Smoking Hot

Smoking Hot

by Ooga

Lois Griffin ran her hands through her own soft, orange hair. Her small hums fell on deaf ears, however, as the studio Director led their production team through the rundown of the shoot. The Director was occupied with their crew at the moment, so Lois took the chance to look around the set.


It looked eerily similar to the bedroom she had in Quahog…even complete with the same bed sheets as the one from home. Just like home, she thought to herself with a small smile curving her pink lips. The room also spelt like lavender…perhaps to ease her nerves. After all, this is her first ‘major’ shoot in the studio. As much as she loved the scene she did with her daughter, Meg, that, however, was her debut scene. This one had the potential to make her gain popularity amongst both the fans and the staff in the studio.


Especially since it involves perhaps the most popular guy in this place.


When the door to the set swung open, all eyes landed on the young man that entered the room, nothing but a towel wrapped around his soft body. Spiky, jet-black hair was the boy’s most noticeable feature, right behind a pair of onyx eyes.


“Good Morning, everyone!” The boy gave the people in the room a bow of respect, his hand holding his towel in place.


The Director sent a nod in the boy’s direction, “Hello, Gohan. Are you all set?”


“Yup, all ready!” He sends a smile over to The Director before his eyes land on the MILF in front of him, “You’re Lois Griffin, right? I heard about you from Near himself! Nice to meet you!”


He sends a bow.


Lois would respond with a giggle as she fans her hand near her face dramatically, “Oh hehehe. A gentleman~! I hear you steal a lot of hearts from us Moms, huh?”


Gohan blushed as he rubbed the back of his head, “Uhh…I guess you can say that.”


Lois opened her mouth to reply, but The Director beat her to the punch.


“Production is all set. Are you two ready to shoot?” When met with two nods from their actors, The Director clapped their hands together, “Perfect! Okay, Gohan, you start on the bed. You’re going to pretend you just got out of the shower and see a picture of Lois in her young days. You get rather excited and start to play with yourself until Lois, you step in and pretend to act shocked. Then, I’ll have you two wing it which will lead to Gohan accidentally seducing you, Lois, then we’ll let you two have your fun. Sound good?”


Gohan would nod with a large smile on his face, “Sounds good to me!”


“Same here.” Lois nods.


“Alright…position people!”


Lois stands up from the bed and slowly closes the set door as Gohan does the same to the other door to the right, the sound of a shower running played ever so slightly behind the closed door. Must’ve been from one of the speakers, Lois thought to herself.




The shower stopped running and the bathroom door swung open, and out emerged Gohan with a blue towel wrapped around his soft body. He lets out a small sigh of comfort as he approaches the empty bed…until he notices a framed picture on the dresser. Curiously, he picks it up to see a young Lois, her infamous orange hair tied in a long ponytail. Her pink covered lips are still visible on her face as well. 


Gohan let out a small moan, naughty thoughts circling his mind as his eyes wandered at the framed photo of his friend’s slim body. Taking the photo in hand, he’d sit on the bed as he dropped the towel on the floor, exposing his now erect cock. His hand would then slowly start to pump his cock, licking his lips as he imagined completely railing the woman in the photo. Making her deepthroat his dick, facefucking her, completely dominating her in every way possible.


Lois would watch the scene unfold in front of her, her mouth watering as she watched the boy play with himself. Wow…no wonder he was so popular! That cock of his looks absolutely delicious, she’d think to herself, what an ass as well! It’s been a hot minute since she’s gotten a good dick appointment. She’s only worked with women so far in the studio…so she wasn’t going to take this chance so lightly!


She’d quickly open the door, her eyes landing solely on the boy’s erected cock, and dramatically gasped.


“Gohan?!” Lois gasps. Said boy was like a deer in headlights; unable to move with his onyx eyes wide as saucers. “What are you doing?!”


“N-Nothing, ma’am!” He gulps, “I-I was just…fixing your photo! It fell on the floor and—!”


“Fixing it with your dick?!” Lois crossed her arms over her chest, “How dare you masturbate to me!”


Gohan, despite being “caught”, still refused to remove his hand from his dick, “W-Well…I was just admiring your looks. I-I thought you were absolutely smoking in this picture!”


Lois stared at the boy for a bit before squinting her eyes, “Are you trying to say I’m not smoking hot anymore?!”


Gohan quickly shook his head, “N-No! Of course not! Actually…I think you look hotter now then you do here!”


She felt like she was going to melt. That line hit her right in her heart. Talk about a gentleman!


“…Oh! Fuck me!”


Lois practically jumped on the Saiyan and the two began to make out, tongues wrestling with each other as they held each other close. Gohan’s soft body was a wonder to rub her hands on, and Lois’s curved body was a pleasure for Gohan to feel up on.


They’d soon break apart for a moment, allowing Lois to throw her green shirt on the floor and unhook her bra. Her breasts bounced free from their clothed prison as she returned to making out with the young teen. The warmth of her body, now making skin to skin contact, caused the Saiyan to moan in the kiss.


The MILF would move up slightly, letting her breasts hang In front of the boy. Being a veteran, he knew exactly what to do; with one hand he’d squeeze the left boob, and with the other he’d guide the other to his mouth. Sucking and licking the tit with his mouth, his tongue flicking on the nipple of the MILF. 


“Hahh! That’s right, honey. Suck on that tit!” As a former pornstar herself, Lois knew exactly what kind of dialogue to go for, “Bet you love doing this to Chi-Chi’s titty too, huh?”


The boy would nod in response as he kept sucking on the boob of Lois Griffin, her nipples getting hard as he sucked and licked. This sensation was not new to Lois, but she couldn’t get enough of it! All this affection was just driving her bonkers!


With a POP, she’d remove her boob from Gohan’s mouth before lowering herself on the teen, leaving trails of kisses on his chest and abdomen before her face was mere inches away from his cock.


“Look at this big boy!” She giggled as she measured the cock in front of her face, her eyes looking up at his tip well above her forehead.


Her tongue slowly licked up his shaft, her eyes staring right at Gohan’s onyx eyes as she licked till she reached the tip. Engulfing the tip, Lois moaned as the boy’s precum tickled her tastebuds.


Gohan would moan in response.


“Y’know, they used to call me “Loose Lois” back in the day?” Lois would tease after taking his cock out her mouth, “Wanna find out why?”


That last part she whispered ever so seductively.


Just before Gohan could speak, Lois quickly engulfed the boy’s cock in her mouth. She sucked on his cock like there was no tomorrow. One would compare her to a vacuum. Lois would suck and suck till she lowered herself further down his cock, deepthroating the boy.




She’d deepthroat the boy herself, occasionally stopping herself all the way down his cock to fit it in her throat. Her eyes now filled with pure lust, she had one intent now: milking Gohan nice and dry~!


“H-Hahhh! H-Holy shit…!” Gohan would moan in pleasure, staring at the roof of the set. 


“C’mon, Gohan. I’m gonna destroy the back of my throat with your cock.” Lois beckoned as she knelt on the floor, Gohan now standing up right in front of her.


Gohan thrusted in the woman’s mouth, his cockhead hitting the back of her throat with each thrust. Lois shut her eyes, tears forming in the corner of her eyes as she got her own throat fucked by the young teen in front of her. Her hands gripped at the boy’s leg, holding herself in place.




Gohan slowly felt himself start to grow more feral the more she sucked. Now gripping her orange hair, Gohan pushed the woman’s head further down his cock, her head buried in his crotch as his cock fully entered her throat, his balls on her chin.


Lois’s eyes went wide as she felt the boy’s dick pulsate in her throat. Despite the sudden surprise, her stuffed mouth managed to form a pleasured smile, her eyes just barely looking up at the teen before he slowly exited his cock from Lois’s throat, a string of saliva connecting.


“GWAAAH!” Lois panted as she rubbed her throat, a smile on her face, “I-I felt that in the back of my throat~!”


Another moan left her throat just as she took hold of Gohan’s dick in her hand, slowly stroking it as she put his balls in her mouth. Gohan was a little amazed at the fact she could take both at the same time. Then again, she was such a slut, after all. She sucked on each ball, her tongue running over his sack as she stroked his cock, her hand getting drenched in her own saliva as she did so. 


Gohan, not wasting any time, turned around and presented his ass to the MILF. Lois would let out a surprised “oh!” Before Gohan shoved the woman’s face between his cheeks. Lois would happily lick at the boy’s asshole, burying her face between his cheeks as she stroked his cock from behind.


“Mwah! Mwah!” She lapped as her tongue pierced his puckered hole. Gohan would moan in response, helping Lois reach further down his asshole by pressing her head as much as he could. 


No wonder he has the best ass here, Lois happily thought to herself, it tasted so delicious!


Lois would quickly remove herself, spit in his ass, before returning to rimming him. She’d start to play with herself while rimming him, sliding two fingers in her pussy.


Gohan grunted before turning back around and lifting Lois by under her arms and placing her back on the bed. Knowing the cue, she’d be placed on all fours and present her rather fat ass for Gohan and the camera.


“Gonna fuck this nice fat ass~?”


She’d tease.


“Oh you know I am~” Gohan replied, “but first, let me give it a nice kiss~!”


 Before sticking his tongue up her ass, lubing her up. 


“Hoooooo fuck~!” Lois couldn’t help but moan out, “Ah yes~! I feel that tongue inside of me~! Oh fuck yes~!”


Gohan plunged his tongue in and out of her asshole as if it was his own cock. Lois would grip at the bedsheets the more he rimmed, until he placed his warm, wet tongue with his large, warm cock.


Almost like a fitted glove, it perfectly slid in Lois’s ass. The MILF bit her lip as Gohan slid inside her asshole, giving it a good stretch just as she started to thrust inside her doggystyle.


Both stars would moan as the boy thrusted slowly, the warmth of Lois’s insides creating comfort for the Saiyan. He’d thrust carefully for a bit, slowly pumping in and out of her until picking up the pace. 


“C’mon, Gohan! Fuck me! Fuck me harder!” Lois begged as a large, lust-filled smile curved her lips.


Gohan happily obliged, picking up the pace of his thrusts even faster. Pelvis met asscheeks as he thrusted, the sound of Gohan clapping Lois’s asscheeks filled the room. Lois’s moans would then turn to gasps with each pump, her mind filled with nothing but lust as her ass got pounded.


“FUCK YES OH FUCK! THATS IT RIGHT THERE!” She’d nearly scream in pleasure.


Gohan then brought his foot and planted it on Lois’s head, squishing her face down on the bed with his soft foot. Another pleasure-filled gasp erupted from Lois’s throat as he thrusted. 


“HNNG! O-Oh Fuck Yes! Your ass is fucking amazing, Lois!” Gohan moans out, his cock throbbing with anticipation inside her asshole.


“S-SHUT UP AND FUCK ME!” Lois begged, drool dripping down from her mouth as she barked at the boy.


Gohan thrusted even faster, and thanks to his Saiyan durability, it was damn near inhuman. Lois, now pleasure drunk, gripped at the bed sheets to the point some of the crew thought she ripped them. Her upper lip being raised thanks to the saiyan’s foot, her tongue would find itself licking at the bottom of his foot.


“G-GONNA CUM!” Gohan panted as he kept his thrusting. 




Gohan would nod as he panted, feeling his climax about to reach. His balls slapped against her pussy, his pelvis slapping her asscheeks as he gripped at her waistline. 






Both Gohan & Lois scream respectfully. With one last thrust, Gohan’s cock pulsates as warm strings of his cum shot inside of Lois’s ass. Now balls deep in Lois, he remained still as the rest of his cum filled up the woman’s ass.


Both remained still, panting for a minute before Gohan slowly removed his cock from her ass. One of the cameramen moved closer to the scene, getting a nice shot of Lois’s cum-filled asshole as the MILF panted, a very large smile on her face.


Gohan got off from the bed, watching his own cum drip on the floor before wiping his forehead.


“You’re so smoking hot now, Lois~!”




The Director clapped their hands together, a smirk curving their lips.


“That was amazing, you two! Let’s hope Near approves of this!”


Lois would slowly raise her hand in the air, giving The Director a thumbs up.


“Hey, that was so much fun, Lois!” Gohan praises, giving the woman a smile in her direction, “You wanna grab some lunch at Sub Hub later?”


With a couple of breaths, Lois would give the boy a tired nod.


“Y-Yeah…that’ll be great.”