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NHS MILFs – Dexter’s Mom

Dexter’s parents go unnamed throughout the run of Dexter’s Lab, which is a little awkward for a series like this that has characters’ names plastered on the image. I did come across one site claiming her name (in the writer’s room) was Spencer O’Reilly-McPherson, but I decided it’d be confusing if this pic just had “Spencer” in big letters instead (plus I couldn’t confirm this name). At any rate, I’d been meaning to draw Dexter’s Mom again for a while, and this series was a good excuse to take another crack at her. She’s a classic thicc MILF from my era, and a lot of fun to work with. I decided to have her ditch her iconic gloves for this pic, though I think she’ll most likely be wearing them if I draw her again.

Dexter’s Mom

So the other day I saw something that reminded me of Dexter’s mom from Dexter’s Laboratory. I’ve always really liked her, and have wanted to draw her for ages. I decided instead of doing what I normally do (starting a pic and then never finishing it because something more important comes up), I’d do a quick solo pic. I wanted to show off her best asset, but other than making sure she’s facing the right way it’s a pretty straightforward idea. I’d like to draw this lady again some time, though I can’t say for sure when that’ll be. I’m pretty confident she’ll at least show up in MomSwap at some point, but other than that it’s hard to know. I’d like to bring her back occasionally if I can, though.