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Mission Bad End

So yesterday I posted an old Erin Esurance picture of mine, and now today you guys get to see my 2016 approach to the character. I considered attempting the vector-like approach of the commercials again (as I did before), but decided instead that I would rather give my own spin to her design. This is a lot closer, I think, to the style I used for my old Eromugen comic. I don’t think of myself as having a style all my own, but I suppose if I did it would be something like this.

I’m honestly surprised I haven’t drawn Erin more than I have; I suppose it’s due to her commercials not airing anymore. I just don’t think about her as often, even though when they were airing I was obsessed with her. One of the reasons I chose to draw her way back when I was first starting out was because I had a huge crush on her, but there wasn’t much porn released yet (at least, not much I cared for). That’s changed since then, and a lot of talented artists have given their take on her. I would like to draw her again someday, maybe try crossing her over with Totally Spies or Kim Possible (or both?).

DTiberius – Jennifer Hale Tribute

I love crossovers (shock and awe, amirite?), so when I came across this pic by DTiberius I absolutely had to color it. For those not in the know, Jennifer Hale is a very talented voice actress. Supposedly these are all characters that she’s voiced, although I’m pretty sure Erin Esurance was voiced by Mo Mellady, but what do I know. Either way, I definitely had a blast coloring this one.