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MomSwap – Daphne and Mrs. Spankenheimer

So last month for Christmas I did a picture from the film “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”. I mentioned when I did that I wanted to do Jake Spankenheimer’s mother and sister sometime for MomSwap and, well… it ended up happening faster than I thought.

I don’t know what it is about the characters of this film that draws me to them. The movie is pretty bad, I can’t even pretend I’m a fan of it, but the style emulates other, better works in a way that leads to pretty attractive character designs. While working on both that other pic and this one I found myself tempted to even draw some of the unnamed supporting cast. Cousin Mel from the other pic has an uncanny resemblance to Daphne Blake, while this picture’s Daphne looks like a blonde Melody from “The Little Mermaid II”. It’s probably just these familiar elements, but I wouldn’t be completely surprised if I draw this movie’s characters again.

Anyway, Daphne and her mother here don’t play a huge part in the film, but they both had pretty good designs and I like the idea of having some obscure characters in the MomSwap series. They won’t be the last ones, either, as I have a pretty damn long list of pairings I think could work in this series. These two aren’t even the most obscure ones, though there’s plenty of main stream mother/daughter couples left to feature as well.

Spankenheimer Fuck

This is the second Christmas-themed picture I’m doing this year, featuring a few of the characters from the animated film “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”. It’s a terrible film based on a terrible song, but that doesn’t mean I can’t draw porn of it.

The characters here are, from left-to-right, Cousin Mel (the film’s antagonist), the film’s protagonist Jake Spankenheimer, and then his titular grandmother Grandma Spankenheimer. I’ve wanted to draw Grandma Spankenheimer for a while now, but I decided it’d be a shame not to use a sexy character like Mel here (even though her relationship with the rest of the family in the film is confrontational, maybe it used to be better). Jake has a mother and sister who would both make for good content as well, and they were nearly included in this pic, but I was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough time to finish the pic if I did. However, I have added Daphne and Mrs. Spankenheimer to my list of potential MomSwap entries, so at the very least they’ll probably show up in that series eventually. Still, it’d be cool to some day do a pic of Jake with his mom, sister, cousin and grandmother all at once.

P.S. – If you have a problem with me drawing an older woman, please keep it to yourself. I don’t care. There are plenty of people (myself included) who like GMILF types just as much as MILFs or younger, and this pic is for them, not you.