Extra Training

Extra Training 

by Ooga


“Aw, c’mon, Videl! We promise this’ll help with your training!”


“Yeah! You wanna learn how to fly, right?”


“And Gohan said this will help?”


Videl Satan crosses her arms over her chest, her blue eyes narrowing at the duo of Goten & Trunks. They’ve been trying to convince her that their little idea would help with her training on learning how to fly…and that extra “training” they’ve been saying?


Well, it involved…


“I’m not fucking you two.” She states, a pout on her face, “I won’t let you two try to convince me it’ll help!”


“Don’t be such a crybaby.” Trunks sucked his teeth, his hands already gripping at the waistline of his pants, “This is how our Moms helped us during our own training. Isn’t that right, Goten?”


Goten nods, “Mhmm! Sometimes Miss Bulma would let her and Trunks come over so they both could help us!”


“Your moms did this for you?” Videl questions, her pout softening as she looks at the two, “What about Gohan?”


“Gohan too!” Goten exclaims with a smile, “Our Mom helped him with his training, and he also helped me with mine!”


“Mine too.” Trunks adds.


Videl pondered for a moment, letting out a small hum. Her gloved hand touched her chin as she looked back at all the amazing stuff Gohan managed to pull off as Great Saiyaman. If she needed to learn all that stuff as well…


Then perhaps she needed the extra helping hand.


Ugh, who is she kidding? No way is she letting these two touch her body! Who do they think they are?! 


…People who knew how to fly, and use this “Ki” stuff Gohan kept bringing up. The very same stuff she’s trying to learn herself.


“…Okay, fine. You got your wish.” Videl sighs, a blush creeping on her face, “But this is between us! You don’t tell a soul! Understand?”


Goten and Trunks shared a rather mischievous look with each other for a moment before nodding their heads.


“We promise we won’t tell anyone.” Goten piped up.


“Yeah! Pinky promise.” Trunks added with a nod. 


“Can’t believe I’m doing this.” Videl mutters to herself as she starts to lift her white shirt above her head. 


Just as she tossed her shirt to the side, her breasts bouncing from their clothed prison, Goten and Trunks let their pants drop to the floor. Their dicks were exposed for Videl to see in all their glory.


“…Holy shit.” Was all Videl could sputter, her eyes wide as her eyes were glued to the large meat Goten and Trunks were packing.


Trunks places his hand on his dick, “Like what you see, huh?”


Goten copies, “Our Moms said the same thing when they first saw us!”


Videl swallowed the spit in her mouth for a moment until slowly crawling over to the duo. Her arms felt like jelly as she approached them. What if Gohan accidentally walked in on them? Not even Gohan, what if anybody did?!


Her gloved hand would start to stroke Goten’s dick slowly, causing the Demi-Saiyan to let out a small moan of pleasure. Trunks found himself rather impatient, much like his own Father, and started to poke Videl’s cheek with his tip. 


The teen would simply open her mouth and let his dick slip in her mouth. She sucked on his tip, her tongue lapping over the mushroom head while continuing to jerk off Goten. The warmth and wetness of Videl’s mouth had caused Trunks to moan out in pleasure, her tongue causing his cock to tingle.


Her head slowly bobbed as she sucked, taking more of Trunks’s cock in her mouth. Her hand would then find itself cupping at Goten’s balls, giving them a nice feel before lightly squeezing them to give Goten that extra zing of ecstasy. 


Videl lowered her head further down Trunk’s cock, her eyes going wide once his tip already hit the back of her throat. Her throat let out a gargled noise as Trunks let out a groggy moan, the pleasure already getting to his head. Goten watched with both eagerness and interest. Man, he thought to himself, that must feel really good…


Videl quickly pulled Trunks’s cock from her mouth and let out a small series of coughs, saliva dripping down onto her chest. Her hands returned to her side, balling them up to a fist from embarrassment. 


“…T-That was more than I thought.” She admitted, looking off to the side with that usual pout on her face, “I could handle more of it, I just—“


Trunks cut her off when he grabbed her head and shoved his cock back in her mouth. Videl had no time to react and let out a muffled yelp as Trunks thrusted in her mouth. Videl gripped at his hips, nearly pinching him as he fucked her mouth all the while Goten watches from the side, jerking himself off.


Videl’s eyes started to tear up from his tip constantly touching the back of her throat. Her eyes managed to look up at Trunks, and the lavender-haired boy would flash her a mischievous smile in response. 


Goten took the opportunity to step beside Trunks, his dick now pointing straight at Videl. 


“You wanna take a turn?” He asks his best friend, who nods in response.


Trunks takes his cock from her mouth before Goten quickly shoves his back in. Unlike Trunks, however, who grabbed Videl’s head, he grabbed at her pigtails like handlebars. He thrusted inside the teen’s mouth, her throat letting out more gargled sounds as he went balls deep in her mouth.


The mixture of pain from her hair being pulled and pleasure at the sheer thought of dick inside of her rather made Videl feel confused. The way they were treating her surely wasn’t gentlemen-like at all, but…being ravaged like this. Used as some sort of slut who sucks dick all day…


She was enjoying it.


Videl would place her hands on Goten’s hips and bob her head with each thrust, letting his cock fill her mouth and throat.


“Hey, Goten. Is it me or is Videl enjoying this?” Trunks would ask his best friend over the sound of Videl’s gargles.


“I think she is, Trunks!” Goten would reply as he kept thrusting.


“Well, maybe this will excite her even more.” Trunks casually makes his way behind Videl and rips at the shorts around her lower body. Videl couldn’t even gasp in response, but her eyes did their best to try to look over her shoulder at Trunks. 


What the hell was this brat planning now?


Goten ceased his thrusting once he was fully inside Videl’s throat, his balls pressing against her chin. Videl’s eyes went wide yet a smile managed to curve her lips as Goten filled her throat with his cock.


After slowing pulling out her mouth, Goten watched as Videl panted, her smile still on her face as she rubbed her throat. 


“Haaa….haaa…haaa…again.” She states.


Goten happily obliged, stuffing Videl’s mouth again but letting the teen do all the work this time. She bobbed and sucked as Goten moaned.


Meanwhile, Trunks slid Videl’s panties down to her knees and spread her asscheeks, revealing her pink, puckered hole.


“I wonder if you like this just as much as Miss Chi-Chi does.” Trunks speaks rather softly before letting his tongue lick over her asshole.


Videl would moan in response, her eyes darting to the side trying to look at Trunks. The boy kept lapping at her asshole, giving it as much attention as possible. He stuffed his face between her cheeks as his tongue slithered down that tight hole. 


Videl let Goten’s cock slip from her mouth as she looked over at the lavender haired boy.


“Oh fuck yeah! You lick that asshole, you brat!”


Trunks spat at the asshole before piercing it with his tongue again. He pressed Videl’s cheeks together as he shook his head between her cheeks, causing Goten to giggle a little.


“Trunks loves a piece of ass, but Gohan is the biggest ass kisser I know!” 


“I can tell! He’s hungry for an ass like this! Get in there deeper, Trunks!”


Videl would push his head closer, really getting his tongue in there. The teen moaned in response as she bit her lip out of ecstasy, her eyes nearly rolling to the back of her head.


Trunks removed his head from her ass, much to Videl’s disappointment, but without saying a word, he’d stand back up and let his tip slowly enter her asshole.


“N-Not in there!” Videl would exclaim until another quick groan of pleasure escaped her throat. 


Trunks found himself getting more and more inside of her tight hole, slowly thrusting inside her asshole.  Videl’s mouth opened, her hand spreading her cheek to aid Trunks fucking her ass. His hands found themselves on Videl’s hips, locking her in place.


“Your ass feels so incredible, Videl!” Trunks praised the teen, who could only nod in response, “Goten, you gotta get in on this!”


His thrusting sped up as his hips bucked against Videl’s cheeks. She could practically feel the length of his dick deep inside her ass.


“FUCK! Fuck my ass! Just like that!” Videl moans, using both her hands to spread her cheeks. The thought of that visual for Trunks and Goten behind her was already getting her soaking wet.


“You should fuck her the way you do to your Mom.” Goten encourages his best friend. 


“Oh? You mean like this?”


Trunks ceased his thrusting for a moment. Videl opened her mouth to complain, but Trunks sent out one big thrust.




Her body jolted, her mouth hung open as Trunks’s cock nearly reached into her guts. He thrusted again, this time with more force.




Videl’s head jerked after that one.












Trunks’s steady thrusts made it sound like lightning struck in the house. Videl arched her back as a loud wail came from her mouth, one filled with pure lust as Trunks’s dick ravaged her insides.




“Gets them every time.” Trunks smirked to himself.




Goten took the opportunity to step closer to Videl before shoving his cock back into her mouth. Videl sucked ferociously like a vacccum, the pleasure clouding her mind and making her become a sex beast.


She sucked Goten as Trunks kept thrusting, and Videl felt herself start to crave more dick as time went on.


Minutes soon turned into an hour as Videl found herself riding Goten while Trunks was fucking her mouth. As the Saiyan beneath her slammed into her, the one beside her gripped at her pigtails again as he guided her head in matching his rhythm.


She’d soon feel Goten squirm beneath her, and Trunks’s breathing starts to get ragged. As for her, she felt her legs start to shake as the inevitable was drawing near.


This meant the boys sped up their pace to nearly superhuman speed. Videl’s body was getting used unlike any other human before…at least to her knowledge. Her breasts bounced as she rode Goten.


“Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” Trunks moans out.


“M-Me too!” Goten adds.


Videl could only gargle in response, but that was enough indication from the duo that she was climaxing soon as well.


With one big thrust, Goten and Trunks cried out in pure pleasure as they climaxed inside of Videl, her pussy and mouth getting filled with ropes of hot cum. She felt herself climax as well, managing to cum around Goten’s crotch.


All three remained still for a moment, trying to catch their breaths before Videl slowly slid off of Goten and collapsed on the floor. Cum poured out from her crotch as she panted, licking the remaining semen from her mouth as well.


Just as the duo were about to speak, the door swung open.


“Hey guys! I’m back.” 




“Big Bro!”


Videl couldn’t even have the energy to speak. 


“Goten! Trunks! And…Videl?” Gohan tilted his head to the side at the state of his friend/student, “…I think you two went a little overboard with your “Extra Training”.”


“Nah. She loved every second of it.” Trunks waved him off before glancing at Videl, “Right, Videl?”


She barely had enough energy to give them a thumbs up. 


“Told ya.” 


“Hey Big Brother, can you join us next time?” Goten asks before Gohan flashes him a small smile.


“Of course I can, Goten!”


Videl slowly lifted her head up from the ground before simply muttering:


“T-This…This is gonna be f-fun.”

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