Mao and the Chimera

So this here’s another Disgaea commission, this time featuring Mao, the main character of Disgaea 3. I know nothing about this character or his game, but if I can summarize what the client behind this commission said: Mao is trying to recruit characters and monsters into his school, and the Chimera is a very powerful monster. So the premise of this pic is Mao trying to convince the Chimera to come to his school using the assets at his disposal.

Emizel and the Tentacles

So here’s an Epic Tier commission featuring Death Emizel from Disgaea. Disgaea’s a franchise that I’m familiar with despite never playing the game or anything. Most of my friends and multiple members of my family played the first two games, and I even own the animation on DVD as an AMV Contest prize, but I’ve never played the games or watched the series myself. Maybe one of these days I will, but for now I don’t know who this character is or anything about him, lol. He’s cute, though, and here he is getting molested by tentacles. Enjoy!

Birthday Cake

So this is a commission for one of my Epic Tier supporters. His birthday is this month, and he wanted to celebrate through his monthly commission. The characters here are Kurai from Angel Sanctuary on the left and Etna from Disgaea on the right. Not too much to elaborate on here, I think the “girl bursting from cake” trope is pretty well known and understood. I do like that they’re two demons from completely different franchises. Angel Sanctuary is a pretty serious manga, while Disgaea is a silly tongue-in-cheek video game. It’s not a pairing I would’ve ever thought of.