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BooBies Calendar #6 – June Remake

So in 2014, while Space Dandy was airing, I had a little ongoing series called the BooBies Calendar. It was a simple premise, a lewd in-universe pin-up calendar for the Hooters-esque chain BooBies from the show. I thought the series was going pretty well, some of the old entries still kinda hold up today even, but I ran into a snag with it. My June entry was based on a background waitress (like most of them were) featured in one brief shot early in the series. I made the pic, and then shortly afterwards the penultimate episode of season two aired. The episode focused heavily on Rose Reginald, a BooBies waitress who had a very similar design to the background waitress from the beginning of the series. I don’t know if they re-used her design, or if they were meant to be the same character or not, but it made my June page feel… incomplete. I’d used the earlier design, where I only had one small shot of her to even reference from, and now there was a real named character with a complete design that I could’ve used instead. I kinda lost my interest in the series, and ended up dropping it (along with all my other in-progress Space Dandy content).
Recently I’ve been being re-exposed to Space Dandy a lot, and I’ve decided to pick this project back up and see it to completion. Seven or eight pin-ups isn’t nearly as daunting a task as it once was for me, and I think I can probably finish this during 2023. I wanted to correct my biggest regret with the series first, though, which meant remaking the June page with Rose’s accurate design. I re-used a lot of my original art, but re-drew her head and flipped her for an angle I think looks better with her hair style. I hope y’all will enjoy this pic, as well as the later pages whenever I manage to get to them.

BooBies Calendar #6 – June

It’s been a long time since we’ve had a BooBies Calendar update, so here one is. This one’s been sitting 90% finished in my work folder for a month, so I figured it was high time I moved in and wrapped it up.

This unnamed character is by far the most statuesque waitress that will be featured in this series (unless Space Dandy introduces a new character that surpasses her). She’s both the tallest and the most stacked, to the point where she sort of towers over the others in her one appearance in the show. Her hair just adds to the effect.

Speaking of her hair, she kind of reminds me of Aura Blackquill. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.

EDIT: This character actually got some screentime later in season two, as well as the name Rose. She was also redesigned a bit, making me really wish I had waited so I could use the version people would better recognize. Oh, well.