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Dexter’s Mom

So the other day I saw something that reminded me of Dexter’s mom from Dexter’s Laboratory. I’ve always really liked her, and have wanted to draw her for ages. I decided instead of doing what I normally do (starting a pic and then never finishing it because something more important comes up), I’d do a quick solo pic. I wanted to show off her best asset, but other than making sure she’s facing the right way it’s a pretty straightforward idea. I’d like to draw this lady again some time, though I can’t say for sure when that’ll be. I’m pretty confident she’ll at least show up in MomSwap at some point, but other than that it’s hard to know. I’d like to bring her back occasionally if I can, though.

August ’15 WWOTM – Sedusa

The WWOEC Woman of the Month for August 2015 is Sedusa from the Powerpuff Girls. I was excited when I first saw her name pop up, I used to watch PPG a lot as a kid and I always liked Sedusa. However, I soon found myself with too many ideas, and I struggled with picking something. Ultimately I decided to go with a simple approach, something I knew I could finish before the month was up. However, I have a lot of sketches lying around featuring her with the Powerpuff Girls, Ms. Bellum, previous WWOTM Ms. Keane, and in a variety of poses. I did a bunch of gang bang pics, but I thought they looked too much like last month’s pic. I drew her like you see her here, and also did some of her “Ima Goodelady” disguise. I don’t want to make any promises, but if I find the time I may come back to her later and flesh some of those sketches into finished pieces that I can post here.

DTiberius – Jennifer Hale Tribute

I love crossovers (shock and awe, amirite?), so when I came across this pic by DTiberius I absolutely had to color it. For those not in the know, Jennifer Hale is a very talented voice actress. Supposedly these are all characters that she’s voiced, although I’m pretty sure Erin Esurance was voiced by Mo Mellady, but what do I know. Either way, I definitely had a blast coloring this one.