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Trainer Anya’s Mimikyu

Today is my great friend Anya Lykke’s birthday! I got her a neat little back support pillow for her to use at her day job, while also drawing this picture for her. She’s been talking about commissioning this pic from me for a long time, but since money’s been tight it was always a far-off dream. I surprised her with the pic a few weeks ago, but now that it’s her birthday I’m publishing it here.

For those who don’t know, Anya is a camgirl/model and Pixel Vixen I’m super close to. I’ve drawn her once before, and probably will again. For this pic I anime’d her up a bit. Her outfit is one designed by my sister (https://mizfitpeep.tumblr.com/) for a commission she did for Anya a while back.

Mimikyu View

Pokémon Sun and Moon comes out today. I pre-ordered my copy of Moon months ago, and I’m looking forward to finally playing it. To celebrate, I’m posting this pic of possibly my favorite new Pokémon being introduced this generation, Mimikyu, watching Sun (the new male Trainer) having some fun with a couple Pikachus. For those not familiar with Mimikyu, its backstory is that it’s a Pokémon who is jealous of the love Pikachu gets from Trainers, and so it cosplays as one to try and get the same attention. So, naturally, it would be a bit interested if it came across a scene like this in the woods.

Since genitalia aren’t shown on the Pikachus, and I know not everyone is familiar with gender identification of different Pokémon, the one riding the cock is female, while the one licking is male (the trick is in the tail shape).

Big thanks to my friend Anya Lykke for the idea for this pic. Attached below is a video of her sketching an example to illustrate the idea. Feel free to compare it to my version, I’m sure she’ll love that.