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Spring Break Prep

While there are a lot of one-off episodic characters with attractive designs in Mike Tyson Mysteries, there’s not much to work with when it comes to pairing Yung Hee up with people outside the mystery team. Cassie is one of those one-off characters, but she’s presented to us as a pretty close friend of Yung Hee’s during her brief appearance. She appears in a season three episode, and the two girls go on spring break together. There’s also a brief scene of them trying on swimsuits together, which Pigeon tries to spy on. We don’t really know anything about Cassie, but since she’s the only friend of Yung Hee’s we meet I thought it’d be fun to pair them up.

Yung Hee Tyson Character Ask 1

I’d been wanting to do something with Yung Hee and Velma for a while, since I feel like her main inspirations are Velma and Jade Chan. This Ask seemed primed for making that connection, and I included Daphne ’cause it would’ve felt weird to leave her out. Even though this is a pretty simple Ask, I like the idea of a mystery solving club. Whether they solve actual Studio mysteries or host, like, murder mystery parties, either way I like little looks into how Studio residents entertain themselves when they’re not on camera. I’m not sure how many potential mystery solvers there could be for a club like that, mostly I can just think of other characters from Hanna-Barbera Scooby clones, but I might revisit the concept if I have a good reason to.

New Member

Tingle is a one-off character from the seventh episode of Mike Tyson Mysteries. When Pigeon thinks Yung’s been killed during a kidnapping plot, he hires local stripper Tingle to pose as her in the hopes that Mike won’t notice. Yung gets home on her own, finding Tingle in her room, and this is a little alternate take on how that could’ve gone. Despite having a small role, I feel like Tingle’s one of the more memorable one-off characters from the show, in part due to getting her own re-edit of the opening sequence where she steals the spotlight with her T&A.

Loosen Up

I’ve been watching Mike Tyson Mysteries on and off recently. The show itself is after my time in terms of Adult Swim content, but I’d seen it advertised a bit when it first started. I decided to check it out largely because I was interested in Yung Hee, and I think a few pics featuring her will be coming out as a result. This one pairs her with Pigeon (Richard), a crass human-turned-pigeon who is constantly talking about spying on her or masturbating to her. There’s another level to their relationship that’d be a bit of a spoiler to talk about, but I thought doing something with them would be fun.