for agreeing to sit with me today, Ms. Roth.”


RAVEN: “Please, it’s just Raven.”


APRIL: “Raven, then. As I’m sure you were told, today’s interview will consist of questions submitted by your fans to the Near Hentai Twitter account. Are you ready to answer to bare all for your supporters?”


RAVEN: “Of course. After everything I’ve done here in the Studio, I don’t really have much left to hide from them.”


APRIL: “I’m so glad to hear that. So let’s just jump in with the first question, shall we?”


RAVEN: “Agreed.”


APRIL: “So, Raven, how did you feel when you arrived in the Studio?”


RAVEN: “Ah, it’s hard to believe that was already ten years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday. They brought Star and I in at the same time.”


APRIL: “That would be Starfire, your friend and teammate in the Teen Titans.”


RAVEN: “Yes. It seems as if people who watched our show often fantasized about us being, um, intimate together, and so we were both brought in at the same time to bring that fantasy to life. As for how I felt, I guess the best way I could put it is… confused? The existence of a place like this can be a lot to take in, along with the knowledge of one’s own… fictionality. But if I was confused, Star was completely lost. I have some familiarity with different dimensions and the like, and I think Star does as well, but… She needed a lot of coaxing to really come to grips with our situation. Since she needed me to help her process, that sort of took my mind off it and gave me something to focus on. So in that way, having her here was a big help.”


APRIL: “I’m sure she would say the same about you, if asked. If I can press on, though, what were your feelings specifically about the sexual aspect of why you’d been brought here, and what was being asked of you?”


RAVEN: “Oh. I see what you’re getting at, sorry. Yes, I was a bit hesitant about performing sexually for a camera. I think most people are when they arrive here. However, I have to admit, the thought of being intimate with Starfire, even under studio lights with a camera crew watching… was exciting. I’ve often felt a closeness with Star that I was excited to explore further. And I found, once I bit the bullet and we shot our first scene together, that the audience was not as big of a hindrance as I’d feared. Once we were in each other’s arms, I barely noticed anyone else.”


APRIL: “That’s lovely. And, of course, Starfire is not the only member of your team you’ve been intimate with since arriving. You’ve also had the opportunity to enjoy the equipment of Beast Boy, Robin and Cyborg. How would you compare them, and how good are they with them?”


RAVEN: “Well, in terms of size, Cyborg’s naturally got a good lead on the other boys. Luckily for us, he still has that part of him organic. Or, at least, the version of him here does. I don’t know if that was something they tweaked when they copied him into the Studio, or what… Between Beast Boy and Robin, I’d say Gar’s got more girth, while Dick’s maybe a bit longer? They’re pretty close, though.”


APRIL: “Gar being Beast Boy, and Dick being Robin, correct?”


RAVEN: “Yes, sorry, I’ll use their codenames going forward. We do tend to go by them primarily here in the Studio.


“But as far as how they use them… Cyborg’s extremely gentle. When he fucks me, it’s almost as if he thinks I’m made of glass or something. He does get over that once he’s really in the zone, though, and he’ll fuck you hard and deep. As you might assume by looking at him, he fucks rhythmically but powerfully, like a machine.


“Robin’s a bit… I don’t want to say anything that’ll hurt his feelings, ‘cause I know Star loves how he fucks, but I find him a bit dull, personally. He can be enthusiastic, but he’s a bit too formal for me, and is always asking for feedback on his performance. I get that he’s trying to be considerate, and his heart’s in the right place, but he’s not very good at intuiting my needs, so fucking him’s a bit tiring.


“B.B.’s the best, though, if you ask me. I wasn’t expecting much from him, but he’s extremely passionate and seems to always know what I need before I do. We gel together, I guess. He tends to fuck pretty hard and fast. Not nearly as hard as Cy, mind you, but he’ll cling on to you and just go to town until you’re a drooling mess.”


APRIL: “Mm, sounds intense.”


RAVEN: “Oh, I’ve heard about you, April. I know you’ve been eyeing my man’s green cock.”


I cleared my throat and decided to move on to our next question.


APRIL: “Anyway, do you like to use your powers to dominate Beast Boy?”


RAVEN: “Eheh… Only when he has it coming.”


APRIL: “And which of Beast Boy’s transformations would you say is your favorite?”


RAVEN: “Oh… definitely I like when he’s a tiger. He’s so big, and warm and soft… you can just use him like a bed. Sometimes when we cuddle I’ll ask him to be one so I can wrap around him and drift off… I think them being such great sleeping partners must be why Princess Jasmine has one. Alternatively, in the other direction, I do enjoy when he’s a house cat or a puppy and sleeps on my lap. I know he just likes the feel of my legs under him, but he’s too precious to say no to when he’s like that.”


APRIL: “I’ve noticed you haven’t said anything about which of these is the best to have sex with.”


RAVEN: “Oh, of course… People do often assume we do that, and I understand why. I’m not, um, particularly into zoophilia, myself. We’ve experimented here and there, but… if you’re asking me to choose which version of my boyfriend I like to fuck the most, it’d be his normal, human-like state. If we fuck while he’s an animal, it’s for one of two reasons. Either he’s just feeling more like that animal that day than normal, or it’d be because we were asked to for a shoot on camera.”


APRIL: “And that being said, why did you choose Beast Boy?”


RAVEN: “You know, I’m not sure if I ever would have chosen him, if it was just about choosing a partner. On paper, I don’t see the match. When I was younger I always pictured myself with someone, well… like myself. Someone serious, with dark tastes… and tall. I always pictured someone tall. Gar, I mean Beast Boy, is almost the opposite of who I would choose. But I don’t know, we just… happened. I guess there’s some truth to the old adage that opposites attract. I’ve never found him particularly funny, but I still smile when I think of him being his usual goofy self. I notice his absence when we’re apart. I’ve never been able to really emote, or put myself out there the way he does. So in that way, I guess he completes me.”


She actually blushed and smiled when she said that last part, neither being something she’d done up to that point in the interview.


APRIL: “That’s so sweet! At this point we’re going to pivot a bit. Did you do a scene with Goku or Gohan?”


RAVEN: “Did I? Past tense?”


APRIL: “That’s what it says here, yes.”


RAVEN: “Um, no. Sorry. If I had, you’d be able to find it on the Near Hentai site. I’ve actually done surprisingly little crossover work, even though I know a lot of people who have. I did shoot a little something with someone else who I’m pretty sure is from the same universe as those guys, though, but I don’t think it’s gone public yet, so I probably can’t really talk about it.”


APRIL: “Just to cover our bases, if you were asked to do a scene with either Goku or Gohan in the future, would you?”


RAVEN: “Oh, I suppose. I only sort of know Gohan, but he seems nice enough. I’ve only seen Goku on the television, though, but he does seem kind of like someone stuck Beast Boy’s brain in Cyborg’s body, so I’d be curious to see what that’s like.”


APRIL: “I see, I see. And what is your opinion on nudism?”


RAVEN: “Well, I know in Starfire’s home culture it’s pretty common. She’s never been shy about being nude around the tower, and she doesn’t seem to register it as something sexual at all. I’ve personally always had a live-and-let-live mentality. I’ve been ostracized enough for my own interests over the years, I wouldn’t dream of judging someone who’s passions don’t harm anyone. Nudism is perfectly fine, and I do like the idea of nudity being less taboo in general. As for if I practice it, I can’t say that I do. Maybe in a private location or controlled environment, like a nudist beach, I could try it out, but… It’s not something high on my priorities list.”


APRIL: “Speaking of nudist beaches, how would you feel about getting a darker suntan for yourself?”


Raven gave a short snort of laughter before answering.


RAVEN: “Does one of my fans want me to get darker? Unfortunately, it’s not really an option. My complexion’s not just because I prefer to stay in my dark room with no sun. I have demon blood in my veins, and demons don’t really tan. If I could, though, no. I’m perfectly happy with myself as I am now.”


APRIL: “Yes, thank you! That is our last question, so this concludes the interview.”


RAVEN: “Oh, already? Alright then.”


APRIL: “Thank you for joining us for this special spotlight interview, it was a pleasure chatting with you.”


RAVEN: “Likewise, April. And if you ever decide you’d like to try out Beast Boy for yourself, give us a call. I’m sure we could arrange something.”


So we parted ways, wrapping up another successful interview. Raven was polite and even-tempered for our whole conversation, speaking in a near monotone even when asked about rather sensitive subjects. A ten-year veteran of the porn industry at this point, she seemed completely unfazed talking openly about her sex life; she’s a true professional everyone in the Studio can look to as a model for classy promiscuity. 


Please join me next time as I sit down with another star of the Studio, who has yet to be determined. Whomever it is, we will rely on your questions through Twitter to probe deep into their mind. I’ll see you all then!

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